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 Season 11
Season 11

Nov 16, 2019

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 Season 10
Season 10

Apr 23, 2005

The tenth and final season of All That aired from early 2005 until late 2005. The season aired 15 episodes, beginning with a special to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Approximately 6.2 million total viewers watched the special on both its April 23 and April 24 airings, making it the top cable or broadcast program for the 2-11, 6-11, and 9-14 age demographics. The show saw many changes before the start of the season. Shane Lyons and Giovonnie Samuels were both dropped from the show to make room for new cast members. Jamie Lynn Spears got her own show on Nickelodeon and left the show. Producers hired Kianna Underwood and Denzel Whitaker to replace them. After a five year absence the art of the featured player was brought back to the show. Lil' JJ was brought on as the feature player. Like the last season producers brought back Vital Information which had been absent since the 6th season. Producers got Lil' JJ to anchor the sketch. However, he would only appear in the sketch and not take part in any other part of the show. The intro was similar to Season 4 It featured the cast on a red carpet, they come out of a limo and greet their fans. Season 10 ended on October 22, 2005 with the show reaching a total of 178 episodes. Since then, Nickelodeon has removed All That from its television line with reruns appearing on TeenNick and ending 22 Episodes before the 200th episode.

 Season 9
Season 9

Oct 25, 2003

This is the 9th season of All That and the third season of the relaunch era. This season aired from late 2003 until early 2004. This season had only 15 episodes. Many changes happened before the start of this season. Bryan Hearne left the show after two seasons to focus on his music. During the off-season Nickelodeon advertised a competition called "R U All That?: Nickelodeon's Search for the Funniest Kid in America". It was a nationwide search to find a new cast member. The judges happened to be former cast members Amanda Bynes and Nick Cannon. After this contest ended in early 2003, the finals aired on July 26, 2003. The contest picked five finalists, and all of them performed a sketch with some of the cast members. The winner was Christina Kirkman who joined the show in the season opener. Ryan Coleman, the runner up in the contest, joined mid season. Producers viewed as a good replacement for Hearne. Ratings wise the show wasn't doing well. In a order to get ratings up the producers brought back old fan favorite sketchs, like Good Burger. However instead of Kel Mitchell in his famous chacacter Ed, they put in Coleman in a test skit. They thought the fit would work, resulting in the Revision of the skit.

 Season 8

The 8th season season of All That is the second season of the Relaunch era. This season began in 2002 and ended in 2003 and was taped from very early 2002- late 2002. The show saw many changes before the start of the season. Since season 7 was more of an experiment season, producers knew what worked and what didn't work with the show. Pickle Boy was taken out and only shown on rare occasions, and a formal green room was introduced. Like the first six seasons, the cast would start the show in the green room before starting the show. The intro was the same as the previous season, but with Spears edited in. The entire cast from last season returned for their second on the show. Producers added Jamie Lynn Spears to the cast, who was also the young sister of singer Britney Spears, due to her interest in being on the show. Claims of nepotism arose from this, and ironically, Britney Spears would show up and host and perform in this season. This would be the final season for Bryan Hearne. Hearne wished to leave the show so he could focus on his music career. This is also the first season when the cast began to perform Snick On-Air Dare. After the season ended, producers wanted to switch things up when looking for new cast members for the following season. Producers got Nickelodeon to hold a contest called: "R U All That?: Nickelodeon's Search for the Funniest Kid in America" to find the new cast member.

 Season 7

The first episode of the seventh season on All That featured special guests Frankie Muniz and Aaron Carter and aired on January 19, 2002. This season ran from January 19, 2002 to May 4, 2002 with 13 episodes aired, the fewest out of all the other seasons. The season was taped from early 2001 to late 2001. Many changes happened to the show before the start of this season. The entire cast of the previous season left the show. Nickelodeon replaced them with new cast members, who would bring in fresh material. The new cast included Chelsea Brummet, Jack DeSena, Lisa Foiles, Bryan Hearne, Shane Lyons, Giovonnie Samuels and Kyle Sullivan. Other changes occurred before the start of the season as well. The show got rid of the long-running sketch Vital Information. Which had been featured in every show since the second episode of the first season. Instead the replaced it with a new sketch called Know Your Stars. Which was featured in almost every episode of this season and onward. The show also got rid of the traditional green room, where the cast would hang out. In this season, the cast would be featured walking around the studio instead of being in one area. Another change was the absence Kevin Kopelow. A long-running gag in the first six seasons was Kevin The Stage Manager, who was usually hurt in some way. Instead he replaced with Pickle Boy. A random person who would usually be seen offering people pickle.

 Season 6

All That's sixth season ran from January 15, 2000 to November 4, 2000. This season contained 14 episodes, in addition to 11 specials titled the Best of All That in 1999-2001. Many changes occurred before the start of this season. Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson both left the show after five seasons. Mitchell and Thompson would both go on to film the final season of Kenan & Kel and then leave Nickelodeon altogether. Producers hired then unknown comic Gabriel Iglesias to replace the absence left by Mitchell and Thompson. Producers also upgraded Nick Cannon and Mark Saul to repertory status. They were the first cast members in the show's history to survive featured status, unlike that of Tricia Dickson, Victor-Cohn Lopez and Zach McLemore in past seasons. After 13 episodes the show was put on hiatus. To keep the show running, the producers compiled a series called Best of All That, featuring the season four cast members: Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli, and Kenan Thompson. After those six episodes, following were four episodes called "Tunes into TV", "Peas, Cheese, Bag of Chips", "Music", and "Dates, Goats, and Romance". Leon Frierson and Christy Knowings did not have Best Of specials.

