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De verhuizing van de co-assistent!
S02E01 · De verhuizing van de co-assistent!

Sep 01, 2008

Hugo is stuck with a dermatology rotation, reliving his adolescent acne trauma but able to help two patients even without a cure. Meanwhile Elin is in gynecology and looking for a room without adequate budget now Sanne is leaving for America. The new resident, country-girl Aaltje van Dongen, proves too prudish to participate in a mutual shirtless organs localization exercise. Thomas still can't quite believe his wife is no more.

De lift
S02E02 · De lift

Sep 08, 2008

New resident Mohammed El Amrani proves excellent bedside manner on rotation with Hugo, but it proves rather wasted on a Suriname drug courier. Still the boys bond. Mo's international tennis career impresses especial teachers Han and Tom. Aaltje van Dongen and Elin must handle their share in the moral blame for failing to sterilize equipment.

De slang
S02E03 · De slang

Sep 15, 2008

New resident Mohammed El Amrani, an ethnic Moroccan, immediately impresses with even better bedside manner then Hugo and puzzles his colleagues given he has an alternative, a lucrative tennis career, yet 'wastes' himself on medicine. Yet helping a hostile Suriname flight passenger who invokes her 6 year old son and pregnancy to refuse drug carrier examination proves a crucible as she swallowed cocaine balloons, there's no baby. Marjolein further convinces professor Verstraeten of her stupidity by irrationally fearing and letting escape the poisonous adder the owner ...

De nier
S02E04 · De nier

Sep 22, 2008

Hugo and his radiology instructor enjoy a hot, semi-discrete affair. Hugo discovers his shy, chess-focused kid brother Maurits, in cancer therapy, is still a virgin. So Hugo tries to encourage an affair with Aaltje, which proves infertile. Adolescent patient Frans Mulder's pa is ready to donate a kidney, but mother objects even before the team points out Dirk isn't the biological father, nor genetically compatible. Tom suffers from visions of his late wife and a mystery web-log about the hospital staff. Han operates on his grumpy former mentor Rudolf Bouwman without ...

S02E05 · Valerio!

Sep 29, 2008

Hugo grumbles lover Sabine won't let him kiss in public or smoke near her kids, but is really worried as sick as 'kid' brother Maurits feels because of chemotherapy. When hospital management orders staff to comply with teenage pop idol Valerio's manager to portray his anal fissure surgery on reality TV as 'vocal chords', Elin and Marjolein's cruelty is as boundless as the kid's dutiful PR efforts. Alas the test results are crushing. Bright youngster Simon Aldring and his parents, all Jehova's Witnesses, refuse indispensable blood-transfusion during an urgent ...

S02E06 · Links

Oct 06, 2008

Boasting his physical condition, sports-crazy Dr. Han Verstraeten dares Mohammed 'Mo' to a tennis match, provided the young champion, who accepts modestly but amused, plays with a hurt arm in a sling. Even Hugo's charm can't undo a rheumatism-patient's uneasy about Thomas's undesired flirtation. Sabine dumper her ex Paul's annual check-up. Alas the pilot, who complains about migraine, suddenly experiences blindness, hopefully temporary.

S02E07 · Schotwond

Oct 13, 2008

Invited in Aaltje's brother fancy flat's roof hot-tub, Mo assures he isn't gay but refuses to kiss. He discovers her self-mutilation. Tommy (possibly an alias) stumbles in with a gun wound, and pulls his empty revolver refusing police contact or total anesthesia. That also overrules Dr. Han Verstraeten's instructions not to disturb him on his birthday, which his family neglects, but not Marjolein. Under Dutch law staff refuses information or entry to the police, although he shot his ex and her brothers seek revenge. Thomas now has nightmares about his wife's 'mercy ...

S02E08 · Stoma

Oct 20, 2008

Hugo and Mo ponder whether a foxy girl they'll help operate and give a stoma remains a good date, but she turns out to have a steady boyfriend. 17 year-old Stan dies after a motor accident. His utterly neglectful biological mother bickers in the morgue with the respectable adoptive parents who gets to bury or cremate him. Han gives Marjolein a fake surgery lesson so they can have sex, but to her disappointment declares his adultery a one-off. His own teenage daughter is brought in ODd, but neither parents makes time for her. Self-mutilator Aaltje is in denial in ...

S02E09 · Zeilen

Oct 27, 2008

While the class studies sputum (spit), Hugo can't resist making public Elin's contains healthy semen. He and Mo rather cheerfully handle stool examination. Thomas finally feels his late wife's specter allows him to date Elin, so he takes her sailing- with the urn. His eagerness to kiss is taken badly, even violently. Meanwhile her ma's self-examination allows early breast treatment. Sabine enjoys a patient's pain: her kids' mean principal.

De telefoon
S02E10 · De telefoon

Nov 03, 2008

Hugo treats beaten-up aphasic heroin whore Maya, a former medical resident. Alas Hugo accidentally gets some of her blood injected, and she tests sero-positive. Given the small transmission risk, he refuses a month of troublesome preventive treatment. Since Elin's prepaid cell phone was stolen, staff gets crazy messages 'from her'. She forces Thomas to seek psychiatric help to avoid a complaint about the 'near-assault' while yachting. Aaltje questions fellow patients as if she were psychiatrist Koenders's assistant. Arthur's trap shows she's the phone-thief.

Het gala
S02E11 · Het gala

Nov 10, 2008

All staff dresses up for a mucus disease gala. Only Mo is on call and children's' ward duty, but that come naturally to the gentle fourteen-fold brother. Hugo was to shine as art donations auctioneer with two dates, both accepting to reward him in bed, but his leukemia-terminal brother is brought in with a pneumony crisis he won't survive. Hugo feels guilty having pretended there was more time, but Maurits already guessed and understands. Psychiatrists Koenders declares Aaltje cured and concentrates on Thomas. Marjolein presses lover-teacher Han to keep his gala date ...

Afscheid van Thomas
S02E12 · Afscheid van Thomas

Nov 17, 2008

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De co-assistent Season 2 (2008) is released on Sep 01, 2008 and the latest season 4 of De co-assistent is released in 2010. Watch De co-assistent online - the Dutch Comedy TV series from Netherlands. De co-assistent is directed by Pollo de Pimentel,Marc Willard,Pieter Walther Boer,Anne de Clercq and created by Jacqueline Epskamp with Hanna Verboom and Thom Hoffman.

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De co-assistent





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