Episodes (38)

S05E01 · Arthur

Sep 27, 1959

When his pretty ex-fiancee returns from another failed relationship, a chicken farmer, not wanting anything to do with her, decides to eliminate her.

The Crystal Trench
S05E02 · The Crystal Trench

Oct 04, 1959

An obsessed young woman waits decades for her husband's body to emerge from the ice, after he fell from a mountain.

Appointment at Eleven
S05E03 · Appointment at Eleven

Oct 11, 1959

David Logan lives at home with his mother and he's still upset that his father left them many years before. He is haunted by an event when he was twelve years old and he came home to find his father with a blue-eyed blond. He tells his mother he has an appointment at 11:00 so he skips dinner and heads to a bar. There he meets a girl and repeats several times that something big is going to happen at 11:00. He gets into a fight with a sailor in the bar and tells him the same and then again with a patron in an Irish pub, now saying someone is going to die at the ...

Coyote Moon
S05E04 · Coyote Moon

Oct 18, 1959

A goodhearted man picks up an old guy, his adult son and daughter hitchhiking, but they steal from him every chance they get.

No Pain
S05E05 · No Pain

Oct 25, 1959

A woman reveals to her rich, invalid husband dependent on a respirator, that she's planning to painlessly murder him, but he may have a surprise for her.

Anniversary Gift
S05E06 · Anniversary Gift

Nov 01, 1959

Myra Jenkins has quite a menagerie in her home: birds, a turtle, a monkey, a chameleon and on and on. She is quite devoted to them, usually at the expense of her husband Hermie. Their neighbor, George Bay, is always telling Hermie how much he misses his late wife and that since since she's died, all he ever does is travel, go fishing and drink beer. All of this sounds pretty good to Hermie who hatches a plan to get his wife a new pet that may not be very cuddly and lovable but may give him the way out that he desires. Little does Hermie realize the predicament he is ...

Dry Run
S05E07 · Dry Run

Nov 08, 1959

A crime boss gives a new employee an assignment to kill another man, but the intended victim tempts him with another offer.

The Blessington Method
S05E08 · The Blessington Method

Nov 15, 1959

In the future year of 1980, life expectancy has increased dramatically and J.J. Bunce provides an essential service. He approaches John Treadwell and informs him that his elderly mother-in-law, now in her 80s and who lives with him full-time, will live at least another 32 years. Bunce's offer is quite simple: he will dispose of her for a fee. Initially Treadwell rejects the suggestion out of hand, but at home, the old lady is becoming ever more demanding. In the end, he accepts Bunce's offer but he does wonder what his own children might do when the time comes.

Dead Weight
S05E09 · Dead Weight

Nov 22, 1959

A married man captures a gunman who tried to rob him and his mistress, but to avoid a scandal, he contemplates whether to let him go or kill him.

Special Delivery
S05E10 · Special Delivery

Nov 29, 1959

Mental suggestions and odd behavior have some people believing a special delivery of quick-growing mushroom spores may be an invading life form.

Road Hog
S05E11 · Road Hog

Dec 06, 1959

A very rude traveling salesman forces a truck off the road, causing a delay in emergency care for an injured young man, who dies.

Specialty of the House
S05E12 · Specialty of the House

Dec 13, 1959

Mr. Laffler invites Mr. Costain to join him for dinner at a private club that he describes as a very special experience. To his disappointment, Laffler is informed that the house specialty, a lamb dish, is not being served. They continue to visit the club and one evening, the famous dish is served. It also happens that a long-time member has resigned. What, if anything, do the two events have in common?

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
S05E13 · An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Dec 20, 1959

In the Civil War, Union soldiers hang a Confederate farmer for sabotage. The rope breaks and he falls into a river. He swims to safety and begins walking home. Disoriented, he's glad to see plantation staff who guide his befogged travel.

Graduating Class
S05E14 · Graduating Class

Dec 27, 1959

While on a date, a new teacher of European literature at an all-girl college observes one of her students leaving a nightclub with a man and follows them. What could go wrong?

Man from the South
S05E15 · Man from the South

Jan 03, 1960

In a Las Vegas casino, an unpleasant little man hopes to use a young man's wish to impress the young woman he has just met to pressure the young fellow into accepting a macabre bet.

The Ikon of Elijah
S05E16 · The Ikon of Elijah

Jan 10, 1960

Carpius owns an antique shop in Cyprus and is quite excited to hear that a local monastery may be in possession of a very valuable icon. Knowing that a client would pay a fortune for it, he arranges to visit the monastery to steal the icon. During the robbery, Carpius kills a praying monk but claims it was an accident. The Abbot says he will forgive him, but as he has sinned he must pray for forgiveness. Only then does Carpius understand what the Abbot has in mind.

The Cure
S05E17 · The Cure

Jan 24, 1960

Living in the remote tropics are two oil explorers, one of whom is married to a very attractive woman. One night, she tries to stab her husband and he is convinced by his partner that she is sick with tropical fever. They agree that she needs to see a head shrinker. En route to the doctor however, she convinces her husband's partner to help her kill the husband. Fortunately, the husband's trusted manservant is also with them and protects his master's interests in a very unusual way.

