Rivals Forever - The Sneaker Battle

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Herzogenaurach, early 20th century. ADI DASSLER (17) loves sports. His dream: to create the world's fastest running shoe. Obsessed with the idea, he works day and night. Finally, he succeeds in convincing his father, CHRISTOPH, a cobbler, to found a small shoe factory. When his brother, RUDI DASSLER (19), returns from the war, he brings into the family business a typewriter and a talent for sales. They soon start production in their mother's old laundry. The brothers complement each other perfectly - Adi, the skilled craftsman, develops the perfect sports shoe, Rudi employs his business skills to land the first large contracts. Privately, the brothers could not be more different; while Adi devotes all his passion to the shoes, Rudi is a true bon vivant and popular among women, causing resentment between the two.