Something in the Rain

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Apr 13, 2018

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From the Canadian Perspective: this show is about a hard working, intelligent and beautiful business woman navigates life with pressures from a culture that can often be very traditional and oppressive to women compared to North American culture in some ways. Due to expectations from her traditional parents and the social norms of her traditional culture she is longing for happiness and love as well as more respect in her workplace. Then suddenly she meets a good man that she knew when they were young that is a little younger than her. He adores her and appreciates the person that she is and does not take her for granted. He is handsome and lives a respectful life but due to his circumstances is erroneously looked down upon by some others. Though they are both afraid of causing grief for each other and her family, they fall madly in love even though it is frowned upon by some people. The show is a great love story and shows how they navigate setting an example of bringing rational advancement of culture from the oppressive and hurtful ways of the past into the present day of letting two good yet imperfect people who love each other that are both perfect for each other to be together-- or not -- you'll have to watch to find out if the passionate couple in love end up together.