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Arrival (Pilot)
S01E01 · Arrival (Pilot)

Aug 10, 2015

Young Leah Olivar recounts her childhood memories before the departure of her mother going to San Francisco up to the receiving the news of her mother's demise. Leah who is now 22 years old went to the US Embassy for a visa interview they needed for her and choir mates to compete in San Francisco. While at San Francisco, Leah came across Clark Medina accidentally.

I Love USA
S01E02 · I Love USA

Aug 11, 2015

Determined to fulfill her dream for her late mother, Leah finalizes her decision to extend her stay in San Francisco. She consequently ends her relationship with Jiggs, who refuses to accept her decision. Meanwhile, Clark tries to remain resilient for his siblings in spite of the problems he faces.

American Dream
S01E03 · American Dream

Aug 12, 2015

Leah's chorale group bags fourth place as the choir competition comes to an end. Leah then seeks Jack's help to find a job in San Francisco. While Leah takes a step closer in achieving her American dream, Clark finds himself in trouble when Barracuda ambushes him to collect his debt.

Pusong OFW
S01E04 · Pusong OFW

Aug 13, 2015

Leah discovers the ugly reality of working as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) as she starts doing hard and menial jobs to earn money for her family. Despite this, Leah refuses to give up and becomes even more driven to succeed, setting her eyes on finding a way to work legally in America. Meanwhile, Jack invites Clark at her apartment to meet her new housemate.

The Meetup
S01E05 · The Meetup

Aug 14, 2015

With her visa looming to expire, Leah exhausts all means to become a legal immigrant. Clark, on the other hand, is in desperate need to find a huge amount of money to pay a loan shark he is indebted to. Jack then steps in to help the two solve their problems, inadvertently intertwining Leah and Jack's path in the most unexpected way.

Marry Me
S01E06 · Marry Me

Aug 17, 2015

Despite their initial hesitation, Clark and Leah set aside their differences and decide to marry each other to settle their personal predicaments. However, Jiggs blows a fuse after learning of this. Meanwhile, Sol struggles to make ends meet while his health continues to deteriorate.

Don't Fall in Love
S01E07 · Don't Fall in Love

Aug 18, 2015

Clark and Leah continue posing as a couple in love by staging a marriage proposal and by introducing themselves to Jack's friends. Jack soon implores that Leah move in with Clark. Meanwhile, Tiffany keeps an eye on Sol when she learns that he is taking herbal medicines.

I Do or I Don't
S01E08 · I Do or I Don't

Aug 19, 2015

Leah and Clark continue to butt heads as the former starts to move in with the latter. Leah soon starts to have second thoughts about marrying Clark, but she ultimately decides to push through with it when she receives a phone call from Tiffany, who informs her of their father's condition.

S01E09 · Kasal-kasalan

Aug 20, 2015

The long wait is over for Leah and Clark as their wedding day finally arrives. The bride and groom then celebrate their special day with Jack's friends, who are unaware that the wedding is just a ruse to legalize Leah's stay in America. Meanwhile, Tiffany is unable to hide her dismay when she finds out that her sister got married.

Mr. and Mrs.
S01E10 · Mr. and Mrs.

Aug 21, 2015

After noticing that Clark and Leah are still not getting along well, Jack orders them to take some time to know more about each other to avoid getting in trouble with the immigration officers. Heeding Jack's advice, Clark and Leah are prompted to be extra careful around other people. Soon, Leah surprises her father when she reveals that she will not be returning home as expected.

S01E11 · Achieve

Apr 24, 2015

With Leah's Green Card application just looming around the corner, Jack asks Leah and Clark to practice getting to know each other. Soon, Leah reprimands Clark for his indifference toward her application, leading them to settle their differences. Meanwhile, Tiffany discovers Sol's need for a heart bypass surgery.

I'm Sorry
S01E12 · I'm Sorry

Aug 25, 2015

Leah and Clark's interview with the immigration officers go well at first, but takes an awful turn when Leah says that Clark's parents are both dead. After an intense argument with Clark, Leah decides to spend the night at the park. Jack then intervenes to remind Leah and Clark of the consequences if the immigration officers find out about their arrangement. She then suggests that the couple spend a day together to break the ice between them.

Truth or Consequence
S01E13 · Truth or Consequence

Apr 26, 2015

Leah wastes no time to know more about Clark by asking him to open up about himself. However, Clark remains uncooperative as he refuses to talk about his father. Meanwhile, the residents at the tenement work hand in hand to help Tiffany raise the amount needed for Sol's bypass surgery.

Big Heart
S01E14 · Big Heart

Aug 27, 2015

Clark finally finds the courage to tell Leah his life story, as well as his heartrending history with his estranged father. After hearing Clark's story, Leah admires her husband even more for his resilience in spite of the bad things that happened to him. Soon, Leah and Clark receive an unexpected visitor when an immigration officer shows up at their apartment.

Hindi pwede
S01E15 · Hindi pwede

Aug 28, 2015

Leah and Clark become extremely happy after their second interview with the immigration officer turns well. Soon, Leah makes it clear to Jigs that their relationship is over and clarifies that Clark has nothing to do with her decision. After finding out what Leah did, Jack reminds Leah that she could not fall in love with Clark.

Hubby, Wifey
S01E16 · Hubby, Wifey

Aug 31, 2015

As Jack goes hysterical after seeing Clark and Leah in an awkward position, Clark and Leah immediately explain their side of the story. Later, Jack tells Leah the real reason why she showed up. She also reminds Leah not to fall in love with Clark before sharing how Clark and Jigs' rivalry started.

Fairy Tale
S01E17 · Fairy Tale

Sep 01, 2015

Sol thanks Tiffany for her efforts to raise money for his operation and later gives his little contribution. During Annie and Russel's exchange of vows, Leah imagines herself and Clark doing the same at the altar. Meanwhile, Jack arrives in the Philippines only to learn that Jigs feigned an injury to earn Leah's sympathy. Making things worse for Jack, Jigs says that he wants her back to the US so she can keep an eye on Clark and Leah.

