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Episodes (13)

Under New Management
S03E01 · Under New Management

Oct 12, 2011

Joe hires outsider Duane Hicks to help Buffalo navigate the future and coach Mikey. Gord and Sean's DC-3 delivery mission to the High Arctic goes awry when blizzard conditions and a broken oil cooler force an emergency landing.

S03E02 · Dambusters

Oct 19, 2011

Buffalo gets into the stunt flying business when veteran pilot Arnie flies the DC-4 for the reenactment scene of a famous WWII bombing raid. A routine C-46 flight becomes dangerous when a hole in the plane's aging exhaust system sets off the fire alarm, and Devan has to decide whether or not to shut down an engine mid-flight.

Chuck Walks
S03E03 · Chuck Walks

Oct 26, 2011

Frustrated with the constant drama at Buffalo, Chuck quits. Joe clashes with the maintenance department when a series of delays puts the important sale of a Canso aircraft in jeopardy. Mikey goes on an ATV hunting trip.

Gear Up, Gear Down
S03E04 · Gear Up, Gear Down

Nov 02, 2011

Frustrated with her lack of flying, Audrey decides her time at Buffalo is over. Normally calm under pressure, Devan is put to the test by a scary series of midair C-46 hydraulic problems.

Big Boost
S03E05 · Big Boost

Nov 16, 2011

A gasoline shortage prompts Duane to beg Chuck to return and prepare the Electra for a fuel haul. Cory goes on a rescue mission to nurse an abandoned C-46 back to life and Mikey goes on a birthday joyride in a fighter jet.

Power Struggle
S03E06 · Power Struggle

Nov 23, 2011

Duane lands a big Electra contract and puts Adam in charge for the first time. Kelly plans her wedding, but Jynelle's resignation leaves her in the lurch. A power outage sends Joe into crisis mode.

Top of the World
S03E07 · Top of the World

Nov 30, 2011

The Electra flies to the northernmost outpost on Earth, where Adam and new manager Duane are forced to work things out. Rampie Tyler is put on the co-pilot fast track, but first must prove to Justin that he can handle the DC-4.

Last Days
S03E08 · Last Days

Dec 07, 2011

Sparks fly when Joe discovers Gord has taken a job with a rival airline. Larry, a rookie rampie, makes a near fatal error while training on the C-46.

Push Comes to Shove
S03E09 · Push Comes to Shove

Dec 14, 2011

Duane clashes with Joe and the pilots as he pushes to get two ambitious contracts done on time. Rookie DC-3 co-pilot Tyler discovers that landing the big plane takes practice.

The Doghouse
S03E10 · The Doghouse

Dec 21, 2011

Delays on a big Electra contract could cost Duane his job. Young co-pilot Graeme lands in Joe's doghouse.

Ice Strip
S03E11 · Ice Strip

Jan 04, 2012

Mechanic Jimmy is sent to a northern mining camp to create an ice landing strip on a remote lake. New co-pilot Tyler faces the ultimate test - flying the sked with Joe.

Expect the Unexpected
S03E12 · Expect the Unexpected

Jan 11, 2012

Engine troubles on the C-46 during the valley run force Devan to shut down an engine. Scott trains on a CL-215 waterbomber then joins the waterbombing crews when Buffalo is called in to fight a massive fire in Alberta.

Coming Home
S03E13 · Coming Home

Jan 18, 2012

Rookie waterbomber pilot Scott gets his first taste of action when Buffalo responds to an emergency callout to fight fires in Alberta.


Ice Pilots NWT Season 3 (2011) is released on Oct 12, 2011 and the latest season 6 of Ice Pilots NWT is released in 2014. Watch Ice Pilots NWT online - the English Documentary TV series from Canada. Ice Pilots NWT is directed by Larry Raskin,Todd Serotiuk,Brad Quenville,Michael Bodnarchuk and created by Todd Serotiuk with Michael Daingerfield and Mikey McBryan. Ice Pilots NWT is available online on The Roku Channel and Tubi TV.

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Ice Pilots, Ice Pilots NWT(English), Pilotes des glaces(French), Polární piloti, Ice Pilots NWT





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Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Omnifilm Entertainment

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