Episodes (13)

Welcome to Magic Lab
S01E01 · Welcome to Magic Lab

Jan 01, 2019

After agreeing to the terms of the operation, former Army officer Michael Shepherd and his team of specialized private contractors enter the underground scientific facility, when their mission takes an unexpectedly terrifying turn.

Extreme Physiological Anomalies
S01E02 · Extreme Physiological Anomalies

Jan 01, 2019

As Shepherd's extraction team begins to uncover the true extent of what they are dealing with, it is revealed that Dr. Damen had recently moved forward with Stage 2 of an experiment that had yielded horrifying, unpredictable results.

S01E03 · Rescue

Jan 01, 2019

Shepherd's team splits up as their situation worsens. Pavel and Tariq uncover valuable knowledge of Dr. Damen's twisted experiments, while Brooks discovers Anna and Gabriella in hiding. Notes of discord begin to surface within the group.

Kirk's Out
S01E04 · Kirk's Out

Jan 01, 2020

Kirk makes a divisive personal choice. Brooks, Anna, and Gabriella meet back up with the team, as Tariq and Pavel find Dr. Damen. The question is, who is ultimately responsible for the work being conducted in the Magic Lab?

Put This Old Dog Down
S01E05 · Put This Old Dog Down

Jan 01, 2020

Distrust begins to smolder between Sambuco and Meknikov. Shepherd and his team find the command center, along with Tariq and Dr. Damen, but tensions rise as the time comes to finish the job. Thompson is faced with a stark choice.

No Time To Be Squeamish
S01E06 · No Time To Be Squeamish

Jan 01, 2020

Shepherd mourns Thompson's loss. The debate over pursuing an antiviral serum intensifies. Sambuco decides Meknikov can no longer be trusted. Anton believes a computer code may help them escape. Kirk finds himself in a tight spot.

Love and Hate
S01E07 · Love and Hate

Jan 01, 2020

Brooks and Gabriella find the light of love in a dark place, but not Anna and Dr. Damen. Shepherd puts tremendous pressure on Anton to create an override code. Sambuco continues to pursue Meknikov, who is in the wind to try and save Pavel.

You Will Never Get My Daughter
S01E08 · You Will Never Get My Daughter

Jan 01, 2020

Anna's respect for Dr. Damen unravels. Sambuco and his team initiate Plan C. Injured and unable to move, Tariq makes the ultimate sacrifice, but to what effect for everyone else? Anton proves that he cannot be fully trusted.

All Hope is Not Lost
S01E09 · All Hope is Not Lost

Jan 01, 2020

Bennett's keen senses lead him to a discovery. Meknikov meets with a key figure who may help extract Pavel from the lab, something Sambuco greatly wishes to prevent. Brooks has second thoughts about the team's strategy. Hope is fading.

Triumphant Reunion
S01E10 · Triumphant Reunion

Jan 01, 2020

Sambuco appears to be gaining the upper hand over Meknikov, who remains in deep hiding. Anguish overcomes Gabriella. After reuniting with the team, Kirk hatches a plan with Emily without informing everyone else. Love finds Pavel and Anna.

The End of the World?
S01E11 · The End of the World?

Jan 01, 2020

Detectives investigate Meknikov's disappearance. Sambuco takes extra precautions to ensure secrecy, but are they enough? Brooks and Gabriella discover Anton has escaped his confinement. Someone becomes wise to Kirk and Emily's plan.

S01E12 · Sacrifice

Jan 01, 2020

Shepherd crosses the line with Kirk. Pavel and Dr. Damen test an antiviral serum on Anna. Sambuco ties up loose ends and readjusts his strategy. Inspector Subari begins to piece together the complex riddle of Meknikov's disappearance.

Do or Die
S01E13 · Do or Die

Jan 01, 2020

Dr. Damen reveals more details about the lab's furtive operations. Shepherd envisions a future for he and Emily, one Emily does not share. Sambuco and Livanov toast the future as they plan to destroy the lab. Will anyone make it out alive?


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