S01E18 · Hangover

Sep 02, 2015

Still bothered by the kiss that she shared with Clark, Leah drinks alcohol past her limit. Jack, on the other hand, breaks into tears as Jigs blurts out his resentment toward her. Meanwhile, Tiffany takes a chance to give Anne Curtis an invitation to perform in their fundraising concert for Sol. Back in San Francisco, an intoxicated Leah teases Clark about already having feelings for her.

S01E19 · Believe

Sep 03, 2015

Clark and Leah take on the second interview and this time respond to questions about the authenticity of their marriage. Pondering on the interviewer's observation about their lack of intimacy, Clark tells Leah that maybe they should believe that they really are in love.

S01E20 · Angel

Sep 04, 2015

Sol thanks everyone who supported the concert, particularly Anne Curtis. Meanwhile, Cullen advises Clark to make everything between him and Leah real, but Clark shrugs off the idea knowing how Jigs would react. After the successful fundraising event, Sol turns emotional as he expresses his gratitude to Tiffany for everything she has done for him. On the way home, Clark attempts to put his hand on Leah's shoulder, but she pulls herself away from Clark.

I'm Here
S01E21 · I'm Here

Sep 07, 2015

Jack feels heavyhearted as Jigs became even more distant to her after her unexpected confession about her sexuality. Meanwhile, Clark becomes Leah's knight in shining armor when the young lady fell into the hands of two rogues. After surviving this traumatizing ordeal, Leah experiences another unexpected incident when she catches a glimpse of her mother in the crowd.

S01E22 · Surprise

Sep 08, 2015

Clark goes with Leah to Napa Valley, the hometown of Veronica's former employer, where the young lady hopes to find Veronica's resting place. Unknown to Leah, her family grapples with another ordeal as Gabby gets inflicted with dengue, forcing Tiffany to use the money raised for Sol's bypass operation.

Most Kilig Night
S01E23 · Most Kilig Night

Sep 09, 2015

Clark and Leah are forced to stay with a newfound Filipino friend in Napa Valley when Cullen's car stalled in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, Jack realizes Leah's worth to Jigs after learning how the young lady helped fill the void left by her absence. Soon, Jack sees a chance to rebuild her relationship with Jigs when the latter agreed to go out with her.

S01E24 · Guilty

Sep 10, 2015

Together with Clark, Leah finally meets Veronica's last employer, Mrs. Meyer. Instead of finding clear answers, however, Leah learns that Veronica quit her job before her reported death. Meanwhile, Sol, Tiffany, and Tolayts struggle to find more donors for Gabby as the child needs another blood transfusion immediately.

Hold My Hand
S01E25 · Hold My Hand

Sep 11, 2015

Jack's attempts to reconnect with her son slowly pay off as Jigs appreciates her effort to bond with him and his friends. Meanwhile, Leah learns about Sol's health condition when Tolayts accidentally posts a photo of the benefit concert on his social media account. One night, the immigration officers pay Clark and Leah a surprise visit, prodding the couple to express what they really feel for each other.

In Denial
S01E26 · In Denial

Sep 14, 2015

While anxiously waiting for the result of her Green Card application, Leah posts Rona's picture on a social media site, hoping to find a lead on her mother's whereabouts. Soon, Leah gets troubled by Sol's nearing operation, causing her to double her working hours to save enough money for his surgery. Meanwhile, Rona learns about her daughter's viral post.

Mr. and Mrs. Pizza
S01E27 · Mr. and Mrs. Pizza

Sep 15, 2015

Leah comes down with a fever after several days of juggling three jobs, prodding Clark to substitute for her at the pizza house for a day. To further help 'his wife,' Clark sells an old furniture that he refurbished and secretly adds the proceeds to Leah's savings jar. Meanwhile, Sol prepares himself for the worst as the day of his surgery draws near.

S01E28 · Selos

Sep 16, 2015

After several hours of restless waiting, Leah and Tiffany breathe a sigh of relief upon learning that Sol is already out of danger. Meanwhile, Jack finally confronts Jigs for his lack of respect and reminds him of the sacrifices that she made for his sake. In San Francisco, Leah secretly follows Clark upon learning about his 'date' with a girl named Diana.

Most Approved Kiss
S01E29 · Most Approved Kiss

Sep 17, 2015

Leah rejoices when she receives the good news of her approved petition for a green card. Out of extreme joy, Clark and Leah give each other a tight hug that ends with a kiss. Meanwhile, Jigs gets his own reason to celebrate when the US embassy finally approves his visa application.

S01E30 · Hesitations

Sep 18, 2015

While trying to contain her feelings for Clark, Leah pushes him to get to know other girls. Though against the thought, Clark eventually agrees to meet with a woman they met at a bar, unaware of Leah's qualms about her own idea.

Sweetest Moment
S01E31 · Sweetest Moment

Sep 18, 2015

Failing to contain her emotions, Leah follows Clark at the bar and witnesses him having a date with Jean. When a stranger named Oscar approaches Leah, Clark starts to feel jealous and immediately devises a plan to get back at her. Soon, Leah fumes with anger as jealousy starts creeping up on her, but an unexpected gesture from Clark later takes her by surprise.

S01E32 · Fantasy

Sep 22, 2015

After learning about Leah's unfulfilled 'dream' of going to a high school ball, Clark secretly arranges a makeshift prom for his 'wife.' Meanwhile, Jigs gets his hopes up when he learns about Leah's granted petition for a green card, believing that it will cut the latter's ties with Clark.

Sweetest Surprise
S01E33 · Sweetest Surprise

Sep 23, 2015

Leah stands in awe as Clark makes her dream prom a reality in one magical night. Soon, however, Clark learns from Jack that she will be coming back with Jigs and that Jigs intends to court Leah again.

S01E34 · Complicated

Sep 24, 2015

Though delighted by her green card's arrival, Leah becomes uncertain about her and Clark's future. Meanwhile, Jigs sets his sights on winning back Leah once he lands in San Francisco.

