The Accidental Medium

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Season 1

Apr 19, 2020

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The Accidental Medium is released in 2020. Watch The Accidental Medium all seasons full episodes online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. The Accidental Medium is directed by Paul Romero Mendez,Elaine Sturgess,Tracy Whitwell and created by Tracy Whitwell with Sharon Small and Tracy Whitwell.

The white witch of the North. Tanz, a struggling actress and borderline alcoholic, is forced to find an alternative income to prop her up while she waits for the acting job that will make her fortune. She takes a job in a new age shop, The Mystery Pot - and finds herself more at home than she thought amongst the nutty, bizarre customers. She's 'visited' by ghosts who appear in her head - and in real life - and finds herself talking to them and delivering uncannily accurate descriptions of people's futures. As the ghostly visits escalate, she becomes a reluctant clairvoyant, ghost buster and medium. But the proverbial really hits the fan when murdered Mona tells her the truth about her own demise and reveals the identity of her killer.