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Love Is Love: Sunrise
S01E01 · Love Is Love: Sunrise

Jan 30, 2015

A plus-sized 18-year-old girl is all ready to live alone and happy when love comes knocking through the sudden appearance of a handsome boy who shows her an important lesson in love. A lost bet intertwines the lives of a prankster and an ice queen, as they hilariously explore and experiment what dating truly is about. A young teenage boy struggling to shoulder the weight of his family, meets his first love and learns that sometimes love is best kept as a memory.

Love Is Love: Sunshine
S01E02 · Love Is Love: Sunshine

Feb 06, 2015

A troubled pianist meets a blind piano tuner who teaches her about life and love through a common love for music that they both share. A couple divorces and decides to continue staying in the same house. As they lead their own separate lives, they finally come to a realization of what being together and staying together really means. An ex-convict struggles to pick up the pieces of his life as he walks through the journey of his past again. When he least expects it, a woman walks into his life and teaches him how to love.

Love Is Love: Sunset
S01E03 · Love Is Love: Sunset

Feb 13, 2015

An old woman learns a lesson of love as she painfully watches her husband at his deathbed, of a love that lasts for eternity. An old war veteran goes back to Singapore in search of forgotten memories. That one memory that he clings so tightly to, his first love, will they ever meet again? A fifty plus year old spinster, desperate to find a companion, explores the newest and latest social dating app. Laughter ensues as she fumbles through the process but eventually learns that true love can be found in the most unexpected places.


Love Is Love Season 1 (2015) is released on Jan 30, 2015. Watch Love Is Love online - the English Romance TV series from Singapore. Love Is Love is directed by Sam Loh and created by Wai Thong Chow with Patrick Teoh and Chi-san Chan.

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