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Family Troubles
S02E01 · Family Troubles

Sep 27, 1954

The family plans a clever ruse to end Danny's severe case of jitters about his career as a night club entertainer. Meanwhile, Rusty wants an allowance.

S02E02 · Tonsillectomy

Oct 04, 1954

Danny must decide whether or not to have a nose job to get a movie contract.

Terry Takes Charge
S02E03 · Terry Takes Charge

Oct 11, 1954

Danny and the kids look after the house while Margaret is on jury duty.

Danny Has a Baby
S02E04 · Danny Has a Baby

Oct 18, 1954

Margaret tries to show Danny how little he knows about caring for babies.

Military School
S02E05 · Military School

Oct 25, 1954

Danny is incensed by Rusty's report card and warns his son that the next step may just be military school.

Danny Lands in Pictures
S02E06 · Danny Lands in Pictures

Nov 01, 1954

When a producer promises Danny a part in a film, the Williams family prepare for their trip to Hollywood.

Hollywood Trip
S02E07 · Hollywood Trip

Nov 08, 1954

Danny has high hopes and expectations for his film career, as the Williams arrive in Hollywood.

S02E08 · Anniversary

Nov 15, 1954

Danny is in hot water with Margaret when he is unable to join her to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Margaret's Aunt
S02E09 · Margaret's Aunt

Nov 22, 1954

Margaret acts as peacemaker between her mother and her aunt, but enlists the help of an unsuspecting Danny.

Terry's Boyfriend
S02E10 · Terry's Boyfriend

Nov 29, 1954

The Williams family is in an uproar. Terry's been asked to a school dance, her very first date. Danny can't understand all the excitement.

Margaret Feels Neglected
S02E11 · Margaret Feels Neglected

Dec 06, 1954

Danny's wife Margaret has a first-class case of neglect symptoms. She discovered that the spotlight that shines on Danny isn't big enough for both of them. The family must make Margaret feel wanted.

Father of the Year
S02E12 · Father of the Year

Dec 13, 1954

The Williams family are in an uproar when Danny wins the "Father of the Year" award and is slated to appear on a magazine cover.

The Anna Maria Alberghetti Show
S02E13 · The Anna Maria Alberghetti Show

Dec 20, 1954

Danny performs at the club with Anna Maria Alberghetti.

The New Year's Show
S02E14 · The New Year's Show

Dec 27, 1954

Margaret and Danny decide to eschew New Year's celebrations for a nice, quiet evening at home.

Jesse's Romance
S02E15 · Jesse's Romance

Jan 03, 1955

The Williams fix up Jesse with a comedienne.

Terry Gets Her Own Room
S02E16 · Terry Gets Her Own Room

Jan 10, 1955

Now that she's older, Terry persuades Danny and Margaret to find her a room of her own.

Danny Goes on TV
S02E17 · Danny Goes on TV

Jan 17, 1955

There's much joy in the Williams' household when Danny lands an appearance on television.

Terry's First Big Crush
S02E18 · Terry's First Big Crush

Jan 24, 1955

When a French celebrity stays with the Williams, Terry is crazy for him and all things Gallic.

The Children's Governess
S02E19 · The Children's Governess

Jan 31, 1955

Margaret hires a governess for her children even though Danny doesn't like it. But when her mother shows up to spend time with the grandchildren, more problems arise. Soon she wonders if having a governess for her children is indeed the best idea when her children become TOO polite.

Daddy's Biography
S02E20 · Daddy's Biography

Feb 07, 1955

Terry writes a biography of Danny for school.

Danny Tries Real Estate
S02E21 · Danny Tries Real Estate

Feb 14, 1955

Danny tries a career in real estate.

Rusty Gets a Haircut
S02E22 · Rusty Gets a Haircut

Feb 21, 1955

Danny takes Rusty to get a haircut following an incident at school.

Terry's Teen-Age Birthday
S02E23 · Terry's Teen-Age Birthday

Feb 28, 1955

Terry turns 13 and is invited by a young man to celebrate at a chic restaurant.

Peter Pan
S02E24 · Peter Pan

Mar 07, 1955

After seeing the play, 7-year-old Rusty imagines that he can fly like Peter Pan, so his father invites the theater's elderly stagehand to the house to dispel the fantasy and bring Rusty back down to Earth.

The Piano Teacher
S02E25 · The Piano Teacher

Mar 21, 1955

Danny balks at paying for piano lessons for Rusty and Terry when it's quite evident that neither of them have any musical aptitude.

The Newspaperman Show
S02E26 · The Newspaperman Show

Mar 28, 1955

Danny needs some publicity and reaches out to a journalist friend to write an article about Danny and his family.

The Philosopher
S02E27 · The Philosopher

Apr 04, 1955

Danny is approached by a philosophy professor to deliver a lecture before his class.

Father-Son Show
S02E28 · Father-Son Show

Apr 11, 1955

Though Danny wants to spend more time with Rusty, he balks at appearing in a silly costume for a father and son show at Rusty's school.

The Benefit Show
S02E29 · The Benefit Show

Apr 18, 1955

When Danny turns his back on a club owner who needs his help, Danny's conscience kicks when he has a nightmare about what might have transpired if Danny had lent a hand.

A Trip to Wisconsin
S02E30 · A Trip to Wisconsin

Apr 25, 1955

Danny grudgingly agrees to take the family to visit old Mrs. Finch, who took care of Margaret Williams when her parents were on the until Rusty becomes lost searching for arrowheads.


The Danny Thomas Show Season 2 (1954) is released on Sep 27, 1954 and the latest season 11 of The Danny Thomas Show is released in 1963. Watch The Danny Thomas Show online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The Danny Thomas Show is directed by Sheldon Leonard,Danny Thomas,William Asher,Alan Rafkin and created by R.S. Allen with Danny Thomas and Rusty Hamer. The Danny Thomas Show is available online on Tubi TV and Pure Flix.

Danny Williams, a successful nightclub singer, encounters a variety of difficult or amusing situations in trying to balance his career with his family: his outspoken second wife Kathy, teenage daughter Terry and son Rusty from his first marriage and Kathy's young daughter Linda and Danny's old-fashioned Uncle Tonoose. Later episodes feature Annette Funicello as a foreign exchange student from Italy. Most episodes conclude with a song by Danny or one of the children. Affection expressed as hostility ("I love you, you little jerk") and ironic humor characterize this show.


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