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The Day That Shark Ate Lobo
S01E01 · The Day That Shark Ate Lobo

Sep 18, 1979

Lobo schemes to make money off the giant bass in the Orly County lagoon by holding a $200 entry fee fishing contest. Meanwhile, an escaped convict and his moll looking to fetch their stashed loot attempt to scare off the public by releasing a great white shark into the lagoon.

Dean Martin and the Moonshiners
S01E02 · Dean Martin and the Moonshiners

Sep 25, 1979

Sheriff Lobo faces a challenge in the upcoming election from Harry Cunningham's sleazy attorney Waverly and so he schemes to get Dean Martin to perform at a re-elect Lobo rally. Meanwhile, and despite Perkins' bungling, Birdie and the deputized Mary Ellen attempt to bust the Beauregards' moonshine-running operation.

Panhandle Pussycats Come to Orly
S01E03 · Panhandle Pussycats Come to Orly

Oct 02, 1979

Sheriff Lobo challenges Bishop County's Commander Cain to a grudge match football game after the two lawmen's bungling allowed con man Slick Willy to escape. Lobo rounds up the town's burliest men to bulk up his dream team. Do Cain's straitlaced players stand a chance against Lobo's unorthodox antics that include Perkins playing quarterback, a 'shine-spiked water cooler and strippers for cheerleaders?

Disco Fever Comes to Orly
S01E04 · Disco Fever Comes to Orly

Oct 16, 1979

Lobo's old flame Dixie comes to Orly and opens a "very classy strip disco," the fallout from which sparks Rose to lead a a Lysistrata-style strike of the town's women against its men.

The Mob Comes to Orly
S01E05 · The Mob Comes to Orly

Oct 23, 1979

Lobo and Perkins see an opportunity to unload some swampland on a group of land speculators coming to town, but unbeknownst to them the men are really leaders of a crime syndicate planning to bump off their Godfather at the Orly Hot Springs.

Run for the Money: Part 2
S01E06 · Run for the Money: Part 2

Nov 06, 1979

B.J. McKay is the prime suspect in a casino heist and his adversaries Lobo, Perkins, Cain, Wiley and the Fox are each trailing him hoping he will net them a big cash reward and the "Lawman of the Year Award" at the Sheriffs Convention. (Part II of a three-episode epic that began on B.J. and the Bear.)

Run for the Money: Part 3
S01E07 · Run for the Money: Part 3

Nov 13, 1979

It's a mad, mad, mad dash by truck, taxi, jeep, motorcycle and jet ski by B.J., Lobo, Perkins, Wiley, Fox, Cain and company to capture the casino heist haul and the criminal back of it. (The action-packed conclusion to the three-part epic.)

Buttercup, Birdie, and Buried Bucks
S01E08 · Buttercup, Birdie, and Buried Bucks

Nov 27, 1979

An armored car is robbed and the money falls into the hands of Junior Beauregard, who won't tell where he hid the loot. To solve the case, Lobo, Perkins and Birdie must compete with the three hoods who heisted the truck as well as Junior's hillbilly family, who have commandeered a tank to spring their kin from the clink.

The Senator Votes Absentee
S01E09 · The Senator Votes Absentee

Dec 04, 1979

Senator Flowers dies on election day and his widow and a corrupt aide plot to seize his political power, but to do so they must keep his death a secret until after the polls close. Will Lobo and Perkins play along in return for a contribution to the Re-elect Lobo war chest?

The Boom Boom Lady
S01E10 · The Boom Boom Lady

Dec 11, 1979

There's a mad bomber terrorizing Orly, seeking revenge for the unjust taking of her land for a lucrative development deal. Can Lobo, Birdie and Perkins get to her before she detonates again and before interested parties put the kibosh on her 'kabooming' for good?

First to Finish, Last to Show
S01E11 · First to Finish, Last to Show

Jan 08, 1980

After selling their prize-winning racehorse Top Purse for $7 million, why would his former owner, vet and trainer conspire to kill him? And more importantly, can Lobo and Perkins turn a profit on the situation before Birdie cracks the case?

Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here
S01E12 · Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here

Jan 15, 1980

The Marauders motorcycle gang holds its convention at the Orly Hot Springs, which is only a cover for a planned jewel heist caper. Birdie and Perkins go undercover as bikers to infiltrate the gang, but a knock to the head leaves Perkins convinced he truly is The Skull, the bad attitude, boozing and babe-magnet biker he pretended to be.

The Luck of the Irish
S01E13 · The Luck of the Irish

Jan 22, 1980

After Lobo is doped and duped by sleazy gambler Eddie Rico, Lobo and Birdie set to work turning the tables on him. Perkins lives large believing he holds a winning Irish Sweepstakes ticket.

