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 Season 3

The Go Jetters are back, for all new adventures! Join Xuli, Kyan, Lars, Foz and new cadet Tala as they travel the world with their disco-grooving mentor, Ubercorn and foil the plans of Grandmaster Glitch and his cheeky Grimbots.

 Season 2
Season 2

Sep 18, 2017

Go Jetters Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz are back, and better than ever! Still travelling the world with their mentor Ubercorn, and stopping even bigger glitches than before. Grandmaster Glitch and his Grimbots have nothing on them! The Go Jetters continue their training as cadets, now helping to do even more on the tropical island archipelago known as the Go Jet Academy. From testing brand new Click-Ons, to helping to train new cadets, the schedule for these heroes is more packed than ever before! But, even if they're at the academy, they're still learning, whether it be about natural disasters, geographical concepts, or even how certain energy is generated!

 Season 1
Season 1

Oct 26, 2015

Go Jetter cadets Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz are in their senior year at the Go Jet Academy, taking part in the final, and best part of their training: the around the world field trip! Joined by their mentor, Ubercorn, the Go Jetters travel the world in JetPad, learning as much as they can about the locations they visit. But, not all is well, as Academy flunk-out Grandmaster Glitch also travels the world, creating mayhem and havoc in every place he ends up, whether he means to or not. Alongside his Grimbots, they travel the world in rustbucket Grim HQ. When Glitch is up to no-good, it's up to the Go Jetters to save the day, using their geographical knowledge, and skills they've learned in training.

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Go Jetters is released in 2015 and the latest season 3 of Go Jetters is released in 2019. Watch Go Jetters all seasons full episodes online - the English Animation TV series from United Kingdom. Go Jetters is directed by Matt Tea,Robert Cullen,Ben Harper,Alex Sherwood and created by Barry Quinn with Akie Kotabe and Tommie Earl Jenkins. Go Jetters is available online on fuboTV and Spectrum On Demand.