Episodes (26)

The Ref
S01E01 · The Ref

Jan 01, 2008

After a ref's stink breath floods the basketball field during a match, the Dork Hunters suspect that he is actually a Dork.

Field Trip
S01E02 · Field Trip

Jan 01, 2008

During a field trip to the museum, the Dork Hunters discover that one of the museum's pieces contains a microgalaxy that is being guarded by the Dorks.

Tunnel Vision
S01E03 · Tunnel Vision

Jan 01, 2008

The Dork Hunters must retrieve a microgalaxy that the Dorks have hidden in the sewers.

Big Top
S01E04 · Big Top

Jan 01, 2008

Eddie must get over his fear of clowns so that the Dork Hunters can obtain a microgalaxy hidden in the circus.

Flea Market
S01E05 · Flea Market

Jan 01, 2008

The Dork Hunters must obtain a microgalaxy that was hidden inside a lava lamp that Angie bought and then sold after she disliked it.

Dog Gone
S01E06 · Dog Gone

Jan 01, 2008

Fido and the entire universe are in jeopardy after he accidentally eats a microgalaxy.

Fast Food Friends
S01E07 · Fast Food Friends

Jan 01, 2008

Fido creates clones of Eddie and Angie in order to take down the Dork Hunters.

Zero to Hero
S01E08 · Zero to Hero

Jan 01, 2008

Eddie and Angie must form an unlikely alliance with a popular sci-fi actor in order to retrieve a microgalaxy hidden in one of his Golden Rocket awards.

The Dorkinator
S01E09 · The Dorkinator

Jan 01, 2008

A tough Dork is sent to Earth in order to take down the Dork Hunters, even if it means to violate the rules that both the Dorks and the Dork Hunters have made in order to keep a low profile on Earth.

Toy Soldiers
S01E10 · Toy Soldiers

Jan 01, 2008

The Dork Hunters become suspicious of popular toy inventor Wacky Waldo after one of his inventions (which Eddie was beta-testing) accidentally causes the Dork Hunters' headquarters' alarms to activate.

The Falcon
S01E11 · The Falcon

Jan 01, 2008

Romeo is excited to see that popular skateboarder Bonnie Falcon is coming to Paramus, but Mac is suspicious that there's something off about him.

Finding Sidney
S01E12 · Finding Sidney

Jan 01, 2008

The Dorks kidnap Sidney in order to find the Dork Hunters' commanders' headquarters.

Romeo and Julia
S01E13 · Romeo and Julia

Jan 01, 2008

Romeo starts hanging out regularly with the Dork Hunters' new neighbor, Julia, which gets Angie jealous and makes her try to prove that there's something wrong with her.

3rd Rock Star
S01E14 · 3rd Rock Star

Jan 01, 2008

The Dork Hunters suspect that pop singer Lacy Lavender's band are Dorks.

Fish Out of Water
S01E15 · Fish Out of Water

Jan 01, 2008

The Dorks assault the Dork Hunters' base in order to to take down Sidney and disable the Dork Hunters.

Dr. Dorkenstein
S01E16 · Dr. Dorkenstein

Jan 01, 2008

Fido creates a Frankenstein-esque Dork to keep the Dork Hunters at bay.

Wild Dork Kingdom
S01E17 · Wild Dork Kingdom

Jan 01, 2008

The Dork Hunters take Sidney to a prestigious hotel to celebrate his birthday, unaware that Fido and Jones are there as well.

Dorks in Black
S01E18 · Dorks in Black

Jan 01, 2008

The Dork Hunters must sneak into the Area 51 base in order to retrieve a microgalaxy, and rescue Jones in the process.

Loser Island
S01E19 · Loser Island

Jan 01, 2008

The Dork Hunters sneak into the reality show "Loser Island" as contestants to retrieve a microgalaxy located in the island where it is shot, suspecting that the host is a Dork.

Debbie We Hardly Knew Ye...
S01E20 · Debbie We Hardly Knew Ye...

Jan 01, 2008

Fido hypnotizes one of the Dork Hunters' classmates, Debbie, into earning the Dork Hunters' trust and then destroying them.

Principal Jones' Day Off
S01E21 · Principal Jones' Day Off

Jan 01, 2008

The Dork Hunters must sabotage the latest microgalaxy delivery that is being given to Fido and Jones.

Break Up
S01E22 · Break Up

Jan 01, 2008

When Mac, Nikki and Romeo are informed that they're going to be transferred to another galaxy in two days and will be replaced, they, alongside Eddie and Angie, must train their replacements to take the lead before they leave.

Dog Days of Disco
S01E23 · Dog Days of Disco

Jan 01, 2008

During a time capsule opening at Paramus High, Fido tells Jones the story of how one of the microgalaxies ended up there, which is also the story of the Dorks' arrival to Earth and how he and Jones adopted their current Earth identities.

Jean Splicing
S01E24 · Jean Splicing

Jan 01, 2008

Fido uses Angie's fashion and shopping addictions to lure her into a trap.

Dorks of Hazzard
S01E25 · Dorks of Hazzard

Jan 01, 2008

Romeo and Eddie race against a Dork named Johnny Hazard after finding out that one of his monster truck's props has a microgalaxy hidden inside it.

Mind Wavy Gravy
S01E26 · Mind Wavy Gravy

Jan 01, 2008

Fido creates a gravy recipe to make the Dork Hunters forget who they are.


Dork Hunters from Outer Space Season 1 (2008) is released on Jan 01, 2008 and the latest season 2 of Dork Hunters from Outer Space is released in 2008. Watch Dork Hunters from Outer Space online - the English Animation TV series from United Kingdom. Dork Hunters from Outer Space is directed by Stuart Evans,Barry Baker,Chris Evans and created by Sean Catherine Derek with Lilli Katz and Lynn Blades. Dork Hunters from Outer Space is available online on Tubi TV and Freevee.

As know as:

Anti-szörny különítmény, Los cazadorks, Dork Hunters from Outer Space, Vesmírní lovci Dorků, Dork - Jäger aus dem All


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BKN International, BKN New Media

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