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Season 1

Aug 30, 2016

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Komisja morderstw is released in 2016. Watch Komisja morderstw all seasons full episodes online - the Polish Crime TV series from Poland. Komisja morderstw is directed by Jaroslaw Marszewski,Adrian Panek and created by Krzysztof Kopka with Malgorzata Buczkowska and Christoph Pieczynski.

A story of a group of police officers from Murder Unit in Poland, who deal with unsolved cases. The group tries to solve inexplicable mysteries from the past, which pertain to the Cursed Soldiers, the history of the Recovered Territories and other mysterious cases from the WWII period that have an impact on the present time. The series underlines the fact that behind every case there is a human being with all their weaknesses, desires, madness or love that make them commit the crime.