Episodes (15)

S01E01 · Prologue

Sep 19, 2014

Richard Black arrives to work for his first day as owner of "Umbrella Co." - The cocktail umbrella empire that produces "the best umbrellas this side of the Mississippi"

Happy Days Befall
S01E02 · Happy Days Befall

Sep 22, 2014

Richard calls an important meeting while underlying tensions between Tom and Henry make their way to the surface. Can Richard come up with a solution?

Resolution Soars
S01E03 · Resolution Soars

Sep 26, 2014

Henry prepares a new proposal for the boss while Tom struggles to figure out what it is. Meanwhile, Richard hires a new employee.

Lions and Leopards
S01E04 · Lions and Leopards

Sep 29, 2014

Henry makes the pitch of his life. Tom struggles to keep up.

Never to Return
S01E05 · Never to Return

Oct 03, 2014

Richard makes some changes while taking advantage of new opportunities. A new secretary has something up her sleeve, and Bradley makes a new friend.

A Little Scene
S01E06 · A Little Scene

Oct 06, 2014

Richard has a photo shoot while Henry tries to adjust to his new life.

A Wandering Vagabond
S01E07 · A Wandering Vagabond

Oct 10, 2014

Henry enlists the help of a former rival. Richard makes an offer to a loyal employee.

Humored Thus
S01E08 · Humored Thus

Oct 13, 2014

Bradley searches for some soothing. Henry and Tom brainstorm.

Kill with Looks
S01E09 · Kill with Looks

Oct 20, 2014

Richard prepares for his Keynote, Bradley finds counsel in a new friend, and Karen receives some news.

With a Little Pin
S01E10 · With a Little Pin

Oct 27, 2014

Richard and Miranda depart for Florida. Henry and Tom make their move.

The Summer's Dust
S01E11 · The Summer's Dust

Nov 03, 2014

Henry makes the pitch of his life...Again. Richard and Miranda arrive in paradise.

Graves, Worms, and Epitaphs
S01E12 · Graves, Worms, and Epitaphs

Nov 10, 2014

Richard gets some unexpected news while in Florida. Earl is faced with a big decision.

This Heavy Weight
S01E13 · This Heavy Weight

Nov 17, 2014

Richard's empire crumbles. Sword Co throw's their first party.

The Hollow Crown: Part 1
S01E14 · The Hollow Crown: Part 1

Nov 24, 2014

Henry and Richard show down at the company party. Karen get's an unexpected visit.

The Hollow Crown: Part 2
S01E15 · The Hollow Crown: Part 2

Dec 01, 2014

Old sins come back to haunt Richard. Henry assumes the throne.


Shady Business Season 1 (2014) is released on Sep 19, 2014. Watch Shady Business online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Shady Business is directed by Ross Johnson,Brett Marley and created by Ross Johnson with Emily Ferren and Brett Marley.

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Shady Business


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Skyhook Productions

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