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The Greatest Escapes
S02E01 · The Greatest Escapes

Jul 11, 2020

Some of history's greatest tales are stories of escape, the most incredible of which defy explanation.. How did Harry Houdini pull off his daring feats? Was the "Escape from Alcatraz" in fact , successful?

Superhuman Senses
S02E02 · Superhuman Senses

Jul 18, 2020

Investigators look into people with special abilities, some of them bordering on the superhuman. From a person who can see with his hearing, to a person who can taste what he sees to a person who can slice a baseball at speed.

Mysterious Curses
S02E03 · Mysterious Curses

Jul 25, 2020

Throughout history, many have believed that certain places, things, or even people can be tainted with dark curses. Ominous lakes that morph into watery graves. Unlucky numbers that seem to cause bad things to happen. Paintings and precious stones, which bring death and destruction to their keepers. But can these mysterious curses really have the power to bring us harm? And if so, is it possible to understand their power, or will it remain UnXplained?

The Truth About UFO's
S02E04 · The Truth About UFO's

Aug 01, 2020

For decades, a debate has raged over whether UFO's actually exist, or what they are. Many theories have been attributed to them, ranging from test flights of super secret military aircraft to previously unknown weather phenomena.

The Underground World
S02E05 · The Underground World

Aug 08, 2020

Despite all of our modern technology and sophistication, there is much that we still don't know about what lies beneath our feet, deep underground. What is at the center of the Earth? Is there really a solid core of heavy metals, or could it be a hollow environment, as many researchers claim? And just how much of mankind's history took place underground? Recent discoveries of ancient underground structures such as the city of Derinkuyu and the Malta Hypogeum suggest that there may be more structures down there, waiting to be re-discovered. If much of our past was ...

Leading Double Lives
S02E06 · Leading Double Lives

Aug 15, 2020

Stories of great impostors are both daring and baffling. What compels a person to attempt to become someone else? Is it merely for material gain, or to pull off an ingenious scam? Or is there a deeper reason? At one time or another, we've all fantasized about trying on a new identity, but in the case of great impostors--like Ferdinand Demara, "Clark Rockefeller" a.k.a Christian Gerhartsreiter, and Anna Anderson--their fantasies, in a sense, became reality. When does the line between impersonation and transformation get blurred? Is it possible that by pretending to be ...

Mysteries of the Bible
S02E07 · Mysteries of the Bible

Jan 01, 2021

Many believe it to be the Word of God, but others claim it contains inconsistencies and contradictions that could only be manmade.

Mysterious Mummies
S02E08 · Mysterious Mummies

Jan 08, 2021

From ancient civilizations to 20th century empires, mankind has had an inexplicable fascination with preserving the dead. But why? Could it be that death isn't really the end, but rather a transition to a new beginning?

Secrets of America's Monuments
S02E09 · Secrets of America's Monuments

Jan 15, 2021

Why is it that America's greatest monuments continue to enthrall us decades--and sometimes centuries--after their creation? And perhaps more importantly, what closely guarded secrets may their implacable facades be hiding?

The Search for Atlantis
S02E10 · The Search for Atlantis

Jan 22, 2021

Did Atlantis really exist? For centuries, archaeologists have tried to uncover evidence to prove that this legend is true. Will Atlantis finally be re-discovered, perhaps by employing modern technology?

Extraordinary Engineering
S02E11 · Extraordinary Engineering

Jan 29, 2021

For centuries, humanity has been compelled to build remarkable structures that are much more than simple places of shelter or work. What makes us want to create magnificent buildings that are bigger and grander than ourselves--and last for centuries? Whether it's Stonehenge, the Notre Dame Cathedral, or the world's tallest skyscrapers--extraordinary works of engineering are evidence of a strong instinct within us that we don't fully understand. Are we trying to prove something? Or perhaps show our power over nature? Or could there be another reason that is, for now......

The Power of Gold
S02E12 · The Power of Gold

Feb 19, 2021

Mankind's quest for gold harkens back thousands of years, but what is the special power that gold wields over our collective consciousness? Is it merely because it's rare and valuable, or could it be something more than that?

The Truth About Bigfoot
S02E13 · The Truth About Bigfoot

Feb 26, 2021

For centuries, legends and eyewitness accounts have told of a massive, hairy creature that roams the forest on two legs. While science has yet to prove the existence of this mythical man-beast, countless researchers and experiencers around the world are convinced that there is a giant, ape-like animal hiding in remote parts of the world. They point to the discovery of large, inexplicable footprints as evidence of the so-called "Bigfoot" that they hope to prove is real. But does Bigfoot actually exist?

Bizarre Vanishings
S02E14 · Bizarre Vanishings

Mar 05, 2021

Mysterious disappearances are confounding and bizarre and simply can't be explained. Can these be chalked up to tragic accidents? Or could they be the result of something more...UnXplained?

Serial Killers
S02E15 · Serial Killers

Mar 12, 2021

The total disregard for life exhibited by serial killers shocks our sense of humanity. How could human beings be capable of these horrific atrocities? And what causes such a murderous defect in the human psyche?

The Mystery of Plagues
S02E16 · The Mystery of Plagues

Apr 02, 2021

Experts examine some of the most devastating plagues in human history, as well as the scientific advances made in combating, or at least minimising the effects of some of these diseases.

Mysteries of the Moon
S02E17 · Mysteries of the Moon

Apr 09, 2021

For centuries, humanity has looked up at the Moon with a sense of wonder. But is the Moon just a rock floating in space? Or could it hold profound secrets-and perhaps even possess incredible powers? That is what we will try and find out.

Outrageous Robberies
S02E18 · Outrageous Robberies

Apr 16, 2021

Will we ever understand the motivations that drive people to undertake the most bizarre, intricate, and dangerous crimes -- or will the mind of a master criminal remain - UnXplained?


The UnXplained Season 2 (2020) is released on Jul 11, 2020 and the latest season 4 of The UnXplained is released in 2022. Watch The UnXplained online - the English Documentary TV series from United States. The UnXplained is directed by and created by Kevin Burns with William Shatner and Michio Kaku. The UnXplained is available online on Hulu and Discovery Plus Amazon Channel.

The show will explore the facts behind the world's most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries.

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