Episodes (12)

Testimony of a Child
S04E01 · Testimony of a Child

Jul 05, 1989

Being accused of child abuse is a nightmare every family dreads. The Taylors are an ordinary happy family, but Paul and Jill are worried about their 11-year-old son Mark, who is not eating. The family GP has diagnosed 'failure to thrive', and Mark is sent to the hospital for a check-up.

A Night on the Tyne
S04E02 · A Night on the Tyne

Jul 12, 1989

When four shipbuilders are made redundant they decide that as a protest they will launch the ship they have been working on.

Loving Hazel
S04E03 · Loving Hazel

Jul 19, 1989

Mike and his ex-wife have an 8-year-old daughter, Hazel. She calls her new mother's boyfriend 'daddy', which Mike goes along with until his access to Hazel is limited.

The Attractions
S04E04 · The Attractions

Jul 26, 1989

When Danny, 'one of Maggie's wandering minstrels', visits a seaside horror museum, he is rather disappointed. 'It's all about victims. Now people are interested in who done it, not who it got done to ...' So begins a process of disintegration which culminates in a new type of exhibit, 'an attraction' for the modern age.

Chinese Whispers
S04E05 · Chinese Whispers

Aug 02, 1989

Kenny's work as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital isn't just a job, it's a vocation. His special group of patients are his friends - his only friends. When a strange young man is introduced to the group, he threatens the love, discipline and respect that have been the very basis of Kenny's authority, and all that surrounds the institution is scant protection from the madness of the world beyond.

The Act
S04E06 · The Act

Aug 09, 1989

Eastern Europe, February 1944: Johann Frink and Otto Hansen, once famous Berlin cabaret artists, are summoned to take part in a special 'entertainment', devised by a mysterious Nazi captain. When they discover where they are to perform, they find themselves with an appalling dilemma.

S04E07 · Scout

Aug 16, 1989

Man United's scout for many generations of young footballers, sending across the water the best Irish talent regardless of background. As six more hopefuls gather at his isolated cottage for a weekend trial, their dreams of following George Best's path from Belfast are shattered by the violent return of a past graduate.

The Spirit of Man
S04E08 · The Spirit of Man

Aug 23, 1989

In pursuit of faith, God and the Devil, spells are cast, buckets of water thrown and men with black beards dance and sing.

Beyond the Pale
S04E09 · Beyond the Pale

Aug 30, 1989

Milly and her friends have been going on holiday together ever since they've known each other. This summer they return to one of their favourite haunts, a beautiful Irish country hotel. It's a place full of fond memories for all of them, but on this occasion their sense of ease and comfort is destroyed when a terrible secret is revealed.

The Hen House
S04E10 · The Hen House

Sep 06, 1989

Lily lives on a remote smallholding in County Donegal. She keeps herself to herself. But a game of hide-and-seek exposes a secret.

Seeing in the Dark
S04E11 · Seeing in the Dark

Sep 13, 1989

Tony has begun to panic that life may be passing him by. As his friends forge ahead, he feels stuck in a dead end job and trapped by his relationship with Judith. One day, he starts to be plagued by a series of mysterious phone calls and letters. Tony becomes haunted by a growing premonition of catastrophe.

A Small Mourning
S04E12 · A Small Mourning

Sep 20, 1989

When Marjorie's husband of 20 years dies of a brain tumour, she's hit financially as well as emotionally. The money she makes packing tights in a factory isn't enough to cover her rent, and her TV is repossessed. Soon after the funeral she meets Arnold, a wealthy pub landlord, who squires her to the local Conservative Club ball in an effort to cheer her up. Life with Arnold promises not only companionship but undreamt-of luxury, but Marjorie's friends and family do not necessarily approve.


Screenplay Season 4 (1989) is released on Jul 05, 1989 and the latest season 8 of Screenplay is released in 1993. Watch Screenplay online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Screenplay is directed by David Wheatley,Jane Howell,Anthony Garner,Danny Boyle and created by Andy Armitage with Tony Doyle and Benjamin Whitrow.

As know as:

Screenplay, 24 Heures pour survivre, Сценарий


United Kingdom



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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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