S01E35 · Distance

Sep 25, 2015

Clark and Leah face a major change in their life as a couple when Jigs arrives and wastes no time to catch up with Leah. Meanwhile, Sol finally comes out of the hospital.

S01E36 · Hadlang

Sep 28, 2015

Jigs becomes even more determined to prove himself to Leah after hearing from the latter that she does not have feelings for him anymore. Clark, on the other hand, begins to change his ways toward Leah, knowing that he has to choose between her and his family. Soon, Jigs drops a bomb on Leah and Clark as he prods them to prepare for their nearing separation.

S01E37 · Changes

Sep 29, 2015

Clark and Leah endure the pain of avoiding each other and eventually decide that they should end their marriage. Jigs, on the other hand, becomes more on the lookout for Clark and Leah as he witnesses the two's meaningful glances at each other.

Game of Love
S01E38 · Game of Love

Sep 30, 2015

Jigs grows more impatient about Clark and Leah's divorce as he sees how the two enjoy each other's company. When Jack has to stay with her employer for a couple of days, Jigs seizes the chance to stay at Clark and Leah's place. Meanwhile, Tolayts admits to Sol that he enlisted Sasha's help to make Tiffany jealous.

The Aminan Night
S01E39 · The Aminan Night

Oct 01, 2015

Things heat up between Jigs and Clark as Jigs persists on staying at Clark's apartment at the expense of Leah's comfort. This, in turn, prods Clark to finally talk to Leah and confess his feelings for her.

Push for Love
S01E40 · Push for Love

Oct 02, 2015

Clark musters all his courage to tell Jack about his relationship with Leah. Upset, Jack pleads with Clark to end everything between him and Leah knowing how it would affect Jigs. Meanwhile, Rona learns about Arthur's unsettled debts, leaving her and Brent without a single penny.

I Love You
S01E41 · I Love You

Oct 05, 2015

With an impending divorce looming over their heads, Clark and Leah struggle to let go of the feelings they have for each other. Later on, a revelation about Leah and Clark's real relationship infuriates Jigs.

Fight for Love
S01E42 · Fight for Love

Oct 06, 2015

Leah gets an unexpected visit from Rona, which eventually turns into a disaster after discovering her mother's reason for faking her death and leaving their family. This soon pushes Leah to return to the Philippines, leaving Clark heartbroken.

Start Over
S01E43 · Start Over

Oct 07, 2015

Leah surprises her family as she goes back to the Philippines, while Tiffany grows hateful of Rona after learning how their mother left them for another family. Meanwhile, Clark and Jigs struggle living on their own after Leah's departure.

S01E44 · Hopeful

Oct 08, 2015

Clark gets the chance to go to the Philippines after Diana offers to take him to the country for work. Soon, Clark meets Rona and learns about the woman's side of the story as to why she left her family in the Philippines.

Welcome Home Clark
S01E45 · Welcome Home Clark

Oct 09, 2015

Jigs begins to appreciate Jack's life in San Francisco as he takes on the challenge of cleaning up an entire building, a task which Jack does three times a week. Meanwhile, Leah ponders on her life in San Francisco, unaware that Clark has already arrived in the country.

From a Distance
S01E46 · From a Distance

Oct 12, 2015

After failing to land a job from her previous employer, Leah starts job hunting to support Sol's medication. Meanwhile, Clark gets unexpected help from Axel and Kiko, his newly hired workers for the sash factory, in his search for Leah.

S01E47 · Reunited

Oct 13, 2015

As Leah gets an unexpected visit from Clark, Sol and his neighbors at Tenement Uno are taken aback upon learning of Leah's secret marriage. Though disappointed at first, Sol acknowledges the fact that Leah and Clark are in love with each other and opts to get to know his son-in-law better.

Love Drunk
S01E48 · Love Drunk

Oct 14, 2015

Sol invites Clark to a drinking session to get to know more about his son-in-law. Later, Leah's anxiety turns into relief as Clark, although intoxicated, manages to leave a good impression on Sol.

Igib ng pag-ibig
S01E49 · Igib ng pag-ibig

Oct 15, 2015

In his continued efforts to win Sol's trust, Clark receives help from Tolayts in carrying out the Filipino way of courting a woman. Meanwhile, Jigs begs Jack to let him return to the Philippines upon learning of Clark's whereabouts from Pacita.

Biyaheng pag-ibig
S01E50 · Biyaheng pag-ibig

Oct 16, 2015

Still determined to win Sol's trust and blessing, Clark spends a day working as a jeepney driver upon learning Sol's passion for it. Meanwhile, Jack attempts to stop Jigs from going to the Philippines by hiding his ticket and passport, but Jigs insists that he would find ways to follow Clark and Leah.

Tough Love
S01E51 · Tough Love

Oct 19, 2015

Jack is enraged upon learning that Jigs pushed through with his plan to return to the Philippines to be with Leah. Meanwhile, Leah becomes more problematic as she worries about failing to land a job in the Philippines to support the needs of her family.

S01E52 · Pursue

Oct 20, 2015

Clark tries his best to cheer up Leah through his sweet surprises and by supporting her with her job hunt. Upon learning of Jack's injury, Jigs resolves to reschedule his flight to the Philippines to take care of his mother.

S01E53 · Confession

Oct 21, 2015

Adamant in pushing Clark out of her life, Leah tells her husband that she does not love him anymore. Later, a guilt-stricken Leah takes Sol by surprise as she reveals her fixed marriage with Clark.

Hot Seat
S01E54 · Hot Seat

Oct 22, 2015

Sol learns of Leah and Clark's genuine feelings for each other, prompting him to advise the couple to stay together and settle their problems. As the festival draws closer, the residents of Tenement Uno appoint Clark as their representative in the Ginoong Tenement Uno 2015 pageant.

Too Good
S01E55 · Too Good

Oct 23, 2015

Jigs slowly realizes and appreciates Jack's sacrifices as he sees the hardships of working as an OFW. Meanwhile, Leah guarantees Sol that Clark is a good man and that he has everything she is looking for in a partner.

