Episodes (26)

Once Bitten
S03E01 · Once Bitten

Oct 06, 1971

A cloth warehouse, with previous problems with thieves, employs some vicious dogs to guard the premises. They meet their match with a dog whisperer, who nearly pulls off a daring robbery.

S03E02 · Hostage

Oct 13, 1971

A gang of bank robbers are using information on the timing of collections from local banks. Task Force track them down, and a siege ensues. They demand a car, but they are thwarted in their attempts to get away by a procedural quirk.

The Floater
S03E03 · The Floater

Oct 20, 1971

A river deadbeat sees the chance to make money when he teams up with a female drug dealer, but finds that association with her could lead him to prison. It ends where it began, on the river.

S03E04 · Aberration

Oct 27, 1971

When Barlow and Watt unwittingly aid a robbery on a doctor's surgery, they expect to follow a trail of stolen drugs. But the thief has other plans too - PW Det. Constable Forest plays a key role in bringing him into the open.

Moving On
S03E05 · Moving On

Nov 03, 1971

Watt's pursuit of a dangerous criminal is put in jeopardy by Evan's night patrol and raid on a student dosshouse.

An Inside Job
S03E06 · An Inside Job

Nov 10, 1971

When a supermarket is robbed, Barlow suspects an inside job. But is he blinded to the truth in his determination to convict? Family tensions create a costly outcome for one suspect.

The Bounty Hunter
S03E07 · The Bounty Hunter

Nov 17, 1971

A gang of bank robbers are disturbed, when some heavies call on them demanding their cut of the loot. If they don't cooperate, their imprisoned mate and his wife are at risk.

S03E08 · Marksman

Nov 24, 1971

An astute witness provides a lead on a trio of bank robbers. Harry Hawkins's shooting practice at the police range comes in useful, but at a cost.

Copper Wire
S03E09 · Copper Wire

Dec 01, 1971

Tiger Mulholland is a seasoned thief, but his latest job with an inexperienced novice leads him into the path of his old adversary from Newtown, Inspector Barlow. Will Barlow be able to get his old sparring partner to talk?

Man of Peace
S03E10 · Man of Peace

Dec 08, 1971

A face from the past reappears in Thamesford, and appears to have guns to sell. Why has he gone to the police? And how will the Irish Republican connection resolve the crime?

Good Touches
S03E11 · Good Touches

Dec 15, 1971

PC Drake is worried about people who are repeatedly burgled, and he and Hawkins concoct a scheme to monitor houses at high risk - 'good touches'. For one middle aged woman, their help cannot come soon enough.

Better Than Doing Porridge
S03E12 · Better Than Doing Porridge

Dec 22, 1971

As a trial begins, Inspector Barlow is keen to get a conviction. Luckily, he has Ernie Johnson, hardened career criminal, as the weakest link in the gang. And Barlow has a trump card to play to finally make him go straight.

The Removal
S03E13 · The Removal

Dec 29, 1971

Watt receives a tip off about a big domestic robbery. Will his scant information be enough, and can Evans and Snow find the right house in time? It's a New Year that one family will never forget.

S03E14 · Priorities

Jan 05, 1972

Illegal dumping of chemicals in a river leads to a dilemma - protect public safety or move in fast on a gang of forgers.

S03E15 · Resolution

Jan 12, 1972

When PC Snow accidentally interrupts a police stake-out of a raid on a silverware shop, it looks like the policeman on the job may be an accessory to the raid. However, Barlow eventually finds that family is the key factor in this crime.

The Amateur
S03E16 · The Amateur

Jan 19, 1972

Hawkins suspects the involvement of a local car hire firm in a spate of high class robberies. Information from the criminal underworld proves decisive in catching the ring leader.

Anywhere in the Wide World
S03E17 · Anywhere in the Wide World

Jan 26, 1972

A privileged girl goes missing, and there appears to be a sexual motive. But is the apparent indifference of her parents a clue which will lead to a resolution?

S03E18 · Flight

Feb 02, 1972

A riot is threatened at Kingley Airport when the holiday firm Jason Travel collapses, and Barlow's undercover operation into thefts at the airport is jeopardised. PC Snow goes undercover to resolve the case.

The Big Tip-Off
S03E19 · The Big Tip-Off

Feb 09, 1972

A barmaid at an aerodrome has some inside information on an upcoming raid. But can her own personal feelings be put aside as the police get closer, and will an inexperienced but ruthless female get away driver help or hinder?

Woman's World
S03E20 · Woman's World

Feb 16, 1972

A female cub reporter crosses swords with Barlow, as he investigates a child murder. Barlow has a hunch about the murderer, but whether he can get a conviction rests upon breaking into the secrets of a sad and lonely family.

A Policeman's Lot: Part 1: The Row on the Stairs
S03E21 · A Policeman's Lot: Part 1: The Row on the Stairs

Feb 23, 1972

A private detective's office, situated above an adult shop, is turned over, and an employee from the detective's office goes missing. Tracking down the man is only the beginning, as the name of the detective rings a bell with Barlow.

A Policeman's Lot: Part 2: You Pays Your Money
S03E22 · A Policeman's Lot: Part 2: You Pays Your Money

Mar 01, 1972

The net closes in on Jarman, the private investigator, and his activities importing goods from Europe. The old lady in the newsagents/adult shop provides a link. Watt decides to tackle Jarman personally, with unforeseen consequences.

A Policeman's Lot: Part 3: It Depends Where You're Standing
S03E23 · A Policeman's Lot: Part 3: It Depends Where You're Standing

Mar 08, 1972

The investigation into Jarman continues, but Task Force are warned off by higher authorities. What is the significance of a blackmailer, a trashed coffee bar and the intelligence services?

Set Us Alight
S03E24 · Set Us Alight

Mar 15, 1972

When a fire breaks out at the headquarters of a radical political group, the organiser of the group is suspected. But Barlow finds that jealousy is at the heart of the case, and a privileged dropout is the key.

The Easy Job
S03E25 · The Easy Job

Mar 22, 1972

Johnny Hicks appears to have gone straight, but Hawkins is unconvinced. Johnny decides to come out of retirement, but what should be an easy wages raid turns into a nightmare for one of the gang, and the safe cracker.

S03E26 · Conclusion

Mar 29, 1972

Evans is intrigued by Drake's seeming affluence, and reports his suspicions to Hawkins. Drake is put into plain clothes to track his movements, and uncover his secrets. PC Snow uncovers some evidence in an unlikely place.


Softly Softly: Task Force Season 3 (1971) is released on Oct 06, 1971 and the latest season 8 of Softly Softly: Task Force is released in 1976. Watch Softly Softly: Task Force online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Softly Softly: Task Force is directed by Frank Cox,David Sullivan Proudfoot,Gilchrist Calder,Peter Cregeen and created by Ewart Alexander with Frank Windsor and Norman Bowler.

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Softly Softly: Task Force, Task Force Police


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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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