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Season 2

Oct 01, 2022

The Forger ‘family’ are back to continue their adventures – both real and fabricated. Even as Loid Forger learns what it means to be part of a family, he grows impatient to achieve his mission and investigate the Ostania politician Donovan Desmond. Loid is also known as Twilight, a super spy for WISE and his mission involves using a fake family to get close to his target. He has already set up his pretend daughter Anya, at the same school as the politician's son, Damian. Now that the two are striking up an earnest bond the pieces are in place. Anya, who has telepathic abilities as a result of an experiment conducted on her is a single-minded and brilliant child. As a result of her most recent good behaviour she's been promised a dog. Enter Bond Forger, a great white hound who has his own precognition abilities. Meanwhile, Yor Forger, mother, wife, and the secret assassin known as Thorn Princess is intent on protecting her identity. Still untrusting of Loid, with whom she has a growing affection, Yor must be careful not to reveal her secrets. The two are in a literal marriage of convenience but as they continue to fake their love, something of the real thing sparks alive. With so many secrets, Anya with her telepathy is the only one who knows the truth about everyone’s identity. Can they stick together and will they avert the threats that face them as individuals and as a family?

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A spy known only as Twilight needs a family as part of his undercover mission, so he quickly marries a city hall worker and adopts a child and dog. Unknown to him, his family has secrets of their own: his wife Yor is an undercover assassin, his daughter Anya is a runaway psychic who can read minds, and his dog was from a laboratory that gave him the power to tell the future. All these four subjects must bond together as a family to manage their own affairs and be together as best as they can.