Happy Times
S01E56 · Happy Times

Oct 26, 2015

Clark and Leah slowly fix their rift as they grow closer to each other through his continuous efforts to win back her heart. Meanwhile, Jigs decides to become more responsible to show Leah that he has changed for the better, much to Jack's delight.

Ginoong Tenement
S01E57 · Ginoong Tenement

Oct 27, 2015

Jack cannot contain her happiness as Jigs gives her a present for the first time, a sign that their relationship is growing for the better. During the festival, Clark and Tolayts put their charisma and hard work to test as they represent Tenement Uno in the Ginoong Tenement 2015 pageant.

S01E58 · Hero

Oct 28, 2015

Seeing Clark's bravery amid the fire in Tenement Uno, Sol gives the young man his blessing, and finally acknowledges the former as his son-in-law. Meanwhile, Jack chances upon Rona at Clark's apartment.

S01E59 · Approval

Oct 29, 2015

Following Jack's advice, Jigs tries dating other women in an attempt at getting over Leah. Sol's approval of Clark as his son-in-law leads Clark to be more determined in fighting for his love for Leah. Meanwhile, Leah looks back on the sign she asked as Mekeni returns home.

Trust Me
S01E60 · Trust Me

Oct 30, 2015

Clark decides to continue fighting for his love for Leah despite its possible repercussions on his relationship with Jigs. Meanwhile, Jigs agrees to go on a blind date Jack set up for him, but soon learns that his date, Maggie, is not the type of woman he is expecting her to be.

Miss You
S01E61 · Miss You

Nov 02, 2015

After meeting Diana's daughter Angela, Clark receives a special assignment from Diana to find the most romantic places in Manila. Meanwhile, Leah feels defeated when Tanya, her senior editor, stole her idea for her company's marketing project.

Happy CLeah Day
S01E62 · Happy CLeah Day

Nov 03, 2015

With Sol's help, Clark convinces Leah to join him in finding the most nostalgic and romantic places in Manila. In San Francisco, Jigs finally breaks the ice between him and Maggie when he helps her out after she got drunk. Meanwhile, Jack helps Rona as the latter tries to get back on her feet after Arthur's death.

Manila in Love
S01E63 · Manila in Love

Nov 04, 2015

Leah and Clark get to spend quality time together as the former helps out the latter with his special assignment for Diana's cafe. However, Leah suddenly becomes melancholic when she and Clark arrive at the church where her parents got married. Meanwhile, Rona reaches out to Leah by sending the latter a letter expressing her longing for her family in the Philippines.

Back to You
S01E64 · Back to You

Nov 05, 2015

Tiffany finds herself dealing with a ghost from the past when her ex-boyfriend Adrian suddenly shows up and expresses his desire to be part of their son's life. Meanwhile, Leah and Clark receive an offer to star in a photo shoot where they will act as newlyweds. As the couple arrives at their location, Clark becomes nostalgic as the place reminds him of the days when he and his mother had high hopes of finally meeting his father.

Love Shots
S01E65 · Love Shots

Nov 06, 2015

Swallowing his pride, Adrian endures a tongue-lashing from Sol just to prove his sincerity in reaching out to Tiffany and Gabby. However, Tolayts does not want to be outdone by the repentant young man and shows his own efforts at entertaining the child. Clark reiterates to Leah that his love for her is real right from the start. He even treats Leah after learning that she has been given a new assignment.

S01E66 · Wish

Nov 09, 2015

Tiffany remains hesitant to allow Adrian to be part of Gabby's life, leading Sol to encourage his daughter to open her eyes to the truth that Gabby needs a father to guide him. Meanwhile, Clark keeps his hopes alive that Leah will soon be ready to commit to a relationship with him. In San Francisco, Jigs receives the employee of the month award at the convenience store, and later asks Maggie to celebrate with him.

Finally Yours
S01E67 · Finally Yours

Nov 10, 2015

The right time has come for Tiffany to tell Gabby the truth about his father. Meanwhile, Leah lets go of her inhibitions as she finally allows herself to commit to a relationship with Clark.

S01E68 · Harana

Nov 11, 2015

Leah comes up with sweet gestures to show Clark that she is no longer holding back her feelings for him. In turn, Clark prepares a surprise for his wife with the help of the residents of Tenement Uno. Meanwhile, Jigs sheds tears while telling Maggie the things he longs to say to Leah.

S01E69 · Lucky

Nov 12, 2015

Despite the bliss he feels whenever he is with Leah, Clark feels that something is lacking in their relationship. Soon, he realizes that he and Leah have not yet had a real church wedding. While setting his eyes on giving Leah an authentic wedding, Clark works hand in hand with Angela with the interior design of the café.

S01E70 · Secret

Nov 13, 2015

Rona tries to reach Leah over the phone, but Sol unexpectedly answers her call. Meanwhile, Leah gets bothered upon learning that a woman is helping Clark with his work in the coffee shop.

Crazy Love
S01E71 · Crazy Love

Nov 16, 2015

With Clark spending most of his time at the café, Leah becomes extremely anxious thinking that her husband is slowly losing interest in her. Soon, Clark takes Leah to the soft opening of Sun and Moon Café, where things suddenly turn a little bit awkward when Leah meets Angela.

Destination Love
S01E72 · Destination Love

Nov 17, 2015

Clark sets things straight with Jack by divulging his real relationship status with Leah. In turn, Jack gives her blessings to Clark and Leah's relationship, but she asks her nephew not to tell Jigs about this just yet. As part of Clark's prize for winning the pageant, the Medinas and the Olivars get to unwind as they head to Talisay, Batangas for a short vacation.

Dream Love
S01E73 · Dream Love

Nov 18, 2015

Tiffany's joyful mood is ruined when Adrian shows up unannounced at the resort to join her family's outing. Meanwhile, Clark's shady behavior forces Leah to meddle with her husband's phone. After the couple settles their misunderstanding, Clark comes up with a sweet gesture to make Leah feel special.

The Proposal
S01E74 · The Proposal

Nov 19, 2015

After an arduous preparation, Clark finally finishes his surprise for Leah, where he recreated the place where his wife begged him to marry her. A magical moment then unfolds before Leah's eyes as Clark goes down on one knee and asks her to marry him for the second time.

