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Season 1

Aug 27, 2022

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Daan LUDIK (Arnold Vosloo - The Mummy, Silverton Siege), coming from nothing, has built his own kingdom. This successful furniture salesman is the face of his business. He is heard on radio, seen on television and billboards. A family man in the affluent Pretoria East, but with a secret; he is a diamond smuggler. When details of his smuggling operation reach the South African mafia, and a member of his family is kidnapped, Daan is forced to use his furniture business to transport guns into Central Africa. Daan sees this as an opportunity to expand his empire. With his family life in turmoil, Daan's resourcefulness and priorities are constantly challenged as he risks exposure, losing his family, jail time and death. As he struggles to keep his personal relationships and business intact, he has to rely on both old and new allies to prevail.

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