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Uncle Daddy
S01E01 · Uncle Daddy

Sep 28, 1953

Danny is upset to hear after being away for months his kids call him "Uncle Daddy".

Party Dress
S01E02 · Party Dress

Oct 05, 1953

Danny objects to his 11-year-old daughter going to her first formal dance with a boy, until he is reminded of his own youth.

Second Honeymoon
S01E03 · Second Honeymoon

Oct 12, 1953

Margaret plans a second honeymoon, but doesn't tell Danny where they are going.

S01E04 · Mother-in-Law

Oct 19, 1953

When Danny asks once too often that his mother-in-law babysit for him, he gets a lesson in adult psychology from his two children.

S01E05 · Anniversary

Oct 26, 1953

Danny forgets that it's his 12th wedding anniversary.

Margaret, Non-Pro
S01E06 · Margaret, Non-Pro

Nov 02, 1953

Margaret tries to start her own career in show business.

The Visiting Englishman
S01E07 · The Visiting Englishman

Nov 09, 1953

The household is in confusion when an English musician friend of Danny's overstays his visit by three weeks.

The Sea Captain
S01E08 · The Sea Captain

Nov 16, 1953

On Danny's birthday his kids pay more attention to a kind old sea captain who lives in the building. Danny finds away to regain their attention,as a dad and for his birthday.

Thanksgiving Story
S01E09 · Thanksgiving Story

Nov 23, 1953

Danny gets stranded in Boston on Thanksgiving.

Last Dollar
S01E10 · Last Dollar

Nov 30, 1953

Rusty is suspected of taking a dollar.

Margaret's Job
S01E11 · Margaret's Job

Dec 07, 1953

Danny urges his wife to work in the office of one of her career-minded college friends. If she spends a hard day at the office, Danny promises to do the "easy" job of taking care of the house.

S01E12 · Wonderland

Dec 14, 1953

A radio contestant wins the privilege of spending the weekend at the home of her favorite comic Danny Williams. The over-aged bobby-soxer who arrives at the house upsets the Williams' plans for a quiet weekend.

S01E13 · Christmas

Dec 21, 1953

Danny may not come home for Christmas.

S01E14 · Toledo

Dec 28, 1953

Danny goes back to his native Toledo and meets his old friends.

Margaret's Jealousy
S01E15 · Margaret's Jealousy

Jan 04, 1954

Danny and his wife see a play in which the long-married husband develops a roving eye. Margaret's imagination causes jealousy. She's sure Danny, too, has a wandering look, when Rusty shows her a picture of Danny kissing a blonde.

Terry for President
S01E16 · Terry for President

Jan 11, 1954

Danny manages Terry's campaign for class president.

True Blue Benny
S01E17 · True Blue Benny

Jan 18, 1954

Danny plans a party for Benny to celebrate their 12th anniversary as a team.

Rusty Runs Away
S01E18 · Rusty Runs Away

Jan 25, 1954

Rusty runs away from home.

The Professor
S01E19 · The Professor

Feb 01, 1954

An old flame of Margaret's comes over for dinner.

S01E20 · Burlesque

Feb 08, 1954

Danny pulls a burlesque gag on VIPs who are not amused.

Black Eyes
S01E21 · Black Eyes

Feb 15, 1954

Rusty comes home with a black eye.

Margaret's Birthday
S01E22 · Margaret's Birthday

Feb 22, 1954

Margaret is explaining to her bridge club how she showed Danny a mink coat in order to get him to buy her the ring she really wanted for her birthday. Unfortunately, the new tape recorder was running. Danny hears the conversation and decides to teach Margaret a lesson, but Danny is the one who learns the lesson.

The Matchmaker
S01E23 · The Matchmaker

Mar 01, 1954

Margaret plays matchmaker.

Night Club
S01E24 · Night Club

Mar 08, 1954

Danny goes to a night club while trying to find a hobby.

Terry's Career
S01E25 · Terry's Career

Mar 24, 1954

Terry wants to start her own acting career.

School Festival
S01E26 · School Festival

Mar 22, 1954

Danny appears in a PTA show at Rusty's school.

Rusty's Pal
S01E27 · Rusty's Pal

Mar 29, 1954

Rusty befriends a hobo.

Julia's Birthday
S01E28 · Julia's Birthday

Apr 05, 1954

Danny tries to help his mother-in-law, Julia, land a starring role on a television series, when Danny learns that Julia is depressed that she's too old to land any acting roles.

S01E29 · Pittsburgh

Apr 12, 1954

Danny is in Pittsburgh shooting a movie with Marie McDonald.

Danny's Vacation
S01E30 · Danny's Vacation

Apr 19, 1954

Danny plans to have a quiet vacation, but Margaret has her college reunion.


The Danny Thomas Show Season 1 (1953) is released on Sep 28, 1953 and the latest season 11 of The Danny Thomas Show is released in 1963. Watch The Danny Thomas Show online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. The Danny Thomas Show is directed by Sheldon Leonard,Danny Thomas,William Asher,Alan Rafkin and created by R.S. Allen with Danny Thomas and Rusty Hamer. The Danny Thomas Show is available online on Tubi TV and Pure Flix.

Danny Williams, a successful nightclub singer, encounters a variety of difficult or amusing situations in trying to balance his career with his family: his outspoken second wife Kathy, teenage daughter Terry and son Rusty from his first marriage and Kathy's young daughter Linda and Danny's old-fashioned Uncle Tonoose. Later episodes feature Annette Funicello as a foreign exchange student from Italy. Most episodes conclude with a song by Danny or one of the children. Affection expressed as hostility ("I love you, you little jerk") and ironic humor characterize this show.


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Marterto Productions, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), CBS

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