S01E75 · Backslide

Nov 20, 2015

To respect Sol's wishes, Clark decides to prepare for his "pamanhikan." Pacita reassures her grandson that she will help him informally seeking Leah's hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Jigs goes ballistic upon learning about Clark and Leah's upcoming wedding. Maggie then tries to talks some sense into him.

S01E76 · Plans

Nov 23, 2015

Everyone at Tenement Uno is filled with excitement for Clark's upcoming "pamamanhikan," a Filipino tradition where the man visits the woman's family and asks for her parents' blessing to marry their daughter. Clark, on the other hand, gets cold feet as he worries that he might mess up in front of Sol. Meanwhile, Jigs heads to the airport to book himself a flight to Manila, only to find out that his passport is missing.

The Ex Is Back
S01E77 · The Ex Is Back

Nov 24, 2015

Jigs returns to the Philippines to take another shot at convincing Leah to cancel her wedding with Clark. However, Jigs soon realizes that he is fighting a losing battle as everyone around him, including his family, encourages him to respect Leah's decision. Unable to accept his defeat, Jigs takes out his anger on Clark. Pacita tries to pacify her grandsons, but she ends up in the hospital after suffering a mild stroke.

Face Off
S01E78 · Face Off

Nov 25, 2015

Following Pacita's hospitalization, Jack leaves for the Philippines to be by her mother's side. While his entire family worries about Pacita, Jigs wallows in his own misery, knowing that there is nothing he could do to win back Leah. Clark attempts to end his rift with Jigs for their grandmother's sake, but Jigs remains hostile to him.

S01E79 · Torn

Nov 26, 2015

Pacita and Jack struggle to maintain the peace at their house as Jigs continues to wage war against Clark, forcing Clark to leave the house and stay at the furniture shop instead. With that, Pacita advises Jack to do something about Jigs' behavior before it is too late. Meanwhile, Jigs shows himself to Leah in hopes of convincing her to accept him once more. However, Leah implores Jigs to come to terms with the fact that she is in love with Clark.

S01E80 · Pamamanhikan

Nov 27, 2015

Clark, together with his family, formally seeks Leah's hand in marriage. Both the Olivars and the Medinas have a relatively smooth time talking with each other during the "pamamanhikan," but their discussion turns serious when they tackled the wedding ceremony itself. Sol says he prefers it to be done simply and with fewer guests around. However, Pacita believes that it will be better if the ceremony is done lavishly, since it is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Meanwhile, Jigs insists on disrupting Leah and Clark's wedding, despite words of caution from his friends.

S01E81 · Trouble

Nov 30, 2015

During the "pamamanhikan," Leah's delight turns into anxiety as Rona continues to reach out to her family, this time through Clark. Meanwhile, the tenement residents become annoyed with Romy and Abet, who both constantly brag about their affluence. Before tension escalates, Clark and Pacita manage to calm down the opposing parties. The commotion, however, pushes Sol to have a word with Clark.

Pag-ibig Feels
S01E82 · Pag-ibig Feels

Dec 01, 2015

Despite the success of Clark's "pamamanhikan," the Medinas and Olivars worry over Jigs' desperate measures to reconnect with Leah. Soon, Jigs, after failing to speak with Leah, reveals to Clark the reason why he keeps on chasing after the young woman.

Meet the New Boss
S01E83 · Meet the New Boss

Dec 02, 2015

Following an unpleasant first encounter, Leah makes an impression on ArtMart's new executive creative director, Simon Evangelista. Meanwhile, Clark prepares to meet Leah's grandparents and relatives in Ilocos.

Simon Says
S01E84 · Simon Says

Dec 03, 2015

Leah grows apprehensive of her position in the advertising firm as she continues to fumble in Simon's presence. At the furniture shop, Clark spends time with his cousin Harry who comes home from London. Soon, Clark, Leah, and their friends hit the road to Ilocos, unaware of the presence of a tag-along. Meanwhile, Jack and Jigs contemplate on going back to San Francisco.

S01E85 · Perception

Dec 04, 2015

Clark and Leah discover that Harry has stowed away in the backseat of their car. Instead of sending the lad back to Manila, Clark and Leah take the chance to get to know him. After opening up to Sol about being alone, Tiffany learns that she has inspired Adrian to build a family, and Tolayts to go back to school. Meanwhile, Simon decides to make work a little more challenging for Leah.

S01E86 · Remedy

Dec 07, 2015

Upon learning that Adrian is planning to court Tiffany, Tolayts seeks his neighbors' advice on how he can win against his rival. Meanwhile, Pacita urges Jack to use an iron fist to discipline Jigs, who remains adamant in hindering Clark and Leah's relationship. After spending some time at a beach in La Union, Leah's group arrives in Vigan.

S01E87 · Timeless

Dec 08, 2015

Disobeying Clark's order to stick with Axel and Kiko, Harry explores Vigan on his own. Soon, Harry becomes infatuated with a young woman he met while capturing the beauty of the city with his camera. Meanwhile, Simon, who remains focused on working alone, suddenly looks back on his moments with Juliet, a woman from his past.

S01E88 · Cherish

Dec 09, 2015

Clark and Leah enjoy the streets of Vigan at night before sharing more sweet moments at their hotel room. Meanwhile, Tolayts heeds Sol's advice and befriends Adrian through a drinking session. On his visit to the cemetery, Simon recalls his treasured memories with his late girlfriend, Juliet.

S01E89 · Related

Dec 10, 2015

Upon arriving at the home of the Olivars in Laoag, Clark makes an impression on Leah's grandparents while Harry formally meets his mystery girl. Meanwhile, Tiffany opens up to Tolayts about her mother's fake death, unaware of Sol's presence nearby. At ArtMart office, Simon loses his cool when he learns that Leah is unable to attend the emergency meeting.

