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Sep 05, 2006

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Desire is released in 2006. Watch Desire all seasons full episodes online - the English Drama TV series from United States. Desire is directed by Terry Cunningham,Dennis Dimster,P. David Ebersole,Alex Wright and created by David Coggeshall with Zack Silva and Eliana Alexander.

Louis and Alex are brothers who along with their mother opened a restaurant in New Jersey. Louis is the manager while Alex is the chef. Louis is a womanizer. One day a mobster comes into the restaurant along with his daughter. The girl comes onto Louis. When her father catches them, he goes into a rage and out of fear tells him Louis took advantage of her. He goes to the restaurant to kill Louis and blows it up. However, Louis, Alex and their mother escape. Her mother decides that they should go to California. What she doesn't tell them is that their father lives there. She gets him to give the boys jobs at the restaurant he works at. They both meet the owner's daughter, Andrea and are both attracted to her. At first they agree to back off. However, circumstances bring them together with her. And this doesn't make her ex, George happy. It seems he and sister were once wealthy but now their fortune is gone, and they crave for it back. So George was hoping to marry Andrea and get their hands on her family's money. But Andrea dumped him. He and his sister are still trying to find a way to get Andrea's money. At the same time the mobster who couldn't find any trace of Louis, suspects he's still alive. So he sends two of his men to find him.