Conversations from the Afterlife

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Season 1

Mar 05, 2016

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Conversations from the Afterlife is released in 2016. Watch Conversations from the Afterlife all seasons full episodes online - the English Fantasy TV series from United States. Conversations from the Afterlife is directed by Adam Henry Garcia and created by Adam Henry Garcia with Michael Satow and Adam Henry Garcia.

Clayton Gibb, long damned for the selling of his mortal soul for musical success in turn of the century America, is betting the Devil (aka Jerry) in a double or nothing fashion. The bet: Gibb will live a second life and achieve what he sold his soul for the first time around without the aid of the Devil. The catch: The Devil gets to define 'musical success' and has set the stakes impossibly high. The prize: If Gibb can succeed, he will be free from the Devil's clutches. (If he fails, he will not only continue to be servant to Jerry... he will be eligible for the most vile, brutal and eternal kind of servitude.) God (aka Penny) wants to help Gibb win the bet because, in her opinion, no creature should be eternally damned... and she just loves ruining the Devil's plans. In order for Gibb to return to plain one he must engage in reincarnation. This is, of course, a symbiotic process. Gibb will have to co-habitate with a new soul originally intended to pilot the body he will be sent back in. In an effort to give him the best chance of winning, God makes sure that Gibb is placed with the soul of musician Isabel Markovski. A gentle and talented woman who is, in point of fact, Gibb's only hope. Their parallel stories play out in alternating episodes until their paths fully intertwine. By the end of the first season they will become one in perhaps the truest sense of the word: Their souls will occupy the same body.