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Season 1

Dec 31, 2023

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Strong You (also know as Silnaya ty) is released in 2020. Watch Strong You all seasons full episodes online - the Russian Drama TV series from Russia. Strong You is directed by Ivan Krivoruchko and created by Alla Snitsar with Natalya Vysochanskaya and Prokhor Dubravin.

Nina Vavilova is a talented guide, she conducts city tours and fights for historical monuments. She's been happily married for a long time. Her husband Artem is Nina's fulcrum and the only person she absolutely trusts. It seems to her that without him she would not be able to live a day. But a tragic accident turns her whole life upside down. One day Artem gets into a car accident together - with his second family-his common-law wife Masha and little daughter Katya.