Episodes (5)

The Investigators
S01E01 · The Investigators

Sep 16, 2022

Two journalists find out an old friend of Ann-Elizabet's and Tom's and know about stories of their complicated past and an an-usual prenup.

The Journalists
S01E02 · The Journalists

Sep 14, 2022

Two journalists track down an estranged friend of Anne-Elisabeth and Tom, who recounts a complicated past and an unusual prenuptial agreement.

The Lawyers
S01E03 · The Lawyers

Sep 14, 2022

The Hagen family's legal team maneuvers an aggressive investigation and phony ransom calls as the police change their hypothesis.

The Journalists: Part 2
S01E04 · The Journalists: Part 2

Sep 14, 2022

The media's portrayal of the case gets criticized while alternative theories materialize online. A compelling witness gets taken in for questioning.

The Informants
S01E05 · The Informants

Sep 14, 2022

Police informants come out of the woodwork with damning claims against Anne-Elisabeth's husband. But can they be trusted?


The Lørenskog Disappearance (also know as Forsvinningen - Lørenskog 31. oktober 2018) Season 1 (2022) is released on Sep 16, 2022. Watch The Lørenskog Disappearance online - the Norwegian Crime TV series from Norway. The Lørenskog Disappearance is directed by Gjyljeta Berisha,Erik Skjoldbjærg and created by Thea Camilla Eriksen with Yngvild Støen Grotmol and Kidane Gjølme Dalva.

As know as:

Forsvinningen - Lørenskog 31. oktober 2018, Forsvinningen - Lørenskog 31. oktober 2018, اختفاء في لورينسكوغ, The Lørenskog Disappearance





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