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Miss Ketty Lester & Mr. Gene Chandler "The Debut of The New AMERICAN BANDSTAND 1966"
S09E01 · Miss Ketty Lester & Mr. Gene Chandler "The Debut of The New AMERICAN BANDSTAND 1966"

Sep 11, 1965

Ketty Lester sings "Love Letters" and "I'll Be Looking Back." Gene Chandler sings "(Gonna Be) Good Times" and "Nothing Can Stop Me."

Episode #9.2
S09E02 · Episode #9.2

Sep 18, 1965

Neil Sedaka sings "Breaking Up is Hard to Do." The Royalettes sing "Poor Boy." Dick Clark talks by phone with disc jockey Tac Hammer, of WAKX radio, Duluth, Minnesota.

Episode #9.3
S09E03 · Episode #9.3

Sep 25, 1965

Dobie Gray sings "The 'In' Crowd" and "My Baby." Glen Campbell performs "Universal Soldier" and "Tomorrow Never Comes." Dick Clark talks by phone with disc jockey "Daryl B" Burlingham, of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Episode #9.4
S09E04 · Episode #9.4

Oct 02, 1965

Steve Alaimo sings "Hitchhike" and "Blowin' in the Wind." Derek Martin performs "You Better Go" and "Your Daddy Wants His Baby Back." Dick Clark talks by phone with El Paso disc jockey Charlie Russell.

Episode #9.5
S09E05 · Episode #9.5

Oct 09, 1965

Barbara Mason sings "If You Don't (Love Me, Tell Me So)" and "Yes, I'm Ready." The Vejtables perform "I Still Love You." Dick Clark talks by phone with Atlanta disc jockey Pat Hughes.

Episode #9.6
S09E06 · Episode #9.6

Oct 16, 1965

The Toys sing "A Lover's Concerto" and "This Night." Joey Paige sings "Gone Back To Tennessee" and "Goodnight My Love."

Episode #9.7
S09E07 · Episode #9.7

Oct 23, 1965

Jackie DeShannon sings "A Lifetime of Loneliness." The Spokesmen perform "Dawn of Correction." A telephone interview with Bobby Rydell.

1965 Halloween Show
S09E08 · 1965 Halloween Show

Oct 30, 1965

The Mojo Men perform "Dance with Me" and "Loneliest Guy in Town." Barry Young sings "One Has My Name (the Other Has My Heart)." Ted Cassidy talks about the new dance "The Lurch," which was named after his "Addams Family" character.

Episode #9.9
S09E09 · Episode #9.9

Nov 06, 1965

Brenda Holloway sings "When I'm Gone" and "You Can Cry on My Shoulder." The Sunrays perform "I Live for the Sun" and "Bye Baby Bye."

Episode #9.10
S09E10 · Episode #9.10

Nov 13, 1965

The Gentrys perform "Keep On Dancing." Bobby Vee sings "Run to Him" and "High Coin."

Smokey Robinson and The Miracles/Gale Garnett
S09E11 · Smokey Robinson and The Miracles/Gale Garnett

Nov 20, 1965

Smokey Robinson and The Miracles perform "My Girl Has Gone" and "Mickey's Monkey." Gale Garnett sings "Why Am I Standing At The Window?" and her 1964 hit "We'll Sing in the Sunshine." A telephone interview with Freddie and the Dreamers.

Episode #9.12
S09E12 · Episode #9.12

Nov 27, 1965

Ronnie Dove sings "Kiss Away." Ian Whitcomb performs "Nervous" and "You Turn Me On."

Episode #9.13
S09E13 · Episode #9.13

Dec 04, 1965

Gary Lewis and The Playboys perform "Everybody Loves A Clown" and "Save Your Heart for Me." Diane and Annita sing "One by One" and "Why Do You Take So Long to Say Goodnight?" A telephone interview with Dusty Springfield.

