La longue guerre: Israël - Iran - USA

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Season 1

Jan 01, 2018

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La longue guerre: Israël - Iran - USA is released in 2018. Watch La longue guerre: Israël - Iran - USA all seasons full episodes online - the French Documentary TV series from France. La longue guerre: Israël - Iran - USA is directed by Vincent de Cointet and created by Vincent de Cointet with Léonie Simaga and .

More than four decades ago, Iran and Israel, both allies of the United States, were friends. Each relied on the other to counteract the growing Arab nationalism in the Middle East, while extensive economic and security collaboration strengthened their strategic partnership. Everything changed in Tehran with the popular revolt and the advent of the Shiite Islamic Republic in 1979, which deposed the Shah and his pro-Western dictatorship. Under the aegis of Ayatollah Khomeini, who received Yasser Arafat as his first foreign visitor, Israel and the United States were singled out for popular hatred as symbols of imperialist control over the country. With the taking of the American embassy staff hostage in November 1979, the total break with the West was consummated.