Episodes (7)

S03E01 · Chickens

Sep 02, 2011

1914 and in the village of Rittle-on-sea only three young men have not answered the call to fight: George is a conscientious objector, Cecil has flat feet and Bert really is a coward, unfortunately.

Coma Girl
S03E02 · Coma Girl

Sep 09, 2011

Coma Girl is about a group of female friends united by a shared history but divided by almost everything else. Most friends meet for dinner, or at the pub, or sometimes just grab a quick coffee together, but for these four old school friends their monthly get together is in the unsettling surroundings of an intensive care unit. Siobhan is a failing TV presenter, Sarah is a rather reluctant mother of three, Pip is a pseudo bohemian and Lucy, well Lucy is in a coma. After the initial shock of seeing their friend in such a state, the three old school friends soon realise...

The Fun Police
S03E03 · The Fun Police

Sep 16, 2011

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House of Rooms
S03E04 · House of Rooms

Jan 12, 2012

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The Angelos Neil Epithemiou Show
S03E05 · The Angelos Neil Epithemiou Show

Dec 30, 2011

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The Function Room
S03E06 · The Function Room

Aug 19, 2012

A studio sitcom set in a pub function room which observes the pub regulars who've booked the room for different events.

Felix & Murdo
S03E07 · Felix & Murdo

Dec 28, 2011

In 1908, banker and would-be inventor Felix and his idle, aristocratic friend Murdo, unsuccessful suitor for Felix's sister Winnie, read that the Olympic Games are to take place in London at the exorbitant cost of twelve guineas. Murdo decides to enter the javelin contest to impress Winnie though his training - by Felix - involves drinking and smoking. Meanwhile, Felix is challenged to a duel by the father of Fanny,his betrothed, after opting to see Little Titch at the music hall, rather than get married. Murdo vows to win the event on behalf of the now injured Felix....


Comedy Showcase Season 3 (2011) is released on Sep 02, 2011 and the latest season 3 of Comedy Showcase is released in 2011. Watch Comedy Showcase online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Comedy Showcase is directed by Simon Delaney,Steve Connelly,Elliot Hegarty,William Sinclair and created by Tim Allsop with Katy Wix and Sara Pascoe.

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Comedy Showcase


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Big Talk Productions

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