Bonyo Premer Golpo

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 Season 2
Season 2

Oct 09, 2020

A killer is haunting the asylum. Can Dr. Kanishka find out the secrets of the lunatic killer?

 Season 1
Season 1

Jan 23, 2020

A story about how far a person can go in love?? How could something as beautiful as love, shape something as ugly as murder? Bonyo Premer Golpo a thriller story that brings you the wilder side of love.

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Bonyo Premer Golpo is released in 2020 and the latest season 2 of Bonyo Premer Golpo is released in 2020. Watch Bonyo Premer Golpo all seasons full episodes online - the Bengali Thriller TV series from India. Bonyo Premer Golpo is directed by Sani Ghose Ray and created by Ruchita Chatterji with Tanushree Chakraborty and Ena Saha.