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Episodes (10)

The Fall
S02E01 · The Fall

Sep 25, 2016

Businessman Eric Warner is accused of murdering his wife on the same day that his father was to pass control of his company over to him.

The Husband
S02E02 · The Husband

Oct 02, 2016

Eric must come clean in order to keep the company staff on his side, while it becomes clear that Kate was harboring many secrets.

The Liar
S02E03 · The Liar

Oct 16, 2016

Eric tries to locate Kate's assistant, Liam Connors, and discovers that he was not all he seemed, while someone from Eric's past threatens to taint his character.

The Detective
S02E04 · The Detective

Oct 23, 2016

Along with the resourceful Danny, Eric finally tracks down Liam, who sheds some light on Kate's private dealings and places Neil under suspicion.

The Daughter
S02E05 · The Daughter

Oct 30, 2016

Eric and Patrick take a trip to find answers and get more than they bargained for, while Cornell widens her investigation.

The Parent
S02E06 · The Parent

Nov 06, 2016

Eric follows a new lead, while Cornell deals with a painful memory from her past.

The Statement
S02E07 · The Statement

Nov 13, 2016

Eric discovers the extent of Patrick's deceit, while Cornell faces a family crisis.

The Racket
S02E08 · The Racket

Nov 27, 2016

Eric takes drastic action in order to protect the family, and the game is over for Melanie, who makes a startling claim.

The Brother
S02E09 · The Brother

Dec 04, 2016

Eric and Danny discover John has been keeping a devastating secret, and Patrick cracks under the pressure.

The Truth
S02E10 · The Truth

Dec 04, 2016

Eric and Amanda rush to help an inconsolable Patrick, Neil has information about Danny's daughter, and Cornell narrows in on the killer.


Secrets and Lies Season 2 (2016) is released on Sep 25, 2016 and the latest season 2 of Secrets and Lies is released in 2016. Watch Secrets and Lies online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Secrets and Lies is directed by Adam Arkin,Timothy Busfield,Kate Dennis,Nick Copus and created by Barbie Kligman with Juliette Lewis and Ryan Phillippe. Secrets and Lies is available online on Tubi TV and Amazon Video.

Each series, a detective focuses on the prime suspect in a murder case; but everyone has something to hide.

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Salaisuuksia ja valheita, Secrets & Lies, Segredos e Mentiras, Secretos y mentiras, Secrets and Lies


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Allison Keene
Secrets & Lies' first season was an exercise in frustration with a bizarre conclusion, and Season 2's mostly clean slate has a chance to course-correct.
by rottentomatoes, Sep 20, 2016

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