Alice in Borderland

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 Season 2
Season 2

Dec 22, 2022

Arisu and Usagi have survived against all odds. Having beaten all other players and come close to unraveling the mystery at the heart of their missions, the pair are back at the start. The game has simply been reset with new stakes and new rules. In a world in which players compete in savage trials for real-life benefits the only way out is to discover who controls the game. With the previous gamemasters found dead in the control room, Arisu and Usagi must face a new threat. Mira, the gamemaster who is now announcing new games for the face cards was last seen taunting the competitors for the sacrifices of their friends. A callous and sadistic image on the screen; Mira has set the competitors on new games that will be more deadly than ever. Now they know that there’s no guarantee of freedom at the end; Arisu and Usagi will have to win the games to survive while trying to break free from the world they are trapped in.

 Season 1
Season 1

Dec 10, 2020

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Arisu is a man without much money or luck. He is unemployed currently as well. Out of the blue a blinding light engulfs him one day in whose aftermath the city of Tokyo has lost all its inhabitants save Arisu and two friends. This is a dangerous and potentially fatal game of survival now in which they are forced to take part.