S01E90 · Real

Dec 11, 2015

Clark and Leah visit Rona's relatives before joining their friends in exploring the wonders of Ilocos. Harry fumbles in Audrey's presence and fails to mesmerize her by imitating Clark's stare. Meanwhile, Sol seeks to find the truth behind Tiffany and Tolayts' serious conversation. Elsewhere, Jack worries about what Jigs can do out of anger.

Desperate Move
S01E91 · Desperate Move

Dec 14, 2015

Returning to Tenement Uno after a blissful adventure with her loved ones in Ilocos, Leah falls into Jigs' ploy when the latter poses as Jack and makes a desperate attempt to win her back. After failing to get what he desires, Jigs decides to tell the truth about Rona to Sol, much to Leah's shock.

S01E92 · Threat

Dec 15, 2015

At Tenement Uno, things begin to simmer down when Jigs has an abrupt change of heart about revealing Rona's secret to Sol. However, the calm does not last long when Jigs suffers an unfortunate accident that leaves him fighting for his life. Meanwhile, Leah returns to work and gets an earful from Simon.

S01E93 · Laban

Dec 16, 2015

Jack and her family let out tears of joy as Jigs finally wakes from coma. Realizing all the troubles he caused, Jigs musters the courage to face Leah and Clark. Meanwhile, Leah gives constructive criticism on Simon's marketing proposal, which Simon appreciates later on.

Start Up
S01E94 · Start Up

Dec 17, 2015

After making amends with Jigs and despite having a limited budget, Clark and Leah push through with their wedding plans with the help of their loved ones. At ArtMart office, Simon assigns Leah to work on a campaign that requires her to work directly under him. Meanwhile, Rona informs Jack of her plans to come home to the Philippines for good.

S01E95 · Preparations

Dec 18, 2015

Clark and Leah look for the perfect church and meet with the designer who will dress them and their entourage on their wedding day. At Tenement Uno, Adrian and Tolayts continue to one-up each other, which exasperates Tiffany. Meanwhile, Simon's severity creates tension at the ArtMart office.

S01E96 · Push

Dec 21, 2015

Pressured to excel at work by Simon, Leah struggles in balancing her time between ArtMart and Clark. Meanwhile, Jack informs Clark of Rona's impending arrival in the Philippines. Despite seeing the Christmas lantern Adrian bought for Gabby's school contest, Tolayts remains determined in making his own for Gabby.

Love Rush
S01E97 · Love Rush

Dec 22, 2015

Leah fails to attend her and Clark's wedding seminar after prioritizing her presentation at ArtMart. Leah then appeases her disappointed husband by promising that she will make more time for their wedding preparations. On a positive note, Leah's hard work pays off as Simon praises her marketing campaign for the Utopia Hotel.

Christmas Gift
S01E98 · Christmas Gift

Dec 23, 2015

The residents of Tenement Uno count down the days until Christmas by being knee-deep in preparations for the festive celebration. Meanwhile, Jack tells Pacita her worries about what Jigs might do to himself, given his current problems. At ArtMart office, Leah gets herself into a tricky Kris Kringle situation with Simon.

Christmas Surprise
S01E99 · Christmas Surprise

Dec 24, 2015

While Clark is taken aback to see Simon in person, Leah is guilt-ridden for failing to help Clark prepare for their wedding. Amid the joy of celebrating the Yuletide season, Sol continues to long for Rona. Unknown to him, Rona arrives in the Philippines and seeks Jack's help in reuniting with the Olivars.

Christmas Wish
S01E100 · Christmas Wish

Dec 25, 2015

Sol relives his past Christmas memories with Rona who, unknown to him, is alive and is seeking out Clark's help in reconnecting with Leah. Rona also expresses her desire to shoulder some of Clark and Leah's wedding expenses, which Jack deems infeasible. At ArtMart, Leah spends more time working under Simon's watchful eye.

Point Blank
S01E101 · Point Blank

Dec 28, 2015

With her wedding just around the corner, Leah becomes filled with anxiety as Rona strives to reach out to her family through Clark. Soon, Leah leaves ArtMart office without Simon's permission, and goes to the designer's shop with Clark and Lou to try on the wedding gowns.

S01E102 · Commitment

Dec 29, 2015

Amid her and Clark's appointment with the wedding designer, Leah rushes back to ArtMart office and receives an earful from Simon. While Simon continues to dwell on his bitter past, Rona learns from Clark about Leah's refusal to talk with her. Soon, the Tenement Uno residents attend the first day of "Simbang Gabi" (Christmas dawn mass) with hopes of fulfilling their respective wishes.

S01E103 · Burden

Dec 30, 2015

As soon as Rona and Brent come home to Ilocos, Rona's mother berates her daughter for her decision to fake her death. At ArtMart, an unfocused Leah gets in trouble for failing to deliver her presentation. Meanwhile, despite Adrian's obvious advantage over him, Tolayts chooses to put up a fight for Tiffany. Later, Clark rejects Rona's offer to fund his and Leah's wedding.

Wrong Move
S01E104 · Wrong Move

Dec 31, 2015

Already weighed down by the pressures of work and wedding planning, Leah loses her cool after learning from Clark that Rona secretly paid for her and Clark's wedding wardrobe. Meanwhile, Jigs leaves the house for the first time after his accident and considers applying for a job at Sun and Moon Café.

Second Chance
S01E105 · Second Chance

Jan 01, 2016

On top of the news of Rona's attempt at reaching out to her family, Leah spends days struggling to live up to Simon's standards at work. However, Clark steps in to lend an ear and even advises his wife to give her mother a chance to explain herself. Meanwhile, Jigs' commitment to starting anew bears fruit when he impresses Angela in his job interview.

S01E106 · Fight

Jan 04, 2016

Using the campaign key message she conceptualized, Leah impresses the executives of Utopia Hotels. Simon then congratulates Leah and solaces her upon learning that some employees are speaking ill of her. After attending the season's last "Simbang Gabi" (Christmas dawn mass) with Clark, Leah opens up to Tiffany about Rona's conversations with Clark.