Episode #9.14
S09E14 · Episode #9.14

Dec 11, 1965

Dee Dee Sharp sings "I Really Love You." The Deep Six perform "Rising Sun" and "Strollin' Blues." A telephone interview with Lou Christie.

Episode #9.15
S09E15 · Episode #9.15

Dec 18, 1965

April Stevens and Nino Tempo sing "Begin the Beguine" and "Hey Baby." Josephine Sunday sings "You Won't Even Know Her Name." Dick Clark interviews in-studio guest Murray the K, popular New York City disc jockey.

The New American Bandstand 1966 Christmas Show
S09E16 · The New American Bandstand 1966 Christmas Show

Dec 25, 1965

Bobby Rydell sings "Roses in the Snow." Dick and Dee Dee sing "Use What You've Got" and "The Mountain's High." A telephone interview with Dave Clark, of the Dave Clark Five.

The New American Bandstand 1966 New Year's Show
S09E17 · The New American Bandstand 1966 New Year's Show

Jan 01, 1966

Mel Carter sings "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" and "(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings." Keith Allison performs "Sweet Little Rock N' Roller" and "The Girl Can't Help It." A telephone interview with singer Marvin Gaye.

Episode #9.18
S09E18 · Episode #9.18

Jan 08, 1966

Lou Christie sings "Lightnin' Strikes." The Knickerbockers perform "Lies" and "The Coming Generation." A telephone interview with former Beatles drummer Pete Best.

Episode #9.19
S09E19 · Episode #9.19

Jan 15, 1966

Bobby Goldsboro sings "If You've Got a Heart" and "Voodoo Woman." Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels perform "Jenny Take A Ride!" and "I Got You (I Feel Good)." A telephone interview with Lou Christie.

Episode #9.20
S09E20 · Episode #9.20

Jan 22, 1966

Chad and Jeremy perform "Teenage Failure" and "Willow Weep for Me." Joe Tex sings "A Sweet Woman Like You" and "Hold What You've Got" (aka "Hold On To What You've Got"). A telephone interview with the Knickerbockers.

Episode #9.21
S09E21 · Episode #9.21

Jan 29, 1966

Peter and Gordon sing "Don't Pity Me" and "Woman." The Kingsmen perform "(You Got) The Gamma Goochee" and "The Jolly Green Giant." A telephone interview with The Yardbirds.

Episode #9.22
S09E22 · Episode #9.22

Feb 05, 1966

Ray Peterson sings "Love Hurts" and "Corinna, Corinna." Paul Revere and The Raiders perform "Just Like Me" and "Steppin' Out."

Episode #9.23
S09E23 · Episode #9.23

Feb 12, 1966

The Young Rascals perform "Slow Down" and "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore." Al Martino sings "Spanish Eyes" and "Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself To Sleep."

Episode #9.24
S09E24 · Episode #9.24

Feb 19, 1966

The Mamas and The Papas sing "California Dreamin'" and "I Call Your Name." Bob Lind performs "Elusive Butterfly" and "Cheryl's Goin' Home."

Episode #9.25
S09E25 · Episode #9.25

Feb 26, 1966

Donna Loren sings "Call Me" and "If You Really Love Me." The T-Bones perform "No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)" and "Pizza Parlor." A telephone interview with musician-bandleader Neal Hefti, who composed the "Batman" TV theme.

Episode #9.26
S09E26 · Episode #9.26

Mar 05, 1966

Freddy Cannon sings "The Dedication Song" and "Action." Duane Eddy performs "El Rancho Grande" and "Because They're Young." A telephone interview with Rod Allen of The Fortunes.

Episode #9.27
S09E27 · Episode #9.27

Mar 12, 1966

Chris Montez sings "Call Me" and his 1962 hit "Let's Dance." B.J. Thomas sings "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." A telephone interview with Doug Sahm of the Sir Douglas Quintet (record: "The Rains Came")

Episode #9.28
S09E28 · Episode #9.28

Mar 19, 1966

Paul Revere and The Raiders perform "Baby Please Don't Go" and "Kicks." Bob Braun sings "Till Death Do Us Part" and "My Heart Keeps Holdin' On." A telephone interview with Herb Alpert.

