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The Mustangers
S03E01 · The Mustangers

Oct 17, 1960

Bronco takes a job herding cattle cars, working for an arrogant boss who has a beautiful and flirtatious younger wife. During a fight, the boss falls off the train, and Bronco is blamed, but the man's body can't be found.

Apache Treasure
S03E02 · Apache Treasure

Nov 07, 1960

Army scout Bronco is to find out who's been killing and scalping Apache men, woman, and children. The chief's brother was among the last victims, and Bronco must find the guilty parties before the peace treaty is broken and war breaks out.

Seminole War Pipe
S03E03 · Seminole War Pipe

Dec 12, 1960

To save two Seminole friends, man and wife, from a lynching by former Confederates, Bronco tells them the story of how they tried to help the South in the war by bringing Jefferson Davis' peace offering to their chief in Florida.

Ordeal at Dead Tree
S03E04 · Ordeal at Dead Tree

Jan 02, 1961

A bank is robbed and a teller killed. The four brothers responsible knock out Bronco and make it look like he was involved. He is arrested but escapes when lynch talk gets out of control and heads with the sheriff to find the real robbers.

The Invaders
S03E05 · The Invaders

Jan 23, 1961

Bronco rides into Peaceful to see his Army friend Marshal Durrock and his daughter Molly. He finds himself the acting Marshal when the Tilsey gang kidnaps Molly threatening to kill her unless they have free reign to steal a gold shipment.

The Buckbrier Trail
S03E06 · The Buckbrier Trail

Feb 20, 1961

Bronco has been requested to transport a prisoner to Santa Fe for trial for robbery and murder while a decoy goes on the stage. He loses sealed instructions for an emergency which occurs when a victim's relatives attack them.

Yankee Tornado
S03E07 · Yankee Tornado

Mar 13, 1961

Bronco is hunting meat for the railroad in Montana working for Henry Paddock. After a fight over a bear with Theodore Roosevelt, they come to respect each other. Bronco soon realizes Roosevelt is right that his bosses are up to something.

Manitoba Manhunt
S03E08 · Manitoba Manhunt

Apr 03, 1961

Deputy U.S. Marshal Bronco is asked to go with two marshals to Canada to identify a wanted man - his commanding officer in the war. In Canada they meet with the RCMP who help find the man. However, questions arise about his two partners.

Stage to the Sky
S03E09 · Stage to the Sky

Apr 24, 1961

Bronco stops the lynching of a friend who went from gunfighter to minister. The money he raised for a new church was stolen so the parishioners with some encouragement think he stole it. Bronco soon discovers who he thinks really did it.

Guns of the Lawless
S03E10 · Guns of the Lawless

May 08, 1961

Bronco finds the owners of the Rocking Chair ranch, Gil Groves and Petrie Munger, have split the ranch allowing a feud to develop. Munger has hired a sadistic gunman, who beats Bronco and Groves' foreman leaving them in the desert to die.


Bronco Season 3 (1960) is released on Oct 17, 1960 and the latest season 4 of Bronco is released in 1961. Watch Bronco online - the English Western TV series from United States. Bronco is directed by Lee Sholem,Alan Crosland Jr.,Robert Sparr,Herbert L. Strock and created by Gerald Drayson Adams with Ty Hardin and Robert Colbert.

As know as:

ブロンコ, Bronco


United States



Production Companies:

Warner Bros. Television

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