Double Take, Double Take
S01E14 · Double Take, Double Take

Jan 29, 1980

Perkins plucks the plum assignment of escorting a key witness back to Los Angeles and helps the big city police protect the reluctant witness from a gangster's gunmen. But is Perkins seeing double or is there more to Miss Brooks (or simply more Misses Brooks) than meets the eye?

Police Escort
S01E15 · Police Escort

Feb 05, 1980

Released from prison, Harry Cunningham returns to Orly and establishes a high-priced escort service for government officials, with Sheriff Lobo hired to serve as chaperone and chauffeur. Lobo needs the money, having learned the doctor gave his mother a grim prognosis. Rose misunderstands and believes it's her Perky being called to the big posse in the sky.

Who's the Sexiest Girl in the World
S01E16 · Who's the Sexiest Girl in the World

Feb 19, 1980

The Orly Hot Springs Spa becomes a hotbed of misunderstandings, mistaken identities and murderous intrigue as Lobo, Perkins and Birdie attempt to protect the governor's beautiful mistress from a homicidal stalker. The episode features Candy Loving, Playboy's 25th Anniversary Playmate from January 1979.

The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming
S01E17 · The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming

Feb 20, 1980

It's a close encounter of the third kind for Lobo and the three strippers he's escorting to the county line. After being rescued by Perkins and Birdie, they return to find Orly utterly deserted except for a platoon of white uniformed beings armed with phasers.

Treasure of Nature Beach
S01E18 · Treasure of Nature Beach

Mar 05, 1980

Private investigators Heather Fern and Caroline Capote come to Orly to seek Lobo's help in recovering hidden treasure before a pair of criminals get to it. When Lobo needs him most, Birdie resigns and turns to the bottle after an old flame informs him she's carrying his baby.

Perkins Bombs Out
S01E19 · Perkins Bombs Out

Mar 10, 1980

A trio of sophisticated criminals strap a bomb to Sheriff Lobo's chest and order him to rob the Orly Bank. An attempt to trick the criminals backfires when they decide to take the bomb off Lobo and strap it onto Perkins. One false move and Orly will be a smoking crater.

Birdie's Hot Wheels
S01E20 · Birdie's Hot Wheels

Mar 11, 1980

Birdie's hot wheels belong to his souped-up race car, the "Bye Bye Birdie," which has been linked to a bank robbery in neighboring Marion County. While Birdie cools his heels in Sheriff Lockwood's jail, the real crooks are burning up the track at the big race in Orly.

The Haunting of Orly Manor
S01E21 · The Haunting of Orly Manor

Mar 18, 1980

It was a dark and stormy night at Orly Manor. The bridge back to town has washed out. Trapped in the haunted house are Lobo, Perkins and Birdie overseeing the sale by auction of the labyrinthine mansion, a couple suspicious would-be purchasers and a class of parapsychology students conducting a séance. Strange things begin to happen. A fun, fright-filled whodunnit directed by Daniel "Dunwich Horror" Haller.

Mystery on the Orly Express
S01E22 · Mystery on the Orly Express

Mar 25, 1980

The Orly Express is the Amtrak train carrying the contestants of the 1980 Orly Magnolia Festival Beauty Contest from St. Louis to Orly. Among the passengers is movie star Nicole Russo, whose precious Dorado Diamond is stolen. Lobo and Perkins set to work finding the stolen gem in hopes of netting a $20,000 finder's fee, but to do so they have to throw Birdie off the track. Hampering Lobo's efforts is his beloved but matchmaking mother. A well-done jewel heist caper and whodunit abounding with likely suspects.

Orly's Hot Skates
S01E23 · Orly's Hot Skates

May 06, 1980

A series of unsolved armed robberies follows the circuit of the Miami Marauders women's roller derby team. Perkins, Birdie and Margaret Ellen go undercover to infiltrate the team and reveal and rout the robber, but to win the roller derby they will have to recruit out of retirement Orly County's rollerskating champion of 20 years ago.


The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo Season 1 (1979) is released on Sep 18, 1979 and the latest season 2 of The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo is released in 1981. Watch The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo is directed by Daniel Haller,James Sheldon,Dick Harwood,Sidney Hayers and created by Glen A. Larson with Claude Akins and Brian Kerwin.

As know as:

Ein Trottel mit Stern(rerun title), Lobo, The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo, Xerife Lobo, The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo(French)


United States



Production Companies:

Glen A. Larson Productions, Universal Television

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