Backward, Turn Backward
S05E18 · Backward, Turn Backward

Jan 31, 1960

Matt Thompson is bludgeoned to death with a pipe wrench and suspicion immediately falls on 59-year-old Phil Canby. The wrench belonged to Canby and he was there that evening fixing a leaky sink. The real problem however is that Canby is in love with Thompson's 19-year-old daughter, Sue, and they plan on getting married; everyone knew Matt Thompson was violently opposed to their relationship. Canby maintains his innocence throughout and the local Sheriff, who finds it very hard to believe that the mild-mannered Canby would do such a thing, investigates. In the end, the...

Not the Running Type
S05E19 · Not the Running Type

Feb 07, 1960

When Capt. Ernest Fisher learns that Milton Potter has been released from prison after serving his 15-year sentence, he tells his subordinates about this very strange case. Potter was a bookkeeper for a bank. He did his work well and was reliable but people knew very little about his private life. When it's determined that he embezzled $200,000 he is eventually sent to jail. No one can quite believe that he was really the type to steal, and he never tells anyone what happened to the money. After his release, Fisher visits him and incredibly, Potter tells him he's not ...

The Day of the Bullet
S05E20 · The Day of the Bullet

Feb 14, 1960

When a young boy reports a mob-beating to the police, and his father does not encourage him, he is adversely affected for the rest of his life.

Hitch Hike
S05E21 · Hitch Hike

Feb 21, 1960

Anne has just been acquitted in court and her uncle, Charles Underhill is not a happy man. He feels that her brush with the law will reflect badly on him and is of the view that the only reason she got off was because of his reputation as an upstanding citizen. Underhill doesn't think much of young people, questioning their constant attempt at rebellion. On the way home he has a problem with his car and is assisted by a teenager, Len, who then asks for a ride to the next town. Len is constantly talking about reform school and his "friend" who is good with a knife. ...

Across the Threshold
S05E22 · Across the Threshold

Feb 28, 1960

Sofie Winter hires mediums in an attempt to contact her late husband, who died six years previously. Her son Hubert, who feels somewhat overwhelmed by his doting mother, decides to ask his actress-girlfriend to impersonate a medium and she convinces Sofie that her husband misses her and the time has come for her to join him. Sofie meticulously plans her departure and on what is intended to be her final evening, lets her son in on the final elements of her plan.

Craig's Will
S05E23 · Craig's Will

Mar 06, 1960

Thomas Craig is feeling pretty good about himself. His rich uncle has just died and knowing that he is the only living relative, expects to inherit the family fortune. He's thrown for a loop however, when his uncle leaves everything to his pet dog for the balance of its lifetime, with the inheritance going to Thomas only after the dog's passing. Thomas' gold-digging girlfriend, Judy, decides it's time to speed up the dog's demise, with humorous consequences. Visiting a psychiatrist, she comes to the conclusion that there is only one way in the current circumstances ...

Madame Mystery
S05E24 · Madame Mystery

Mar 27, 1960

Steven is working on his novel when into his apartment walks an attractive woman, soaking wet. She's with Steven's neighbour, Jimmy Dolan, who's a bit of a playboy. Jimmy is a PR man for a major studio but has only limited talent so he needs Steven's help to write material about Betsy Blake, a long-time Hollywood star who recently drowned and who has a major movie being released. Steven's work gets Jimmy a big raise from the studio and ensures Betsy's last movie will be a big hit. But it turns out Betty hasn't drowned. What's a PR man to do?

The Little Man Who Was There
S05E25 · The Little Man Who Was There

Apr 03, 1960

Jamie and Ben McMahon have brought a civilized attitude to a rough and tumble mining town. Although both strongmen in their own rights, they preach brotherly love and turning the other cheek. One day, in walks the Little Man, a strange little fellow who challenges the McMahons and says that his powers are far greater than theirs. To the shock of everyone present, he proves his point and the local folk think they are dealing with the devil incarnate. There is however, far more to this than meets the eye.

Mother, May I Go Out to Swim?
S05E26 · Mother, May I Go Out to Swim?

Apr 10, 1960

John Crane is attending a coroner's inquiry and remembers the events that brought him there. John lives with his mother Claire and they are obviously very close. While on holiday, he meets Lottie and falls in love for the first time in his life. When his mother visits, it's obvious she and Lottie do not like one another. Lottie suggests that they take Claire up to the waterfalls to enjoy the view. He knows exactly what Lottie has in mind, and resolves the situation. He awaits the decision of the coroner's jury.

The Cuckoo Clock
S05E27 · The Cuckoo Clock

Apr 17, 1960

Mrs. Blythe goes to spend a weekend at her cottage. She hasn't been there since her husband died the year before. Stopping at the general store, she's told that a patient has escaped from the local mental institution. Once at her cottage, she meets Madeleine who says she had seen a dangerous looking man nearby. Madeleine is obviously upset and wants to leave, but Mrs. Blythe begs her to stay. She agrees, but with dire consequences.

