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With both their finances and their reputations in tatters, Jake and Freddy must find a way to rebuild. With the help from Tessa Pryor, a smart, capable and gorgeous lawyer, and Jeff Reardon, a sober coach, Freddy is seemingly on a better path. The discovery of a magnificent rough may put the brothers back on top – or it may tear them apart forever. Meanwhile, the death of a loved one drives Lady Rah to wage war on a powerful diamond conglomerate – from the inside. Cam joins forces with his estranged son Malcolm Rose in order to navigate the dangerous underworld of blood diamonds. And Ava is determined to provide a better life for her daughter and herself – even if it means making a deal with the one person she swore she’d never ask for help… her own mother.

 Season 1

Follow the Green family as they plunge into the underbelly of the Los Angeles diamond trade. After wild-card Freddy kills a prominent diamond dealer, his brother Jake must bail him out and save the family business from a crime lord of the Los Angeles Diamond trade. Jake must endure all of this while maneuvering amongst jewelry thugs, blood diamond deals, false certificates, the Feds, and Pieter Van De Bruin, a ruthless Afrikaner diamond merchant who now heads up an Antwerp-based diamond cartel.

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Ice is released in 2016 and the latest season 2 of Ice is released in 2018. Watch Ice all seasons full episodes online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Ice is directed by Guy Norman Bee,Edward Allen Bernero,Ashley Way,Norberto Barba and created by Robert Munic with Cam Gigandet and Jeremy Sisto. Ice is available online on Amazon Prime Video and Starz.

A diamond dealer navigates the culturally diverse and otherwise treacherous world of the diamond business.


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