Episodes (5)

The Village Fete
S01E01 · The Village Fete

Apr 14, 1985

Recently widowed 'Lucia' Lucas is bored with her life in the Cotswold village of Riseholme and considers a move to the seaside town of Tilling with her fey male friend Georgie. On arrival in Tilling they meet Elizabeth Mapp,the Queen Bee of Tilling society and assorted other townsfolk,including the masculine artist 'Quaint' Irene,Godiva,alias Diva,who becomes a friend to Lucia,a Vicar from Birmingham who nonetheless speaks with a Scots accent and Benjy,the Major. However before she can settle in Tilling Lucia has to make a quick visit back to Riseholme to take over ...

Battle Stations
S01E02 · Battle Stations

Apr 21, 1985

Lucia is renting 'Mallards' from Mapp whilst she finds a place of her own and instantly angers Mapp when she and Georgie inform Mapp that her priceless Blumenfeld piano is little more than a hurdy-gurdy and banished from the drawing room. Mapp does manage to beat Lucia on one count as Lucia is paying Mapp's gardener to tend the grounds of Mallards but he neglects her flower beds to nurture Mapp's vegetables,which she sells in the town. However Lucia has the last word when,inspired by the success of the Riseholme pageant and encouraged by vicar Bartlett,she throws a ...

The Italian Connection
S01E03 · The Italian Connection

Apr 28, 1985

Lucia and Georgie submits entries for the local art exhibition,which Mapp,a member of the judging committee,rejects,returning them to their owners. However Lucia hangs them in pride of place at her house,so that the other judges, Mr and Mrs Wyse,are suitably impressed and insist on their submission. Needless to say they are highly commended but Mapp sees a chance for revenge on learning that the Wyses' relation,Italian Countess Faraglione,is coming to visit. Lucia and Georgie have claimed to be linguists but Mapp sees this as the chance to catch them out. Lucia feigns...

Lobster Pots
S01E04 · Lobster Pots

May 05, 1985

Lucia sells her house in Riseholme and,after making Georgie her sole beneficiary in her will,she buys Grebe,a house a little outside the town on the marshes. Now a leading hostess in Tilling her 'lobster a la Riseholme' recipe is to die for and a jealous Mapp sneaks into her house to steal it. Unfortunately there is a heavy rain-storm and the river bursts its banks,flooding the house. The two women climb onto a table for safety but,as the townsfolk watch,they are swept out to sea.

The Owl and the Pussycat
S01E05 · The Owl and the Pussycat

May 12, 1985

Some months have passed and the Tilling residents assume that Mapp and Lucia are dead. Major Benjy,Mapp's heir,moves into her house from where he holds social events. Georgie erects a headstone with Lucia's name in large letters - and Mapp's in tiny ones,but still believes there is hope of Lucia being alive and retains her staff. Then the two women return,having been picked up by an Italian trawler. They both plan to give accounts of their ordeal - with differing perspectives,naturally. Lucia books the town hall for her lecture A Modern Odyssey. Surprisingly Mapp does...


Mapp & Lucia Season 1 (1985) is released on Apr 14, 1985 and the latest season 2 of Mapp & Lucia is released in 1986. Watch Mapp & Lucia online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Mapp & Lucia is directed by Donald McWhinnie and created by E.F. Benson with Geraldine McEwan and Prunella Scales. Mapp & Lucia is available online on BritBox Amazon Channel and BritBox.

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Mapp & Lucia


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London Weekend Television (LWT)

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