The Devil Judge

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Season 1

Jul 04, 2021

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Kang Yo Han (Ji Seong) is a judge. He has an aristocratic appearance and elegant taste. He punishes corrupt and greedy men with power. Kang Yo Han a secret. Jung Seon Ah (Kim Min-Jung) is an executive director of the Social Responsibility Foundation. She is smart and beautiful. She is also Kang Yo Han's enemy. Jung Seon Ah is involved with important people from various social circles like politics and economics. She has the power to control the country by using her relationships. Kim Ga On (Park Jin-young) is a rookie judge. He has experienced difficult times since his parents died when he was a child, but he was able to become a judge after expending great effort. Yoon Soo Hyeon (Park Gyuyoung) is a detective. She is Kim Ga On's long time friend and she chases after Kang Yo Han's secret.