Episodes (30)

Shipment from Marseilles
S01E01 · Shipment from Marseilles

Sep 15, 1965

Interpol suspects that a ship from Marseilles is involved with drug smuggling. King works with an Interpol agent to find out how the smuggling is taking place and by whom.

Last Voyage
S01E02 · Last Voyage

Sep 23, 1965

When Carlo Montagna, captain of an Italian cargo vessel, docks in Montreal, he is brought face to face with his fifteen-year-old son - whom he has never met before.

Border Incident
S01E03 · Border Incident

Sep 30, 1965

A sailor has disappeared from a Polish ship after a woman who is living in America. He crosses the border, and an international incident threatens between the Polish and American authorities with King in-between.

What the Rats Knew
S01E04 · What the Rats Knew

Oct 21, 1965

A captain takes over a tramp steamer and finds that the crew have walked out. His previous two commands have sank with a loss of life and they consider him a jinx. King gets the crew back and sails with them to find out what is happening.

The Only Good Indian
S01E05 · The Only Good Indian

Oct 28, 1965

Woody Threerivers is protesting at the proposed placing of an expressway through a native Mohawk reservation by dumping cars in the seaway. King does his best to mediate a peace between the authorities and the Indians.

34th Man
S01E06 · 34th Man

Nov 04, 1965

A man's body is washed down the river and the only ship he could have come from denies any knowledge of him. Things escalate when he is found to have died from the plague and the ship is quarantined.

The Provocative Mademoiselle
S01E07 · The Provocative Mademoiselle

Nov 11, 1965

A journalist interviews Fox about a possible piracy. This leaves Fox curious and he asks King to investigate. There are a group of rebels planning to seize a ship as part of their cause, which is to make Algeria a French colony again.

Bonhomme Richard
S01E08 · Bonhomme Richard

Nov 25, 1965

King receives a blood-stained parcel from a man and with it is a note asking him to deliver it to his niece, an attractive female third mate. When a man offers a large some of money for the parcel's contents the niece is suspicious.

Nothing But a Long Goodbye
S01E09 · Nothing But a Long Goodbye

Dec 02, 1965

A former pilot has been going blind over a number of years and wants to take one last trip on the Saguenay River. His wife is concerned that he is going to take his own life so Fox and King go aboard to make sure he is safe.

Abraham's Hand
S01E10 · Abraham's Hand

Dec 09, 1965

A Russian ship is legally prevented from leaving the harbour by a mysterious company. When the captain's son is hospitalised with an unknown illness, Fox and King try to work out what is happening and find the link between the two events.

S01E11 · Mutiny

Dec 16, 1965

The crew of the Pandora mutiny over the conditions on the boat and the captain seems unable to cope with the situation. King and Fox are unable to do anything and the crew are arrested and end up in court.

A Medal for Mirko
S01E12 · A Medal for Mirko

Dec 01, 1965

A ship suddenly stops in the waterway and Fox wants King to investigate why. It turns out the reason goes back to a war crime committed in Yugoslavia during the second world war and Fox wants to stop a murder.

Port of Call: Paradise
S01E13 · Port of Call: Paradise

Jan 06, 1966

King organises the repair of a ship owned by a wealthy ship owner with a beautiful Turkish wife. When the owner decides to go on ahead to Ottawa by train and leaves his wife in Toronto, King is falls in love with her.

Trial by Fire
S01E14 · Trial by Fire

Jan 13, 1966

A ship that has sailed from Alexandria suddenly catches fire in Toronto harbour. When King investigates the circumstances he finds that there are a number of events that don't make sense and that the crew are not happy.

The Wharf Rat
S01E15 · The Wharf Rat

Jan 20, 1966

King has been assigned to investigate a number of warehouse robberies. He starts with an alcoholic friend who was bashed during a robbery. When another drunk witnesses the murder of a security guard he is now becomes a target.

Over the Falls
S01E16 · Over the Falls

Jan 27, 1966

Heinz has second thoughts about going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, but with heavy bets at stake the bookies make up his mind for him.

