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Word Games
S01E01 · Word Games

Jul 18, 1981

Kate Columbo, the elusive wife of the famous L.A. homicide detective, mother of their loving little daughter, hard-working reporter and master snoop in her own right, overhears the neighbor plotting the death of his wife. The game's afoot.

Murder Is a Parlor Game
S01E02 · Murder Is a Parlor Game

Aug 01, 1981

A retired Scotland Yard homicide inspector and author of a best seller on perfect murders is forced to kill in self-defense.

A Riddle for Puppets
S01E03 · A Riddle for Puppets

Aug 29, 1981

A ventriloquist finds his dummy is acting independently of his will and kills the man who carved it. It's up to Kate Columbo to solve the murder.

Caviar with Everything
S01E04 · Caviar with Everything

Jul 25, 1981

A society caterer, angry that her husband is divorcing her for her business partner, has murder in mind for both.

A Puzzle for Prophets
S01E05 · A Puzzle for Prophets

Aug 08, 1981

Husband of a famous psychic is murdered. She's a suspect, but has the perfect witness for her alibi - Mrs. Columbo.


Mrs. Columbo Season 1 (1981) is released on Jul 18, 1981 and the latest season 2 of Mrs. Columbo is released in 1981. Watch Mrs. Columbo online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Mrs. Columbo is directed by Don Medford,Sam Wanamaker,Edward M. Abroms,Reza Badiyi and created by Richard Alan Simmons with Michael Durrell and Drew Snyder.

As know as:

Mrs. Columbo(English), Mrs. Columbo(French), Mme Columbo, Kate Columbo, Mrs. Columbo


United States



Production Companies:

Gambit Productions, Bill Driskill Productions, Universal Television

Cast & Crew

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