Episode #9.29
S09E29 · Episode #9.29

Mar 26, 1966

The Sir Douglas Quintet perform "She's About a Mover" and "The Rains Came." Roy Clark sings "Rose Colored Glasses." A telephone interview with Rick Henn and Marty DiGiovanni of The Sunrays.

Episode #9.30
S09E30 · Episode #9.30

Apr 02, 1966

Mel Carter sings "Love is All We Need" and "Band of Gold." The Ventures perform "Secret Agent Man" and "Green Hornet 66." Dick Clark interviews comedian Don Knotts.

Episode #9.31
S09E31 · Episode #9.31

Apr 09, 1966

The Beau Brummels perform "One Too Many Mornings" and "Laugh, Laugh." A telephone interview with Chris Hillman of The Byrds.

Episode #9.32
S09E32 · Episode #9.32

Apr 16, 1966

Norma Tanega sings "Walkin' my Cat Named Dog." Eddie Holman sings "This Can't Be True." A telephone interview with The Righteous Brothers.

Episode #9.33
S09E33 · Episode #9.33

Apr 23, 1966

Martha and The Vandellas sing "My Baby Loves Me" and "Dancing in the Street." Tommy Boyce sings "Let's Go Where The Action Is" and "Pretty Thing (You're Out Of Sight)." A telephone interview with Stevie Wonder.

Episode #9.34
S09E34 · Episode #9.34

Apr 30, 1966

Jackie DeShannon sings "Come and Get Me" and "What the World Needs Now Is Love." Bob Kuban and The In-Men perform "The Teaser" and "The Cheater." A telephone interview with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

Episode #9.35
S09E35 · Episode #9.35

May 07, 1966

Otis Redding sings "Satisfaction" and "Respect." The Shadows of Knight perform "Gloria." A telephone interview with singer P.J. Proby.

Episode #9.36
S09E36 · Episode #9.36

May 14, 1966

Brian Hyland sings "3000 Miles" and his 1962 hit "Sealed with a Kiss." Just Us perform "I Can't Grow Peaches on a Cherry Tree" and "Only If You Love Me." A telephone interview with Howard Kaylan of The Turtles.

Episode #9.37
S09E37 · Episode #9.37

May 21, 1966

The Tokens perform "I Hear Trumpets Blow."

Episode #9.38
S09E38 · Episode #9.38

May 28, 1966

The Olympics perform "Mine Exclusively" and "Big Boy Pete." The Gentrys perform "Keep on Dancing" and "Everyday I Have To Cry." A telephone conversation with Bobby Fuller.

Episode #9.39
S09E39 · Episode #9.39

Jun 04, 1966

Roy Orbison sings "Twinkle Toes" and "Oh, Pretty Woman." The Sunrays perform "Still" and "Andrea."

Episode #9.40
S09E40 · Episode #9.40

Jun 11, 1966

Roy Head sings "Wigglin' And Gigglin'" and "Treat Her Right." The Blues Project perform "I Want to Be Your Driver." A telephone interview with Petula Clark.

Episode #9.41
S09E41 · Episode #9.41

Jun 18, 1966

Arthur Lee and Love perform "A Message to Pretty" and "My Little Red Book." Steve Alaimo sings "So Much Love" and "May We?" A telephone interview with Captain Beefheart. Dick Clark talks by phone with D.J. Ron Riley, of Chicago's WLS radio.

Episode #9.42
S09E42 · Episode #9.42

Jun 25, 1966

Neil Diamond sings "Do It" and "Solitary Man." The Great Scots perform "Run, Run For Your Life" and "Ball and Chain." A telephone interview with John Beck of The Leaves. Dick Clark talks by phone with WABC New York disc jockey Bruce Morrow.

