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Bron Y Garth Hospital
S02E01 · Bron Y Garth Hospital

Jul 01, 2022

Originally built as a workhouse in the 1800s, Bron Y Garth witnessed many deaths resulting from the poor health and cramped conditions of the day. Many years later it became a hospital, which eventually shut down in 2008. Having stood empty and decaying ever since, it has turned into a paranormal investigator's dream... but unfortunately for one of the guys, it ends up being more like a nightmare.

Antwerp Mansion
S02E02 · Antwerp Mansion

Jul 01, 2022

Antwerp Mansion is a Victorian-era landmark that's lived a dozen lives and held even more mysteries. It's been a private club for politicians in the 1920s and a popular spot for ravers in the 2000s. Through it all, many paranormal investigators who visited believe there's something dark and sinister going on within its grounds. The guys are on-site to explore what may have caused these alleged hauntings.

Bristol Old Courts
S02E03 · Bristol Old Courts

Jul 01, 2022

The guys head for the city of Bristol to its former Victorian courthouse, where prior to its closure 40 years ago, strange occurrences were often reported by convicts being held in its labyrinth of underground cells. Further research into the site reveals that a medieval prison--reputedly the worst in England at the time--once stood on the same ground. Could this be the reason behind this reported activity, and if so, is it still occurring?

The Nightmare Ward
S02E04 · The Nightmare Ward

Jul 01, 2022

Since investigating Bron Y Garth Hospital, one of the team has been experiencing horrific recurring nightmares... which they could no longer ignore. With concern growing that this could possibly indicate some form of spirit attachment, the guys decide to return to the hospital to confront the exact place seen in these visions. Will they discover answers as to why this has been happening, or only encounter more living nightmares?

The Park Hotel
S02E05 · The Park Hotel

Jul 01, 2022

The Park Hotel was built in the Victorian era to attract England's wealthiest seeking a seaside holiday in Morecambe. It was very successful until people began travelling overseas for their holidays, forcing the hotel to close its doors. During its years of service, many unfortunate events took place here...leading to its reputation today of being haunted. What will be in store for the guys as they check in one last time to this abandoned grand hotel?

The Pumping Station
S02E06 · The Pumping Station

Jul 01, 2022

This partially derelict Victorian water pumping station has caught the team's interest for one reason, specifically: For years now, many have claimed the site to be haunted...but there have been no recorded deaths on the property, and it's a fairly common assumption that hauntings only occur as the result of a death. It the claims of a haunting are true, does this location have the potential to disprove our long-held beliefs?

The Ancient Temple
S02E07 · The Ancient Temple

Jul 01, 2022

The rich history of the British Isles continues to inspire books, films, and television to this day. From the invasion of the Roman Empire to the monarchy of the terrible Tudors, these islands have witnessed countless eras of human culture, most of which have been bloody and brutal. Follow along as the guys seek out the oldest site that they have ever investigated--hidden within the heart of an ancient woodland--where a time capsule to a long-forgotten era can be found.

The Fortress of Fear
S02E08 · The Fortress of Fear

Jul 01, 2022

The guys know that the only way to conclude the "Fear Experiment" is to return to the place where it all first began...somewhere they have literally feared since they saw the footage from their earlier investigation. It was apparent that the abandoned fortress held many mysteries within its long chambers; the most concerning of which was, "What on earth can produce those bellowing, beast-like cries?" Will one final fear experiment provide the team with the answer?


Dark Territory Season 2 (2022) is released on Jul 01, 2022 and the latest season 2 of Dark Territory is released in 2022. Watch Dark Territory online - the English Reality-TV TV series from United Kingdom. Dark Territory is directed by Sean Owen,Sean Kenna and created by Sean Kenna with Sean Kenna and Karl Hassall.

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