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Oct 16, 2000

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Cybersix is released in 2000. Watch Cybersix all seasons full episodes online - the English Animation TV series from Canada. Cybersix is directed by Keiichiro Furuya,Keiko Namba,Nobuo Tomizawa,Hiroyuki Aoyama and created by Carlos Meglia with Cathy Weseluck and Michael Dobson.

Cybersix is the name of a powerful advanced female genetic construct android who is the creation of malevolent scientist named Von Richter. He considers her a failed creation owing to her indomitable free will and she was forced to escape to avoid termination by her creator. Now she hides in regular society as a male teacher named Adrienne Seideleman, but she stalks the night as a caped superhero. Vowing eternal opposition to the plans of her creator and his henchmen, she protects her new found world and friend and seeks the humanity that her creator denied from her.