LOL: Last One Laughing

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 Season 5

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 Season 4

What is the best tool to make a comedian laugh? Another comedian! That is why comedians won't be playing on their own in this fourth season. Instead, they will be joined by their best comedian friends to compete in DUOS, each willing to do whatever it takes to make the other DUOS laugh and ultimately earn LOL's trophy, arguably the most coveted comedy award EVER.

 Season 3

New comedians, more laughs and a bunch of new characters will try (and succeed) in breaking the limits of comedy on the third season of LOL Mexico. A competition between ten comedians locked inside a house where the only thing that's not allowed is to laugh.

 Season 2

Eugenio Derbez kicks off the exciting second season of LOL with a new cast of contenders. Lots of changes and pressure is on, as the battle to keep a straight face and win the million pesos begins.

 Season 1

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Cast & Crew


LOL: Last One Laughing is released in 2018 and the latest season 5 of LOL: Last One Laughing is released in 2022. Watch LOL: Last One Laughing all seasons full episodes online - the Spanish; Castilian Reality-TV TV series from Mexico. LOL: Last One Laughing is directed by Marie Leguizamo,Pedro Aguera,Juan Maldonado and created by Armando Alvarez with Eugenio Derbez and Mauricio Barrientos.

10 comedians. If you laugh, you lose. Winner takes all.