 Season 5

All That's fifth season ran from December 12, 1998 to October 16, 1999. The season contained 21 episodes with a 100th Episode Special Midway. The show saw many changes before the start of this season. Lori Beth Denberg after leaving the show at the end of the previous season. Since she was one of the original cast members, her characters and presence was missed by fans alike. Since Denberg was the anchor of Vital Information, a new anchor was needed to fill the segment. Danny Tamberelli succeeded Denberg in the Vital Information sketch, and Tamberelli was given a new set and a new desk unlike that of Denberg's Vital Information. Featured cast members Victor-Cohn Lopez and Zach Mclemore were both dropped from the show. Producers hired Nick Cannon and Mark Saul to fill the gap they left behind. Like that of Lopez and Mclemore, both Saul and Cannon were both put into featured status. However, producers did not bring on any replacement for Denberg, leaving the cast to only have two female cast members. Like Mitchell and Thompson years earlier, producers offered Bynes her own show. Bynes's popularity with the audience was huge. Producers saw their chance to capitalize on her fame and gave her own show. The show would be known as The Amanda Show.

 Season 4

All That's fourth season ran from November 15, 1997 to November 28, 1998. This season had the most episodes, at 21 episodes aired. The show saw many changes before the start of the season. Original cast members Katrina Johnson and Alisa Reyes both had left the show. New cast member Tricia Dickson was let go from the show before the start of this season to make way for the new cast members. Dickson and Reyes, however, would make an appearance together in an unused Good Burger sketch from season 3. The producers decided to hire three new cast members to make up for the three that had left. In a bit of stunt casting they hired Danny Tamberelli. Tamberelli was a Nickelodeon veteran, he already had his own show on the network and had made numerous guest appearances on other shows on Nickelodeon. The producers also brought on Christy Knowings and Leon Frierson. The three would provide new life to the show. Midway through the season Victor-Cohn Lopez and Zach Mclemore were hired. Like Dickson they were added as featured players and did not have any major screen time. This was also the first season recorded at Nickelodeon On Sunset in Hollywood, California This would be Lori Beth Denberg's final season on the show. In a live chat on, she reasoned that she left All That, because she "was getting older." Denberg was the last original female cast member on the show before her departure.

 Season 3

All That's third season ran from November 16, 1996 to October 18, 1997. This season of All That contained 21 episodes. Many changes to the show happened before the start of the season started. This was the only season recorded at Paramount Pictures after moving from Nickelodeon Studios, but before moving to Nickelodeon On Sunset. Original cast member Angelique Bates did not return to the show after her contract had expired last season. Her absence left a hole in the cast, the producers hired Amanda Bynes to take her place as a new cast member. The producers also hired Tricia Dickson as a cast member mid way through the season. However she was put into featured status and mostly played supporting roles during her short time on the show. This would be the final season for Tricia Dickson, Katrina Johnson and Alisa Reyes. Johnson disappeared from the show mid-season because her contract expired, but she was kept in the opening credits. Johnson was replaced by Dickson, who was let go at the end of the season to make way for more new cast members to join in the following season. Reyes left the show on her own terms. This season is also notable for being the last season to feature more female cast members than male, until season 9.

 Season 2

All That's second season ran from October 7, 1995 to October 12, 1996. This season contained 22 episodes. This season is similar to season one, because this season stars the same cast members and is also taped in Orlando, Florida. After the next season ended the show moved out of Florida and moved to Nickelodeon On Sunset in Hollywood, California. Season 2 is also the final season for Angelique Bates, whose contract with the show was not renewed. The intro for the second season is the same as the first season. The producers thought that Mitchell and Thompson had good chemistry on the show together. From there, the duo would begin starring on their own show, Kenan & Kel. The show debuted during this season, with Mitchell and Thompson performing on both shows and doing other promotional work for the network. This was the first season to air on The '90s Are All That block on TeenNick on July 25, 2011; however the musical guests are not shown on the TeenNick re-airings

 Season 1

All That's first season ran on April 16, 1994 as a special preview, but officially ran from December 24, 1994 to April 1, 1995. The first season began in 1994-1995 with the pilot and 14 episodes. On April 16, 1994, Nickelodeon aired The All That Pilot, which was the beginning of Season 1, The beginning of The "Golden Era", and the start of The All That series. After You Can't Do That on Television ended production in 1990, Nickelodeon had interest in creating another sketch comedy series for the network. The network debuted another sketch show called Roundhouse in 1992. After the shows debut Nickelodeon asked Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins to create a new show. The network wanted a show that was similar to Saturday Night Live, but for kids. Joe Davola, Kevin Kopelow, Dan Schneider and Heath Seifert were brought on as producers and were a major part of the writing force for the show. Producers went on a search to finds kids to join the cast after the network greenlighted the show. Angelique Bates, Lori Beth Denberg, Katrina Johnson, Kel Mitchell, Alisa Reyes, Josh Server, and Kenan Thompson were hired. Bates got a call from her agent about the show in late 1992. She auditioned by doing an impression of Steve Urkel, which she would get to do various times on the show. Denberg was discovered by producers at a drama competition; she was invited to audition and got the gig. Johnson, Mitchell, Reyes, Server, and Thompson went through a series of auditions to get on the show.

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A combination sketch comedy/musical performance show in the tradition of "Saturday Night Live," this program starred a teenage cast and was targeted at younger viewers. The show featured a number of repeating characters, including Baggin' Saggin' Barry, Super Dude, and the misfit fast food employees of Good Burger, which spawned a movie of the same name.