Episode #9.43
S09E43 · Episode #9.43

Jul 02, 1966

Ketty Lester sings "When a Woman Loves a Man" and "Nice and Easy." The Vogues perform "The Land of Milk and Honey" and "Magic Town." A telephone interview with Dave Berk, Dick Dodd, and Larry Tamblyn of The Standells.

Episode #9.44
S09E44 · Episode #9.44

Jul 09, 1966

The Leaves perform "Hey Joe" and "Girl from the East." Keith Allison sings "Look At Me" and "I Ain't Blaming You." "Hot Line" segment: A telephone interview with Dee Robb of The Robbs.

Episode #9.45
S09E45 · Episode #9.45

Jul 16, 1966

Kelly Garrett sings "An Answer to a Young Girl's Prayer" and "A Toy in the Hands of a Child." Danny Hutton performs "Funny How Love Can Be" and "Roses and Rainbows." A telephone interview with Dave Clark (of the Dave Clark Five).

Donna Loren, The Turtles
S09E46 · Donna Loren, The Turtles

Jul 23, 1966

The Turtles perform "You Baby" and "Outside Chance." Donna Loren sings "Call Me" and "I Believe." A telephone interview with Jim Yester of The Association. Dick Clark talks by phone with Denver, Colorado, disc jockey "King" George Michael.

Episode #9.47
S09E47 · Episode #9.47

Jul 30, 1966

The Syndicate of Sound perform "Little Girl" and "That Kind of Man." Ian Whitcomb sings "You Won't See Me" and "This Sporting Life." A telephone interview with Sonny and Cher. Dick Clark talks by phone with Norfolk, VA, D.J. Don Bruce.

Episode #9.48
S09E48 · Episode #9.48

Aug 06, 1966

James Brown sings "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" and "Money Won't Change You." The Rovin' Kind perform "Right on Time" and "Night People." A telephone interview with Percy Sledge. Dick Clark talks by phone with Atlanta D.J. Paul Drew.

Episode #9.49
S09E49 · Episode #9.49

Aug 13, 1966

The Righteous Brothers sing "Go Ahead and Cry" and "Something You've Got." Joe Simon sings "Teenager's Prayer" and "My Adorable One." In taped interviews, Gary Lewis, Paul Revere, and Sam the Sham give their views on John Lennon.

Episode #9.50
S09E50 · Episode #9.50

Aug 20, 1966

The Temptations perform "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and "Get Ready." Sandy Posey sings "Born A Woman." Telephone interviews with singer Wilson Pickett and Miami disc jockey John Powers.

American Bandstand's 9th Anniversary on ABC-TV Featuring Johnny Rivers
S09E51 · American Bandstand's 9th Anniversary on ABC-TV Featuring Johnny Rivers

Aug 27, 1966

American Bandstand's 9th Anniversary Show, Part 1 of 2. Johnny Rivers performs "Poor Side of Town" and "Memphis." A visit with former Bandstand regulars who appeared on the show in 1957. Records from 1957 are played.

Episode #9.52
S09E52 · Episode #9.52

Sep 03, 1966

American Bandstand's 9th Anniversary Show, Part 2 of 2. Lou Christie sings "Two Faces Have I" and "If My Car Could Only Talk." Former Bandstand regular Ken Rossi sings "Bad Boy."


American Bandstand (also know as Bandstand) Season 9 (1965) is released on Sep 11, 1965 and the latest season 32 of American Bandstand is released in 1989. Watch American Bandstand online - the English Music TV series from United States. American Bandstand is directed by Ed Yates,Kip Walton,Barry Glazer,Hal Galli and created by Charles Isaacs with Dick Clark and Charlie O'Donnell.

On this show, Dick Clark a weekly dance that featured the latest hit music for attending to dance to. In addition, the show had performances by popular musicians and audience members rated songs.

As know as:

Bandstand, AB, VH1's Best of American Bandstand, Bandstand, Dick Clark's American Bandstand


United States



Production Companies:

WFIL Philadelphia, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), USA Network

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