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The Cousin from Atlanta
S04E01 · The Cousin from Atlanta

Oct 16, 1961

Sheriff Bronco welcomes his pretty young cousin Amanda from Atlanta hoping to find more excitement. Unfortunately one of the things she finds exciting is a young gunman who has his own devious plans for the town's upcoming social event.

Prince of Darkness
S04E02 · Prince of Darkness

Nov 06, 1961

Bronco and actor Edwin Booth, brother of President Lincoln's assassin, work undercover by pretending to be hostile to America so as to infiltrate a group that is plotting to overthrow the government at the request of President Grant.

One Came Back
S04E03 · One Came Back

Nov 27, 1961

Bronco hires on as a guide to three men and a woman who claim to be starting a business in another town. Actually they are a gang of robbers who have already killed one Pinkerton agent, and are now being pursued by another.

The Equalizer
S04E04 · The Equalizer

Dec 18, 1961

Bronco is assigned to keep the peace between feuding outlaws Butch Cassidy and Billy Doolin as they - and their gangs - visit the town of Painted Rock for the wedding of Cassidy's niece and Doolin's brother but others take advantage.

The Harrigan
S04E05 · The Harrigan

Dec 25, 1961

Bronco and hard-drinking Irishman Terrence Harrigan are fired after the wagon they were guarding is attacked, drivers killed and the gold shipment stolen. Both Harrigan and Bronco decide to fight the gang responsible by infiltrating it.

Beginner's Luck
S04E06 · Beginner's Luck

Jan 01, 1962

Bronco finds himself involved in a feud between ranchers Matt Wigram and Jim Gant and the friction between Gant and his son, who is anxious to get out on his own and prove himself independent of his father. Bronco tries to protect the son.

Ride the Whirlwind
S04E07 · Ride the Whirlwind

Jan 15, 1962

Dr. Miles Gillis is returning home from prison after sending warnings the four men who sent him to prison are going to die. Convicted of treason for treating rebels, he is a friend of Bronco and one of the men threatened - the sheriff.

A Sure Thing
S04E08 · A Sure Thing

Jan 22, 1962

Bronco wins a 1000 cattle in poker. However, when he tries to bring them to market, he runs into one rancher who charges him outrageous fees for grazing them and another who won't let Bronco cross his property to take the cattle to market.

Trail of Hatred
S04E09 · Trail of Hatred

Feb 05, 1962

Bronco, an Army scout, is sent on a secret mission with a young cavalry officer who is bringing back a deserter and the money he stole ten years ago to face punishment. What's more, the deserter is the officer's father.

Rendezvous with a Miracle
S04E10 · Rendezvous with a Miracle

Feb 12, 1962

Deputy Bronco Layne is trailing Marshal Hank Barton who is hoping Valerie Ames will lead him to Mike Bestor, $50,000 and the bandit Rico Cardido who stole it. A stage accident kills the Marshal and Valerie to assume the identity of a nun.

Destinies West
S04E11 · Destinies West

Feb 26, 1962

Bronco is working undercover to find a Confederate guerrilla who stole $1,000,000 in gold bullion. His first lead is shot and dies but a clue he left leads Bronco to the guerrilla's home, Bonnetville, and a beautiful dealer.

The Last Letter
S04E12 · The Last Letter

Mar 05, 1962

Bronco is to lead a group of wagons into Mexico with farm implements as a cover for $1,000,000 in gold to support the Mexicans against the French. He has recruited a group of reconstructed rebels for the trip and there are surprises.

One Evening in Abilene
S04E13 · One Evening in Abilene

Mar 19, 1962

Bronco is leading a cattle drive to Abilene, Kansas, a town torn apart by the Civil War. One of his drovers, a young ex-Confederate, gets into continuous trouble over his past, and a woman hopes to use him to get revenge on Marshal Hickok.

Until Kingdom Come
S04E14 · Until Kingdom Come

Mar 26, 1962

Bronco has been hired to protect Prince Philip and his caretaker who have crossed over from Mexico into the U.S.A. A Mexican wants them for revenge in the killing of his brother while others are after them for the $1 million in jewels.

Moment of Doubt
S04E15 · Moment of Doubt

Apr 02, 1962

Captain Bronco Layne is given a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Army, but it's part of a plan to get him into a ring of conspirators who are plotting to assassinate top government officials so they can take it over.

A Town That Lived and Died
S04E16 · A Town That Lived and Died

Apr 09, 1962

A young woman who claims to be writing an article on western ghost towns hires Bronco as a guide to a ghost town he knows. When they arrive, he finds himself surrounded by men from the town wanting revenge for his work during the war.

The Immovable Object
S04E17 · The Immovable Object

Apr 16, 1962

Bronco working for the Army Engineers finds himself involved in trying to move one last settler out of a basin that is to be flooded to make a lake. The man and his granddaughter start a worldwide riot when a reporter tells their story.

Then the Mountains
S04E18 · Then the Mountains

Apr 30, 1962

Bronco leads a group of ex-rebels from Virginia. They are near Fort Bridger and old feelings surface when an Army patrol stops them looking for a deserter suspected of robbing and murdering a sutler in an area known to be unsafe.


Bronco Season 4 (1961) is released on Oct 16, 1961 and the latest season 4 of Bronco is released in 1961. Watch Bronco online - the English Western TV series from United States. Bronco is directed by Lee Sholem,Alan Crosland Jr.,Robert Sparr,Herbert L. Strock and created by Gerald Drayson Adams with Ty Hardin and Robert Colbert.

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ブロンコ, Bronco


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