Forty Detectives Later
S05E28 · Forty Detectives Later

Apr 24, 1960

After locating the killer of his wife, a man hires his 41st detective to set up a meeting so he can kill the male suspect.

The Hero
S05E29 · The Hero

May 01, 1960

Richard Musgrave, a business man of middle years, starts a sea voyage and recognizes one of the other passengers as his partner of many years ago who was presumed dead. However, the gentleman is going by the name of Mr. Kyser and not Mr. Jan Vander Klaue. Musgrave works himself into a frenzy of guilt over a mistake he made all those years ago and takes drastic steps to try and force Kyser into admitting his real identity.

S05E30 · Insomnia

May 08, 1960

Charles Cavender suffers from terrible insomnia. He hasn't had a good night's sleep in months and has lost a number of jobs as a result. He visits a psychiatrist and recounts a recurring dream he has about the death of his wife, who died in a house fire. Cavender's brother-in-law, Jack Fletcher, blames him for his sister's death and it's determined there is link between that and the insomnia. Cavender feels threatened but decides to pay him a visit to clear the air. However, things don't quite go as planned.

I Can Take Care of Myself
S05E31 · I Can Take Care of Myself

May 15, 1960

Bert Haber is an old-time piano player, and he and Georgia who sings, have proven to be a very popular nightclub act. Problems arise when a gangster, 'Little Dandy' Dorf, takes a liking to Georgia but she wants no part of him and pours a drink over his head. Soon after, Bert is threatened when someone suggests he get an insurance policy. Things come to a head a few weeks later when Bert is approached by a police officer who has information and suggests that he is in need of protection. Bert doesn't quite realize who he needs protection from, however.

One Grave Too Many
S05E32 · One Grave Too Many

May 22, 1960

Joe Helmer is having serious financial problems. He's been out of work for some time and his unemployment insurance has run out. Walking home after unsuccessfully trying to get a loan, he comes across a well-to-do gent, apparently dead on the sidewalk. Joe takes the man's wallet and flees. It's only when he gets home that he finds a revealing note in the man's wallet.

Party Line
S05E33 · Party Line

May 29, 1960

Helen Parch shares a party-line telephone with several others. She likes to talk on the phone quite a bit but also listens in on others. She's warned by the police one day that a Mr. Miller, with whom she once shared the party line, has broken out of prison and that her life may be in danger. Years before, Miller needed to contact a doctor when his wife was ill, and Helen refused to get off the line. Miller's wife died and he turned to a life of crime. Now he may be after Helen.

Cell 227
S05E34 · Cell 227

Jun 05, 1960

Professor Herbert Morrison is on death row awaiting his sentence to go through. His lawyer is trying to get a last-minute stay of execution but the professor says he doesn't want a reprieve.

The Schartz-Metterklume Method
S05E35 · The Schartz-Metterklume Method

Jun 12, 1960

Charlotte Hope arrives into the peaceful lives of the Wellington household to act as a governess of their children. She's a somewhat brash, opinionated and iconoclastic lady who boldly announces she uses the "Schartz-Metterklume method" for teaching.

Letter of Credit
S05E36 · Letter of Credit

Jun 19, 1960

Henry Taylor visits the town of Kirkland where, three years before, a bank employee, Arnold Mathias, had been convicted of stealing $200,000 from the bank where he worked. None of the money has been found and Mathias always maintained his innocence. It would appear that Mathias had recently been killed in an attempted prison escape and Taylor visits the bank manager telling him he's an author researching a book on the robbery. It turns out that Taylor is after something altogether different and all is not altogether what it seems.

Escape to Sonoita
S05E37 · Escape to Sonoita

Jun 26, 1960

Two kidnappers think they have made their escape when they hijack a tanker in the dry desert, leaving the occupants and a female victim behind to die.

S05E38 · Hooked

Sep 25, 1960

Ray Marchand is married to an older woman but he is quite attracted to Nyla Foster, a very attractive college student spending the summer working at her father's fishing camp. She tells Ray that her father would never leave her alone with him - so he should stop by on Mondays, when her father goes into town for supplies. When Nyla hears that Ray's wife can't swim, they start thinking that an "accident" might be in order, so Ray decides to take up fishing, his wife's favourite pastime. His plans don't quite work out, however.


Alfred Hitchcock Presents Season 5 (1959) is released on Sep 27, 1959 and the latest season 7 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents is released in 1961. Watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Alfred Hitchcock Presents is directed by Robert Stevens,Paul Henreid,Herschel Daugherty,Norman Lloyd and created by J.W. Aaron with Alfred Hitchcock and Harry Tyler. Alfred Hitchcock Presents is available online on Peacock Premium and The Roku Channel.

Sir Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense hosts his own television show. Hitchcock introduced the show, which was then followed by a short half an hour episode which contained suspense, horror, and humor. After the story, Hitchcock would come back and end the show.

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