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Ghost Stands Alone, Part 1
S01E01 · Ghost Stands Alone, Part 1

Apr 05, 2015

When terrorists highjack a peaceful protest, Motoko Kusanagi sees her chance to prove her new squad's worth.

Ghost Stands Alone, Part 2
S01E02 · Ghost Stands Alone, Part 2

Apr 12, 2015

A rare disease puts two citizens at the center of a struggle for military and economic power.

Ghost Pain, Part 1
S01E03 · Ghost Pain, Part 1

Apr 19, 2015

Motoko returns from a mission abroad to discover that her commanding officer has been murdered--and no one but Aramaki seems interested in doing anything about it.

Ghost Pain, Part 2
S01E04 · Ghost Pain, Part 2

Apr 26, 2015

The further Motoko investigates her CO's death, the less sense it makes.

Ghost Whispers, Part 1
S01E05 · Ghost Whispers, Part 1

May 03, 2015

After a war hero is convicted of war crimes, he and his former unit hold the entire city hostage. Their demand: access to the state secrets in the Pandora database.

Ghost Whispers, Part 2
S01E06 · Ghost Whispers, Part 2

May 10, 2015

Time is running out to stop Pandora's box from opening.

Ghost Tears, Part 1
S01E07 · Ghost Tears, Part 1

May 17, 2015

Motoko's love life is going better than it ever has, and she's even managed to take an unprecedented 5-hour vacation. Naturally, that's when buildings start blowing up.

Ghost Tears, Part 2
S01E08 · Ghost Tears, Part 2

May 24, 2015

The terrorist attacks on Newport City continue, and the shell squad isn't making much progress against them. Can Motoko accept help from a man made out of plain old flesh and blood?

Pyrophoric Cult, Part 1
S01E09 · Pyrophoric Cult, Part 1

Jun 07, 2015

Motoko and her squad are finally getting closer to Fire-Starter's broker, but things get tense when they're instructed to take a backseat role on a sting op.

Pyrophoric Cult, Part 2
S01E10 · Pyrophoric Cult, Part 2

Jun 14, 2015

Motoko and the gang have caught their man--or have they?


Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture (also know as Koukaku Kidoutai Arise: Alternative Architecture) Season 1 (2015) is released on Apr 05, 2015. Watch Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture online - the Japanese Animation TV series from Japan. Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture is directed by Kazuchika Kise,Susumu Kudo,Masahiko Murata,Masaki Tachibana and created by Jun'ichi Fujisaku with Miyuki Sawashiro and Maaya Sakamoto.

As know as:

Koukaku Kidoutai Arise: Alternative Architecture, Koukaku Kidoutai Arise: Alternative Architecture, Ghost in the Shell Arise: Alternative Architecture(English), Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative Architecture(new title), Призрак в доспехах. Истоки: Альтернативная архитектура





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