S01E17 · Maria

Feb 17, 1966

A woman who has stowed away on a ship has suddenly appeared at Canadian immigration. She refuses to give her full name and there is no indication of where she came from. It is up to King to find out her story.

The Sparrows
S01E18 · The Sparrows

Jan 01, 1965

A murderer is being sought on the docks. He kidnaps the daughter of a ship's captain and blackmails him to take him out of the country. King joins the ship and works out what has happened but stopping the man is more difficult.

Ghost Ship
S01E19 · Ghost Ship

Feb 24, 1966

Nick is prevented from inspecting a ship by its captain. After failing to find the owners, he finds the ship has disappeared. Nobody he speaks to will back him up and say they saw the ship. Nick starts to think he is cracking up.

Dead Reckoning
S01E20 · Dead Reckoning

Mar 03, 1966

A seemingly nasty, egotistical captain is being vindictive towards the engineer of his ship, continually putting him down. After he disappears, King is brought in to find him and finds himself in an unusual investigation.

Billy the Kid
S01E21 · Billy the Kid

Mar 10, 1966

A young boy is playing with a cap gun and 'shoots' a man who promptly dies. He runs away thinking he has killed him. He tells Nick what has happened and, when he investigates, the body has disappeared.

The Viking
S01E22 · The Viking

Mar 17, 1966

Several relics, believed to be Viking in origin, are found in an excavation for a new seaway loch. The problem is to authenticate them as they were bought by an entrepreneur eager to make money. Fox is under pressure from all sides.

Hot Line
S01E23 · Hot Line

Mar 31, 1966

Nick is inspecting an abandoned ship looking for salvage. During his work he is captured by an escaped prisoner who believes he was framed for murder. Nick enlists Fox to look for the real murderer and prove the man's innocence.

The Last Free Man
S01E24 · The Last Free Man

Apr 07, 1966

A tug owned by an independent operator is hit by a powerful ship owner. When the owner is sued he vows revenge on the tug operator and goes all out to destroy him, and he is quite willing to bend the law.

Sinking of the Elizabeth Rainey
S01E25 · Sinking of the Elizabeth Rainey

Apr 14, 1966

The ship Elizabeth Rainey hits a wreck and a man is killed. An inquiry is ordered and there are conflicting views by the first officer, who was on duty, and the captain. Fox and King are determined to find out why.

Rx for Murder
S01E26 · Rx for Murder

Apr 21, 1966

After overhearing a conversation in a doctor's office, King believes the doctor is being blackmailed by a patient but is unsure why. When the woman dies the police become involved and King goes undercover to find out why.

Don't Forget to Wipe the Blood Off: Part 1
S01E27 · Don't Forget to Wipe the Blood Off: Part 1

May 26, 1966

A scientist's wife is kidnapped in order to make her husband defect to the Eastern bloc. The authorities have to find the kidnappers and the victims before they leave the seaway.

Dont Forget to Wipe the Blood Off: Part 2
S01E28 · Dont Forget to Wipe the Blood Off: Part 2

Jun 02, 1966

A scientist's wife is kidnapped in order to make her husband defect to the Eastern bloc. The authorities have to find the kidnappers and the victims before they leave the seaway.

Gunpowder and Paint: Part 1
S01E29 · Gunpowder and Paint: Part 1

Jun 16, 1966

A nun collecting donations from a ship is run over and killed. When her handbag is accidentally opened, a quantity of heroin is found. Fox and King help to solve a drug ring, which involves authorities from the USA.

Gunpowder and Paint: Part 2
S01E30 · Gunpowder and Paint: Part 2

Jun 23, 1966

King and Grainger arrive at Fox's office and finds him unconscious and seriously wounded. To keep the drug smugglers off guard, they announce he is dead. When their main suspect is murdered, they have to look elsewhere.


Seaway Season 1 (1965) is released on Sep 15, 1965. Watch Seaway online - the English Adventure TV series from Canada. Seaway is directed by George McCowan,Irving Lerner,Lawrence Dobkin,John Berry and created by Abraham Polonsky with Stephen Young and Austin Willis.

As know as:

Seaway(French), Meritie, Seaway: acque difficili, Seaway





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ASP Productions, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Incorporated Television Company (ITC)

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