Losing My Soul

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Season 1

Jul 17, 2016

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Losing My Soul is released in 2016. Watch Losing My Soul all seasons full episodes online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Losing My Soul is directed by Selena V. Raffaele,Steven M. Scott,Carla Mahaffee and created by Selena V. Raffaele with Carla Mahaffee and Catherine Sewell.

A story of a women with a mysterious past who becomes an exotic dancer. This is the beginning and creation of the dancer Poison Ivy as she struggles to get through life on a daily basis. Drugs and a unique lifestyle are everywhere around her. Friends that seem to come and go all while under the haze of the drugs and alcohol's influences. Poison Ivy travels between states while tragedy seems to stalk her allowing her very few respites. That is until she changes herself and begins her evolution into a stronger woman. She tries to free herself from the dark places that reside in every city.