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Episode #1.1
S01E01 · Episode #1.1

Apr 22, 2022

Kentarô Hiyama attributes his success to his ability to plan out every aspect of his life, but then, something completely unexpected happens.

Episode #1.2
S01E02 · Episode #1.2

Apr 21, 2022

Morning sickness and other bodily changes start to affect Kentarô's work. He finally meets up with Aki and tells her about his pregnancy.

Episode #1.3
S01E03 · Episode #1.3

Apr 21, 2022

While at the hospital, Kentarô meets another pregnant man and the two become friends. The client is unimpressed with Tanabe's ideas.

Episode #1.4
S01E04 · Episode #1.4

Apr 21, 2022

The ad campaign featuring Kentarô is a huge success, making him famous. With Miyaji, he launches an online community for pregnant men.

Episode #1.5
S01E05 · Episode #1.5

Apr 21, 2022

Aki goes home for her sister's wedding and ends up butting heads with her conservative father. On her way back to Tokyo, she gives Kentarô a call.

Episode #1.6
S01E06 · Episode #1.6

Apr 21, 2022

A figure from Kentarô's past comes back into his life, causing friction with Aki. She then finds out about a great job opportunity - in Singapore.

Episode #1.7
S01E07 · Episode #1.7

Apr 21, 2022

Aki makes a decision about the job in Singapore. Kentarô holds a press conference to apologize for the scandal caused by his father.

Episode #1.8
S01E08 · Episode #1.8

Apr 21, 2022

Kentarô goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital. Kentarô's parents and Aki wait together for the baby to be delivered.


He's Expecting (also know as Hiyama Kentarô no ninshin) Season 1 (2022) is released on Apr 22, 2022. Watch He's Expecting online - the Japanese Comedy TV series from Japan. He's Expecting is directed by Yuko Hakota,Takeo Kikuchi and created by Chihiro Amano with Takumi Saitoh and Juri Ueno.

When a successful ad executive who's got it all figured out becomes pregnant, he's forced to confront social inequities he'd never considered before.

As know as:

Hiyama Kentarô no ninshin, He's Expecting, Hiyama Kentaro's First Pregnancy, Hiyama Kentaro no Ninshin, ヒヤマケンタロウの妊娠





Production Companies:

Netflix, TV Tokyo, AOI Promotion

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Official Netflix


Life is a series of unexpected events.

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