Episodes (13)

Birds of a Feather
S01E01 · Birds of a Feather

Jan 14, 1979

A near tragic car accident between mechanic Thomas Watkins in his auto and nanny Sara Moffat results in the one-time couple reuniting.

The Silver Ghost
S01E02 · The Silver Ghost

Jan 21, 1979

When Thomas is tasked with selling the Bellamy's Silver Ghost, he finds himself involved in a high risk smuggling scheme involving stolen jewelry.

The Biters Bit
S01E03 · The Biters Bit

Jan 28, 1979

Circumstances put Thomas and Sarah at a costume party for the gliteratti dressed as servants and it's assumed that the two are aristocrats.

The Vanishing Lady
S01E04 · The Vanishing Lady

Feb 04, 1979

After Madge's friend, an ex-policeman, locates Sarah performing in a music hall, she and Thomas decide to sell the garage and collaborate on a magic act.

Made in Heaven
S01E05 · Made in Heaven

Feb 11, 1979

While caretaking the townhouse of vacationing aristocrats, Thomas and Sarah take the opportunity to use the premises as a matrimonial agency.

Alma Mater
S01E06 · Alma Mater

Feb 18, 1979

Sara is working at a private boys' school when Thomas arrives and brazens himself into becoming a teacher.

A Day at the Metropole
S01E07 · A Day at the Metropole

Feb 25, 1979

Thomas' mechanical skills earn him a holiday as the seashore Metropole Hotel, where Sarah meets an old chorus girl friend now married to a rich sportsman.

The Poor Young Widow of Peckham
S01E08 · The Poor Young Widow of Peckham

Mar 04, 1979

While trying to win a photography contest run by a local tabloid, Thomas comes down with pneumonia, and the prognosis is grim.

There Is a Happy Land
S01E09 · There Is a Happy Land

Mar 11, 1979

With the profits from a jewelry swindle, Thomas and Sarah open a successful haberdashery as Sarah announces she is pregnant.

Return to Gethyn
S01E10 · Return to Gethyn

Mar 18, 1979

Thomas becomes suddenly homesick for his native Wales and with Sarah travels back to his village home for the first time in ten years with dire consequences.

Putting on the Ritz
S01E11 · Putting on the Ritz

Mar 25, 1979

Hoping to pull profitable con, Thomas and Sarah impersonate an inventor and a French countess but get taken in by another pair of con artists.

The New Rich
S01E12 · The New Rich

Apr 01, 1979

Nouveau riche Sarah and Thomas have the use of the Andover townhouse, but their egalitarian attitude towards their servants is frowned upon by their butler Wilson.

Love Into Three Won't Go
S01E13 · Love Into Three Won't Go

Apr 08, 1979

Thomas and Sarah go into the service of a depressed and dissipated aristocrat with a death wish, but their good cheer lifts him out of his doldrums.


Thomas and Sarah Season 1 (1979) is released on Jan 14, 1979. Watch Thomas and Sarah online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Thomas and Sarah is directed by David Askey,Christopher Hodson,John Davies,Marek Kanievska and created by Charlotte Bingham with Pauline Collins and John Alderton.

As know as:

Thomas y Sarah, Thomas och Sarah, Thomas and Sarah, Thomas & Sarah


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Alfred Shaugnnessy, London Weekend Television (LWT), Sagitta Productions Ltd.

Cast & Crew

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