In the Red

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Season 1

May 26, 1998

When bank managers start turning up dead all over London, it causes concern in many quarters. Scotland Yard copper Frank is desperate to track down the killer, while BBC radio reporter George Cragge is hard on his heels.

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In the Red is released in 1999. Watch In the Red all seasons full episodes online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. In the Red is directed by Marcus Mortimer and created by Malcolm Bradbury with Alun Armstrong and Victoria Carling.

A series of killings of bank managers has London in a turmoil, all the way up to Parliament. And the killer regularly calls about his handiwork, but only to a street-wise, and usually rather tipsy, radio reporter, about to be sacked for his habitual irreverence toward his station and the BBC. And while everything seems to point to a lead singer of a rock group famous for the "In The Red" music which has been connected to the killings, in typical British mystery fashion, there are also other sub-plots to be considered.