Episodes (5)

S01E01 · Masturbation

Jul 20, 2016

While they are in the park Pappu surprises his Papa with a question about a word he heard on the TV. Surprised, the Papa wonders how to explain to his small son such matter without repelling or traumatizing him and decides to get crafty with his explanations. His shyness is being seen as his father is being representation of his traditional perspectives and tries to stop him at every step of the way.

S01E02 · Pregnancy

Jul 26, 2016

While Papa, Pappu and his pregnant Mama are at the clinic for a check up Pappu raises the question "How are babies born?".. and other surrounding questions. Facing another uncomfortable situation- Papa has to be creative again.

S01E03 · Condoms

Aug 02, 2016

While watching a cricket game- Pappu stumps across a condom commercial and thinks that it's candy, because of the many displayed flavors. On the way of taking his grandfather home- Pappu won't stop bugging his dad to buy him some. In the end Papa has to explain that it's not a candy.

S01E04 · Periods

Aug 09, 2016

While searching for a tissue - Pappu finds one of his mom's sanitary napkins to cover a cough. Grandma meddle's in to say that only girls use them, but Pappu insists he likes the softness. Pappu's mothers wonders how to explain to him about her periods. Papa comes with the solution.

S01E05 · Homosexuality

Aug 23, 2016

Anand's dad and son use and associate the word "homo" in a different way. While his wife is giving life to their second child in the hospital- Anand has to explain to both of them the meaning of the term "homosexuality".


Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa Season 1 (2016) is released on Jul 20, 2016. Watch Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa online - the Hindi Comedy TV series from India. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa is directed by Ashish Patil and created by Gopal Datt with Anand Tiwari and Kabir Shaikh.

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