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Davy Crockett
S03E01 · Davy Crockett

Sep 12, 1955

In an effort to get closer to Rusty, who has become obsessed with Davy Crockett, Danny dons a Davy Crockett outfit to understand Rusty's latest fad.

Little League
S03E02 · Little League

Sep 19, 1955

Rusty wants to play little league baseball, but he fails his try-out with his neighborhood team, the Giants. Danny, who owns a vacant lot on which the Giants want to play their games, makes a deal to allow Rusty to play and Danny to be the coach. However, Rusty's team loses due to his very poor play.

Margaret Goes Home to Mother
S03E03 · Margaret Goes Home to Mother

Sep 26, 1955

Margaret is very upset when Danny is invited to perform at the White House and she was not invited to attend.

Love Thy Neighbor
S03E04 · Love Thy Neighbor

Oct 03, 1955

Terry acts as referee when Danny and a new next door neighbor nearly come to blows.

Rusty Gets a Job
S03E05 · Rusty Gets a Job

Oct 10, 1955

Danny encourages Rusty to get a job as a paper boy, then misses the free time they spent together.

Big Shot
S03E06 · Big Shot

Oct 17, 1955

When Danny gets a traffic ticket, he tries to use his celebrity to status to get himself out of it.

Danny's Palladium Offer
S03E07 · Danny's Palladium Offer

Oct 24, 1955

Jesse finally gets Danny booked into the London Palladium, fulfilling Danny's lifelong dream, but Danny's family has other plans for that evening.

The London Palladium
S03E08 · The London Palladium

Oct 31, 1955

The family are off to London for Danny's huge gig at the Palladium, but family's nerves are in tatters -- it's their first time on an airplane.

Sonnets from the Lebanese
S03E09 · Sonnets from the Lebanese

Nov 07, 1955

Surrounded by English arts and letters, Danny dreams he is Robert Browning and Margaret is Elizabeth Barrett, during their time together in London.

High Society
S03E10 · High Society

Nov 14, 1955

Danny and Margaret find themselves hobnobbing with the English aristocracy, as Danny prepares to perform at the London Palladium.

The Smugglers
S03E11 · The Smugglers

Nov 21, 1955

On their way back to US from England, Margaret and Danny discover that Terry and Rusty have sneaked back a souvenir -- a genuine, English kitten.

Danny's Old Girlfriend
S03E12 · Danny's Old Girlfriend

Nov 28, 1955

After three of Danny's former flames have written to him, Danny dreams about what life would have been like had he not married Margaret.

Louise's Surprise Party
S03E13 · Louise's Surprise Party

Dec 05, 1955

Misunderstandings abound when Louise thinks she's about to get the sack from the Williams, when in fact they are planning a surprise party for her.

Mr. Williams Goes Legit
S03E14 · Mr. Williams Goes Legit

Dec 12, 1955

When Danny lands a role in a stage play, he models himself after boxing champ, Maxie Rosenbloom, who thinks that Danny is interested in becoming a boxer.

Danny Strikes Oil
S03E15 · Danny Strikes Oil

Dec 19, 1955

Jesse offers Danny a chance to get in on an oil investment he's making on a tip from a Texas client. Danny gets buyer's remorse and is convinced he's going to lose all his money.

Terry's Party
S03E16 · Terry's Party

Dec 26, 1955

Terry is excited when she's given permission to throw a party for her friends, but Danny feels rejected when she doesn't pay heed to his suggestions on what it takes for a successful party.

The Songwriter
S03E17 · The Songwriter

Jan 16, 1956

Margaret begs Danny to have a look at a song she's written, and, in short order, Danny finds himself involved in a plagiarism suit.

Star of the Family
S03E18 · Star of the Family

Jan 23, 1956

Margaret develops an inferiority complex when she realizes Danny, Rusty and Terry have each won an award for something -- and Margaret has not.

Margaret's Cousin
S03E19 · Margaret's Cousin

Jan 30, 1956

Margaret's cousin arrives.

Like Father, Like Son
S03E20 · Like Father, Like Son

Feb 06, 1956

Danny and Rusty share an evening of anxiety -- Danny's opening a new act at the club the next night and Rusty has to recite the Gettysburg Address before his entire class the next day.

Wyatt Earp Visits the Williamses
S03E21 · Wyatt Earp Visits the Williamses

Feb 13, 1956

The Williams are visit by TV's Wyatt Earp - Hugh O'Brian.

Who Can Figure Kids?
S03E22 · Who Can Figure Kids?

Feb 20, 1956

Danny is taught a valuable lesson when he tries to force Terry to sing and dance in the school play.

Terry and the Sorority
S03E23 · Terry and the Sorority

Feb 27, 1956

Terry wants to be accepted into the Psi Psi Psi sorority, the most exclusive sorority in the school, even though most of the other sororities want her. She is afraid she might not get accepted because her father is an entertainer rather than coming from a background of bankers, lawyers and the like. Meanwhile Uncle Toonoose, who hasn't seen Danny in years, comes over. Terry learns something about appreciating her family heritage.

Danny and Jesse Split
S03E24 · Danny and Jesse Split

Mar 05, 1956

When Jesse books more clients, Danny thinks he should be paying more attention to him and believes it's time for them to go their separate ways.

Terry Has a Date
S03E25 · Terry Has a Date

Mar 12, 1956

Terry goes on a date with a 16-year-old boy.

Don't Yell at Your Children
S03E26 · Don't Yell at Your Children

Mar 19, 1956

Danny and Margaret try to stop yelling at the children.

Coats and Boats
S03E27 · Coats and Boats

Mar 26, 1956

Danny wants to spend his bonus check on a boat, but Margaret wants to spend it on new coats for the kids.

We're Going to Chicago
S03E28 · We're Going to Chicago

Apr 02, 1956

Louise, the Williams' housekeeper, is troubled at Danny's announcement that the family are leaving New York for a new life in Chicago.

Danny Goes on USO Tour
S03E29 · Danny Goes on USO Tour

Apr 09, 1956

Danny is in search of a qualified piano player to accompany him to Japan on his upcoming USO tour.

Danny's Birthday
S03E30 · Danny's Birthday

Apr 16, 1956

It is Danny's birthday, but Danny's children are more interested in the plight of the old sea captain living in their apartment building's basement, who has led an exciting and a dangerous life, than they are in giving Danny a birthday present.


The Danny Thomas Show Season 3 (1955) is released on Sep 12, 1955 and the latest season 11 of The Danny Thomas Show is released in 1963. Watch The Danny Thomas Show online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The Danny Thomas Show is directed by Sheldon Leonard,Danny Thomas,William Asher,Alan Rafkin and created by R.S. Allen with Danny Thomas and Rusty Hamer. The Danny Thomas Show is available online on Tubi TV and Classix.

Danny Williams, a successful nightclub singer, encounters a variety of difficult or amusing situations in trying to balance his career with his family: his outspoken second wife Kathy, teenage daughter Terry and son Rusty from his first marriage and Kathy's young daughter Linda and Danny's old-fashioned Uncle Tonoose. Later episodes feature Annette Funicello as a foreign exchange student from Italy. Most episodes conclude with a song by Danny or one of the children. Affection expressed as hostility ("I love you, you little jerk") and ironic humor characterize this show.


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