S01E107 · Celebration

Jan 05, 2016

While Simon spreads Christmas joy to the children at an orphanage, Clark and Leah enjoy the fun party at Tenement Uno with their loved ones. Rona, meanwhile, becomes tearful despite being with Jack's family for the Noche Buena (Christmas Eve dinner). Right after exchanging gifts and sweet nothings with Leah, Clark informs his wife that her mother is at Jack's house.

S01E108 · Resolution

Jan 06, 2016

Upon facing her mother, Leah expresses hatred toward Rona for leaving their family and marrying another man in America. Despite Rona's pleas, Leah refuses to forgive her and help her reconnect with Sol and Tiffany. While having a fun time with Sol, Tiffany, and Gabby on New Year's Day, Leah sees Rona watching them from afar.

Hard to Deal
S01E109 · Hard to Deal

Jan 07, 2016

Following his reconciliation with Clark, Jigs starts to work at Sun and Moon Café with Angela. Meanwhile, Simon takes Leah to an indoor gym to help her channel her frustrations through wall climbing. Simon also advises Leah not to let personal problems affect her performance at work. Soon, Clark shows signs of jealousy upon learning that Leah spent time with her boss.

S01E110 · Risky

Jan 08, 2016

Rona bursts into tears as Leah finally allows her to see Sol again. Sol, on the other hand, cannot believe his eyes as he catches sight of Rona. Meanwhile, Leah leads another big project after impressing Simon with her work performance at ArtMart, much to her coworkers' disappointment.

S01E111 · Unexpected

Jan 11, 2016

Looking for an amateur basketball player who can be the spokesperson of her marketing campaign, Leah goes to the tenement with Betsy and Fifi and soon meets Andres. Meanwhile, Sol shocks Tiffany and Leah when he reveals seeing Rona on the street. Later, Leah gets a surprise bridal shower from her friends and family. Despite opting to leave early, Leah finds herself back to the party after encountering an unexpected guest.

S01E112 · Acceptance

Jan 12, 2016

Still bothered by his hunch that Rona is alive, Sol spends all day roaming the streets to look for his wife. After attending the wedding seminar with Clark, Leah once again asks Tiffany to reconsider informing Sol about Rona. Tiffany finally agrees to Leah's idea, but insists on letting her speak with their mother first.

S01E113 · Pain

Jan 13, 2016

Upon facing Rona, Tiffany vents out all the pain and anger she has kept for so long. Despite this, Tiffany still supports Leah's decision to inform Sol about Rona's secret. Soon, together with Tiffany and Clark, Leah tearfully reveals to Sol that Rona is still alive.

S01E114 · Broken

Jan 14, 2016

Sol breaks down in tears upon realizing that Leah and Tiffany have kept him in the dark about Rona. Soon, Sol demands his daughters to let him speak with his wife. Meanwhile, seeing Leah's current plight, Clark assures her that he will understand if she wants to put off their wedding.

Moment of Truth
S01E115 · Moment of Truth

Jan 15, 2016

Sol musters up the courage to face Rona, who desperately begs for his forgiveness for leaving their family and faking her death. Meanwhile, Leah remains adamant in pushing through with the wedding despite the hurdles she and her family are facing.

Cross the Line
S01E116 · Cross the Line

Jan 18, 2016

As Adrian's parents tell Gabby of their plan to take him abroad for a vacation, Tiffany berates Adrian for failing to inform her about this beforehand. Meanwhile, Leah works on her marketing campaign with Simon and ends up narrating her first marriage with Clark. Soon, Clark helps Leah come up with a new idea that will make her project more appealing to the mass market.

Clark vs. Simon
S01E117 · Clark vs. Simon

Jan 19, 2016

After overseeing the campaign's shoot, Simon joins the residents of Tenement Uno to a friendly basketball match. However, things quickly turn sour when Simon and Clark refuse to cooperate with each other despite being on the same team. The rivals then decide to settle their differences through a one-on-one basketball match.

S01E118 · Inspired

Jan 20, 2016

While Tiffany becomes mad at Adrian for speaking ill of the Tenement Uno residents, Rona drops by Gabby's school and meets with her grandson for the first time. Meanwhile, Leah accompanies Simon in his home to get his spare eyeglasses. Soon, Simon opens up to Leah on how Tenement Uno reminds him of his childhood.

S01E119 · Conflict

Jan 21, 2016

Tiffany and the residents of Tenement Uno lose their patience on Adrian for constantly expressing his disgust to their community. Later, Tiffany hugs and thanks Tolayts for defending her from Adrian. Meanwhile, Clark plans to file for a bank loan in order to avail the lot he wants to buy for Leah.

S01E120 · Redemption

Jan 22, 2016

Tiffany warms up to Rona after she prevented Adrian from taking Gabby away. Meanwhile, Clark busies himself in preparing a surprise birthday party for Leah, while Leah puts on a brave face as her presentation day at ArtMart arrives.

The Birthday Showdown
S01E121 · The Birthday Showdown

Jan 25, 2016

Despite arriving late at Tenement Uno, Leah enjoys her birthday party prepared by Clark and their loved ones. While singing karaoke, Clark and Simon find themselves fighting over the microphone. Later, Clark becomes mad upon seeing Simon giving Leah a goodbye kiss, while Simon plans his own surprise party for Leah.

The Surprise Move
S01E122 · The Surprise Move

Jan 26, 2016

Leah enjoys an extended birthday celebration as Simon throws a surprise party for her at Artmart. Soon, Clark learns of what Simon did for Leah and resolves to drown his jealousy in liquor. During Icon's launch, Leah turns speechless as Simon asks her to work with him at ArtMart's site in Dubai.

Rivalry for a Cause
S01E123 · Rivalry for a Cause

Jan 27, 2016

Excitement arises during Icon's charity auction as Simon and Clark stand on stage as subjects of bidding. Leah becomes anxious when Angela wins a date with Clark, while Clark assures Leah that he is not jealous of her boss. Soon, Clark brings Leah to the empty lot where he wants to build their future home.

