Episodes (24)

S01E01 · Breakaway

Sep 04, 1975

Commander John Koenig, the new commander of Moonbase Alpha, leads the investigation of a mysterious disease at the station and uncovers evidence of a far greater looming disaster.

Force of Life
S01E02 · Force of Life

Sep 11, 1975

A wandering energy force inhabits the body of Alpha technician Anton Zoref, turning him into an energy absorbing being.

Collision Course
S01E03 · Collision Course

Sep 18, 1975

After destroying an asteroid on a collision course with the moon, an even larger obstacle appears - an entire planet! On a recon mission, John Koenig encounters an inhabitant who convinces him- on the basis of faith- that the moon and the planet must collide. But no one else supports Koenig's stand.

War Games
S01E04 · War Games

Sep 25, 1975

Moonbase Alpha is attacked and devastated by warships from a nearby planet. With half of its population dead Alpha can no longer survive. Commander Koenig and Dr. Russel go to the alien world to plead for the survivors, but the inhabitants wish no one to disturb their serene existence.

Death's Other Dominion
S01E05 · Death's Other Dominion

Oct 02, 1975

On the ice world of Ultima Thule the Alphans encounter members of lost earth expedition who have achieved immortality- but at a price!

Voyager's Return
S01E06 · Voyager's Return

Oct 09, 1975

The Alphans encounter the Voyager space probe that has been wandering the cosmos propelled by the Queller drive- a faulty engine system. Following the probe is a fleet of alien ships from a world devastated by the drive.

Alpha Child
S01E07 · Alpha Child

Oct 16, 1975

The Alphans' joy turns to horror when the first child born on the Alpha matures into a five year old in a matter of hours. This is only a prelude to the arrival of formless alien fugitives- who plan to inhabit Alpha's population.

Dragon's Domain
S01E08 · Dragon's Domain

Oct 23, 1975

Discredited eagle pilot Tony Cellini is beset by recurring nightmares in which he was the only survivor of disastrous space mission. Now the moon is approaching the same set of circumstances that Cellini encountered.

Mission of the Darians
S01E09 · Mission of the Darians

Oct 30, 1975

The Alphans encounter a miles-long ark from the planet Daria, where the inhabitants have a very distinctive class separation.

Black Sun
S01E10 · Black Sun

Nov 06, 1975

The moon is approaching a black hole. Professor Bergman is a able to rig up an energy shield around the moonbase, but Commander Koenig feels this is only a desperate measure and has an eagle with six personnel dispatched as the rest of the moonbase await certain death.

Guardian of Piri
S01E11 · Guardian of Piri

Nov 13, 1975

Contact is made with the planet Piri, where the main computer created an idyllic life that led to extinction of its population through apathy. Now John Koenig must fight to save Alpha as his people fall under the same fate.

End of Eternity
S01E12 · End of Eternity

Nov 20, 1975

While exploring a cavern in an asteroid, the Alphans release Balor, a sadistic alien who has achieved immortality.

Matter of Life and Death
S01E13 · Matter of Life and Death

Nov 27, 1975

Dr. Russell's presumed-dead husband mysteriously reappears on a reconnaissance mission to a nearby planet.

S01E14 · Earthbound

Dec 04, 1975

A vessel of alien pacifists, bound for Earth, lands on the moon. They are greeted as friends by all- except Commissioner Simmons who sees their vessel as way to return home.

The Full Circle
S01E15 · The Full Circle

Dec 11, 1975

While exploring an Earth-type world several Alphans, including Commander Koenig and Dr. Russel, disappear after sighting a strange fog. Shortly afterwards a race of primitive humans are encountered.

Another Time, Another Place
S01E16 · Another Time, Another Place

Dec 18, 1975

A distortion in time produces two separate moons, with two separate Alphas from different eras.

The Last Sunset
S01E17 · The Last Sunset

Jan 01, 1976

As the Alphans are planning to explore the planet Ariel, a 'missile' attaches itself to the en route Eagle. Upon returning to Alpha, the 'missile' gives the Alphans a lunar atmosphere. But the joy at the possibility of making a new world out of the Moon is short lived, as the moon does not enter orbit around the planet or its sun, and Alpha faces destruction from the newly acquired lunar air.

The Infernal Machine
S01E18 · The Infernal Machine

Jan 08, 1976

The Alphans encounter Delmer Plebus Powells Gwent, a huge spacecraft which defies aerodynamics and is an extension of Gwent's genius and ego.

Ring Around the Moon
S01E19 · Ring Around the Moon

Jan 15, 1976

Maintenance technician Ted Clifford is possessed by an eerie yellow glow, which ultimately kills him. It transpires that it is coming from a planet called Triton, which captures the Alphans and insists that Helena should become the Eyes of Triton. Before long she is acting just as Fred Clifford did before his death.

Missing Link
S01E20 · Missing Link

Jan 22, 1976

After Commander Koening's Eagle crashes on the planet Zenno, his soul is captured and scrutinized by a resident alien, due to the fact that we humans appear to be their missing link.

Space Brain
S01E21 · Space Brain

Jan 29, 1976

Alien gyphs appear on all of Alpha's screens. Koenig sends an Eagle to investigate. The Eagle is lost and the pilot is taken over by a huge, alien 'Space Brain', using him as a channel to make the Alphans do its bidding. Koenig has to destroy it.

The Troubled Spirit
S01E22 · The Troubled Spirit

Feb 05, 1976

Dan Mateo, one of Alpha's botanists, believes that he can increase their food supply by communicating telepathically with his plants. After passing out during one of his electronic experiments, Alpha seems to become haunted by a murderous and disfigured spirit.

The Testament of Arkadia
S01E23 · The Testament of Arkadia

Feb 12, 1976

The Alphans land on the planet Arkadia, where glyphs suggest it is the cradle of civilisation from which life on Earth began. Now it is desolate and Koenig feels it is unsuitable for colonisation. Two renegade crew members have other ideas, however, and take Helena hostage in their demands to settle on Arkadia.

The Last Enemy
S01E24 · The Last Enemy

Feb 19, 1976

The Alphans find themselves caught up in a long-running war between two rival planets, Betha and Delta. When a Bethan gunship, which has landed on the moon as a tactical advantage, appears to have been hit its commander Dione seeks sanctuary with the Alphans. Koenig attempts to negotiate a truce but Dione has other ideas...


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