Know Your Limits
S01E124 · Know Your Limits

Jan 28, 2016

Clark and Leah's fun day together is cut short when Simon asks Leah to report for work on a weekend. Failing to stop Leah from leaving, Clark decides to go on a date with Angela. Clark also tags Jigs along and soon leaves his cousin with Angela upon noticing the chemistry between the two. Meanwhile, Leah consults Simon on her insecurities in her relationship with Clark.

A Guy Thing
S01E125 · A Guy Thing

Jan 29, 2016

While Leah continues to excel at work, Clark pressures himself to make his family's business successful in order to secure Leah's future. Meanwhile, Rona learns of her serious illness and opts to keep it a secret from her family.

Too Much
S01E126 · Too Much

Feb 01, 2016

After contemplating on whether to accept or to reject Simon's job offer in Dubai, Leah finally decides to stay with Clark and her family. Simon, however, comes up with an offer that Leah cannot easily refuse. Meanwhile, Tolayts formally asks Tiffany out on a date.

On the Rocks
S01E127 · On the Rocks

Feb 02, 2016

Clark adamantly declines Simon's job offer for Leah, who later confronts Clark about his rude behavior toward Simon. Soon, Leah, Clark, and the ArtMart team attend an advertising event where Leah's Icon campaign wins a major award. Meanwhile, Tolayts surprises Tiffany with a date at the tenement's basketball court.

Feelings Unleashed
S01E128 · Feelings Unleashed

Feb 03, 2016

Feeling out of place, Clark opts not to attend the awards night's after-party and lets Leah enjoy her time with her workmates. Soon, Clark returns to the venue and sees red at the sight of Simon carrying an intoxicated Leah.

Life Changing
S01E129 · Life Changing

Feb 04, 2016

Leah turns down Simon's job offer in Dubai. Just when Leah and Clark settle their problems, Sol collapses. With his heart too damaged from past heart attacks, the only hope Sol has is to undergo a heart transplant. With that, a devastated Leah asks Clark to postpone their wedding for her to focus on Sol.

The Hardest Decision
S01E130 · The Hardest Decision

Feb 05, 2016

Clark's and Leah's available resources are unable to cover the bill for Sol's heart transplant. Seeing no other alternative, Leah accepts Simon's job offer in Dubai. Meanwhile, Rona tries to make amends with Sol.

S01E131 · Frustration

Feb 08, 2016

Leah insists on working in Dubai despite Clark's efforts to come up with ways to finance Sol's operation. Meanwhile, Rona reconciles with her daughters, and later learns that her kidney disease is still curable.

S01E132 · Disappointment

Feb 09, 2016

Leah pushes through with her plan to leave for Dubai and sets a departure date without Clark's knowledge. Clark later finds out about it and attempts to beg Leah to stay, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Sol finally forgives Rona.

The Breakup
S01E133 · The Breakup

Feb 10, 2016

Already damaged by their time apart, Clark and Leah's relationship meets its end when Clark asks Leah to choose between him and her career. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Tolayts finally become a couple.

S01E134 · Heartbroken

Feb 11, 2016

Clark and Leah decide to put an end to their relationship. Although both of them are still deeply in love with each other, the recent turn of events leads to more misunderstandings between the two.

Begin Again
S01E135 · Begin Again

Feb 12, 2016

As the days pass, Clark and Leah slowly heal from their separation. In spite of this, their feelings for each other linger, deterring them from forming new relationships with other people.

Separate Lives
S01E136 · Separate Lives

Feb 15, 2016

Leah grows closer to Simon after an incident with a client in Dubai forced them to transfer to ArtMart San Francisco. Meanwhile, Clark, who busies himself with his booming furniture business, receives an opportunity that will take him back to where it all began.

The Bittersweet Reunion
S01E137 · The Bittersweet Reunion

Feb 16, 2016

Clark and Leah cross paths for the first time after their breakup, and different feelings surface at the sight of each other. Meanwhile, Jack comes up with a way to make the world even smaller for Clark and Leah.

Meet the Client
S01E138 · Meet the Client

Feb 17, 2016

Clark and Leah are compelled to spend time together due to ArtMart's partnership with Woodland. However, things become awkward when Leah asks Clark for a divorce.

Double Celebration
S01E139 · Double Celebration

Feb 18, 2016

Clark delights in deliberately delaying the processing of his and Leah's divorce. Meanwhile, Leah feels uncomfortable seeing the attention Clark is giving Angela, only to find out later on that Angela is actually marrying Jigs.

Live for the Moment
S01E140 · Live for the Moment

Feb 19, 2016

What was supposed to be a day meant for work becomes an enjoyable outing for Clark and Leah.

Last Memorable Trip
S01E141 · Last Memorable Trip

Feb 22, 2016

Clark and Leah enjoy each other's company in Lake Tahoe, while Simon rushes to find Leah when news of the approaching snowstorm reaches him. Soon, Leah confronts Clark as she grows tired of the mixed signals Clark keeps sending her.

Love at Last
S01E142 · Love at Last

Feb 23, 2016

Clark and Leah enjoy each other's company in Lake Tahoe, while Simon rushes to find Leah when news of the approaching snowstorm reaches him. Soon, Leah confronts Clark as she grows tired of the mixed signals Clark keeps sending her.

One Last Cry
S01E143 · One Last Cry

Feb 24, 2016

Clark grants Leah the divorce before she could even confess her real feelings for him. Soon, Clark returns to the Philippines and considers working in France. Meanwhile, Simon gives up on his feelings for Leah, who resolves to fight for her love for Clark.

The Last Chance
S01E144 · The Last Chance

Feb 25, 2016

After bidding Simon goodbye, Leah returns to the Philippines in her adamant desire to fight for Clark. However, Leah soon learns from Jack that Clark is about to leave for Paris.

The Last Flight
S01E145 · The Last Flight

Feb 26, 2016

Clark and Leah join together in holy matrimony.


On the Wings of Love Season 1 (2015) is released on Aug 10, 2015. Watch On the Wings of Love online - the Tagalog Comedy TV series from Philippines. On the Wings of Love is directed by Antoinette Jadaone,Jojo Saguin,Dan Villegas,Francis Xavier Pasion and created by Nathaniel Arciaga with James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

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